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Lucas Cobb

Ongoing Services Web Design Manager at Blackbuad, Inc. Joined over 5 years ago via an invitation from Allan G.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Best (small) Project Management App, Mar 05, 2016

    I second using Wunderlist!

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  • Posted to "Slack, I’m Breaking Up with You" - UserOnboard, Mar 01, 2016

    Go with hipchat then. DND built in and the rest of the features Slack has. Seems like an issue with multi-tasking based on your article though. There may be some folks on your team that can interact on a Slack all day and still be extremely productive. If that is not you, work out a way to seem available while still being able to focus on your work. That may mean putting more hours in a work day.

    I'm one of those that can chat and work at the same time and a lot of people on my team can't. I still praise the tool to the higher ups as an important tool so they keep it in the workflow. Some folks at your shop might be doing the same. Adapt or you will fall behind.

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  • Posted to Odopod: Building a Design Firm for Tomorrow, Feb 22, 2016

    "We continuously make adjustments to our team and our process to align them with the kinds of work we expect to see in the next couple of years."

    Does this mean you dump your old employees and hire new who can hit the ground running on your agencies new direction or do you actively focus on professional development to "evolve" your current employee base to handle the new direction every few years?

    From what it sounds like, job security might not be a top priority at your agency, which would hinder your ability to hire on "career minded" talent.

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  • Posted to When is your design done? A simple checklist for successful design hand-offs, Feb 21, 2016

    This article is gold dust. I picked up a few new tools to try and appreciate the detailed description of every step in their process.

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  • Posted to A Message to Our Customers, in reply to Kyle Case , Feb 17, 2016

    Completely agree with your statement and after reading into further details throughout the day now see clearly how this can become a huge privacy issue. They are doing the right thing here, even if it is just talk!

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  • Posted to A Message to Our Customers, Feb 17, 2016

    Why not just hand over the device to Apple, have their engineers build this back door "extremely secretly" with measures to destroy it once used, unlock the phone and send it back to the FBI?

    In my mind these encryption experts at Apple already have an idea of how a backdoor could be built, and I bet there are ways of destroying a piece of code after it is used. It makes sense that this should happen via the device distributor as it is their proprietary property anyway.

    I'm all for the FBI fighting terrorism, but this seems like a lot more than that. I get a funny feeling like I did when all the NSA surveillance info was leaked.

    I do feel we need a way to combat terrorism, especially if there is sensitive information on the device that can lead to the apprehension of more terrorists, but just giving the FBI the keys to the most popular device in the US is not the answer. The FBI should send terrorist devices to Apple and have them unlock the devices, end of story.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Is VSCO's design blog for real or just being ironic?, Feb 06, 2016

    It is very intense, but does start to make sense if you really dig into it. It is an interesting visual experience if you skip all the fluff in the theory behind it.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Jetlag photos, Feb 04, 2016

    I'd like to see a few random transitions between photos. The same transition gets old very quickly, but well done. I also found out you could scroll instead of drag half way through the presentation. Scrolling is a much better way to navigation the site. I'd try to get more of a unique landscape in the future (Iceland felt the same all the way through the slideshow, where the US was a vast display of landscapes).

    Beautiful design and interaction though.

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  • Posted to Show DN: My Portfolio, Feb 04, 2016

    The white to grey background transition on your "project" pages is a bit strong. A very minimal gradient may work better there, or even a lighter grey 1px border might help.

    I'd also delay the inclusion of the "to the top" button until a user is further down the page.

    Other than that, beautiful transitions and very clean.

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