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  • Posted to New Airbnb Home page, Jul 29, 2020

    Looks tight!

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  • Posted to Art vs. Design: Are Illustrations Art or Design? , Jul 07, 2020

    Defo art. I've had exchanges with "artists" working especially with video game publishers, usually artwork such as this is not requested as your everyday banner etc. Instead, the art directors, creative directors, or any other decision maker tells the artist what the feel of the work requested is, gives them a simple yet comprehensive idea about the project and the artist 'creates' by giving their touch. That's why video game artwork and actual game assets can have a wide variety of difference in style.

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  • Posted to Make me think!, in reply to John P , Jul 07, 2020

    eerily true. But there's no avoiding it. Tech improves, life gets easier, people get lazier.

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  • Posted to Can you really build a professional website with, Jun 24, 2020

    Not really. Maybe from a design perspective you might achieve a level of professionalism, but web site builders such as Wix lack fundamental features that a professional website requires such as website speed, customization. The builder is jam-packed with heavy JS and it's impossible to build a functioning website that a business can rely heavily on.

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  • Posted to Made a list of my favorite CG Artwork. What do you think?, Jun 22, 2020

    I was hoping to see Peter Lee here. One of the best in gaming imho.

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  • Posted to Humaaans, will it replace freelance designers?, in reply to Kyle Conrad , May 28, 2020

    I'm on the same boat and adding the fact that good design requires creativity and perspective I think it's even harder for such tools to replace designers.

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  • Posted to I Miss The Office - A soothing office noise generator, Apr 16, 2020

    There's someone sneezing in the background, haha. But this showed me how much I haven't missed the office. Kudos on the creative project btw.

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  • Posted to Curated a Post of Interesting Airline Logos. Did I Miss Any? Which One is Your Favorite and Why?? , Feb 17, 2020

    Air Asia, who doesn't love a little controversy

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  • Posted to Check out my illustration work for this medium article about "How to Start a Church", any feedback? , in reply to Fulgenzia Delucci , Oct 01, 2019

    I'm guessing we should focus on the illustrations here. I don't see the point of criticizing churches and claiming that they cause problems! You should tear down all these presumptions that keep us from loving each other. Just remember the essence of religion is based on non-violence and it is the only thing that we have in our lives that we can depend on.

    By the way I also find the illustrations very enlightening.

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  • Posted to How can product owners better support designers?, in reply to Kyle Greely , Sep 27, 2019

    Definitely agree. Trusting your designer is the real deal here. I've experienced the same problem many times and I can surely say that it doesn't create a good impression.

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