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  • Posted to Interface Font Family, Aug 22, 2017

    Nice work! It's a tweaked version of Roboto, right? Appears like some of the glyphs went unchanged in form, for example: ordfeminine, nine superior, etc. Any plans to make the entire glyph set consistent?

    Edit: realized OP is not creator

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  • Posted to - Turn Sketch designs into working prototypes, fast., May 26, 2017

    This is really awesome! Will it always be free? And, how about plans for more transitions, speeds, etc?

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  • Posted to RGB or sRGB? , in reply to Marc Edwards , Apr 28, 2017

    Thanks so much for the overview! So, with a standard sRGB monitor, I should set the default and document RGB profile to "Display" and un-check "Embed ICC Profile"during export. Right? I ask because your screenshot has "sRGB IEC6..." as default, but as you noted, this doesn't really matter.

    Also, what about "Black Point Compensation" and "Rendering Intent"?

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  • Posted to RGB or sRGB? , in reply to Marc Edwards , Apr 26, 2017

    Hey Marc, can you reveal your color management/profile configuration for web and app output in Affinity Designer? For example, what do you have in the general preferences for "Color Profiles" and what options do you select when exporting? Thanks!

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  • Posted to CSS-Tricks Redesign, in reply to Ix Techau , Jan 07, 2017

    If it means anything, his website says "Designer at Codepen"

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  • Posted to CSS-Tricks Redesign, in reply to Thomas Mathew , Jan 06, 2017
    1. Information Architecture: It's very difficult to decide what to read. There is no hierarchy of content. Should I read the left column, or right? Very overwhelming.

    2. Typography: The text is too large and in-your-face. Text is meant to be read, not looked at. This makes it hard to quickly scan the content and focus.

    3. Spacing: The site feels very cramped resulting from the layout and text size. It could benefit from some white-space.

    4. Aesthetic: Harsh gradients, weird header and footer "angular" thing, non-harmonious colors, etc. There's a difference between "intentional ugly" and poor visual taste. This is the second.

    I could go on, but it's not very important as this is purely my opinion. Chris does a fine job managing the site and this has nothing to do with him personally. Simply, my observation and feeling.

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  • Posted to CSS-Tricks Redesign, in reply to Brennan Smith , Jan 06, 2017

    Genius is generous. Chris is simply the messenger. The majority of "tricks" come from other people, however, that's not to say the content isn't interesting or helpful — it is. But, the site design has always been poor, in my opinion. That's what you get when a dev attempts design.

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  • Posted to CSS Table Grid for Responsive Layout, in reply to James Lane , Jan 06, 2017

    Not sure. Seems more like an experiment.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What font do you use in your code editor?, in reply to Paul Mist , Oct 10, 2016

    You might like Office Code Pro, which is based on Source Code.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: what is your favorite font?, in reply to anthony thomas , May 24, 2016

    What? Terrible analogy. Nobody is saying you should use this or that. People are simply stating their favorite font(s), like the question asks.

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