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  • Posted to New Plant website, in reply to Dominik Sigrist , Jul 23, 2020

    Yes. If I'm working solo I need a blazing fast native offline app (please don't call that thing Figma has you download native, it's not and it's awful).

    For small teams and large organizations than Figma is the way to go.

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  • Posted to New Stripe, in reply to Kris Jones , Jul 23, 2020

    'Accessibility' is pretty easy to measure = WCAG or no?

    Has very little to do with ones subjective opinion on font size and color.

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  • Posted to I mainly use Photoshop but for those who are looking for an alternative, I prepared this list. , in reply to Sten Roossien , Jul 05, 2020

    This content caters to Ads, search engines and clicks and the authors are usually running thin on topic ideas and the content to fill them.

    The audience is secondary.

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  • Posted to ProtoPie 5.0–Introducing interaction recipes, more than a handoff, in reply to Jon Myers , Jun 22, 2020

    I run a design team of 10 at a software company and have my own design consultancy.

    I get more use out of ProtoPie in my independent solo work.

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  • Posted to Origami Beta is announced! - Surprised that no one posted this here yet., Jun 02, 2020

    If I only had Facebook. Guess I'll have to wait for a general release.

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  • Posted to A behind-the-scenes look at Maze Discovery, May 26, 2020

    Maze originally borrowed inspiration from VerifyApp/Helio and UsbabilityHub (improved on the click test) now they are attempting to consolidate by taking what OptimalWorkshop does well and pulling it into their app.

    UsabilityHub and Optimal have all been kicking around for over a decade. VerifyApp (now Helio) half that.

    10+ years on and card sorting is an exciting new announcement?

    No offense to the team at Maze as what they've created is super polished and should be celebrated...but I'm still waiting to see something fresh and original in this area. Instead of a race to unification aka copying old features from competitors in an effort to take clients why not take your core feature to the next level?

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  • Posted to Which tool(s) are you using for designing UI animations?, in reply to Fredo Tan , May 01, 2020

    I've tried them all. Protopie is my go to tool.

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  • Posted to When Sketch finally gets multi-player, in reply to John P , Apr 20, 2020

    If by 'webtech' you mean a tab resource hogging web version and crappy electron 'native' version.....I'll pass.

    Not everything has to be Figma.

    Steve Jobs predicted the demise of native apps in 2007 and yet here we are. Native apps aren't going anywhere.

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