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  • Posted to A behind-the-scenes look at Maze Discovery, May 26, 2020

    Maze originally borrowed inspiration from VerifyApp/Helio and UsbabilityHub (improved on the click test) now they are attempting to consolidate by taking what OptimalWorkshop does well and pulling it into their app.

    UsabilityHub and Optimal have all been kicking around for over a decade. VerifyApp (now Helio) half that.

    10+ years on and card sorting is an exciting new announcement?

    No offense to the team at Maze as what they've created is super polished and should be celebrated...but I'm still waiting to see something fresh and original in this area. Instead of a race to unification aka copying old features from competitors in an effort to take clients why not take your core feature to the next level?

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  • Posted to Which tool(s) are you using for designing UI animations?, in reply to Fredo Tan , May 01, 2020

    I've tried them all. Protopie is my go to tool.

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  • Posted to When Sketch finally gets multi-player, in reply to John P , Apr 20, 2020

    If by 'webtech' you mean a tab resource hogging web version and crappy electron 'native' version.....I'll pass.

    Not everything has to be Figma.

    Steve Jobs predicted the demise of native apps in 2007 and yet here we are. Native apps aren't going anywhere.

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  • Posted to Best alternatives to Flinto/Principle for Sketch pros in 2020?, in reply to Shaobo Yang , Jan 01, 2020

    I’ve been able to build some pretty complex state based designs using variables in Protopie.

    I think scenes and the way triggers are laid out (can get pretty complex and overwhelming) could use some love. But it’s not far from being the perfect tool.

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  • Posted to Best home for design community?, in reply to Braden Hamm , Jan 01, 2020

    Ya, but then you would need a Facebook account.

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  • Posted to How much RAM do we need for design?, Nov 16, 2019

    Have 32gb on my 2018 MBP. Can pretty much throw anything at it and it’s good to go. Talking 100 chrome tabs, 20 sketch files, ProtoPie, principle, photoshop, illustrator and super light after effects work all running.

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