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  • Posted to “OK Google, I’m Feeling Really Down Today.” Do Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant demonstrate the capacity for emotionally intelligent conversation?, Apr 03, 2020

    An incredible research-based piece that looks not only at how capable these devices are of being emotionally responsive, but also at what it means for them to attempt it. And as we look ahead and design these experiences for new experiences and contexts, this will matter more and more.

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  • Posted to Inclusivity in AI: Doing Gender Better, Feb 12, 2020

    Making the case for more responsible approaches to designing AI-powered interfaces. The world is changing really quickly, and the changes can be powerful and good, but only if we are thoughtful about and consider carefully the ways it can impact people. Gender is an important category for this, but far from the only one. Intelligent and intentional decision-making when designing for AI are paramount. smarterpatterns.com does a great job of setting out guidelines for about 60 standard AI heuristics, and it will continue to grow as the field does.

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