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  • Posted to Rdio, Spotify, or Other?, Mar 13, 2015

    For now, Spotify. I switched from Spotify to Rdio and back again. Rdio has an awesome UI and is better at organising your music. The whole Music listening experience is better from a designer point of view, to my opinion. "Then why did you switched back to Spotify?" you might ask. Well Spotify had some really great updates that fixed most music organising (artist, album) issues I had with the service, so that eliminated one of the biggest differences between the two. But one of the most important reasons I switched... Streaming. Spotify nails it when it comes to streaming experience, it's almost instant where as Rdio needs a few seconds (sometimes really long) to buffer when skipping songs. It made the service feel slow, combined with the desktop and mobile apps that are just less snappy than Spotify's. I use Spotify on my mobile (iPhone) in the car a lot and Spotify is really much more responsive, less annoying. Also I have a lot of friends on Spotify I refer new music to so that's an obvious choice and Spotify is a lot more active in my country (Netherlands) which leads to more interaction and updates (Rdio thinks we are German given the browse feature is in German instead of Dutch). That said, Spotify also still has it's flaws, the UI mainly can be a bit daunting to understand, especially when switching to devices etc. But hey, no piece of software can be perfect right ;) And at least Spotify is updating a lot, for the better.

    Tl;dr It al comes down to streaming music, Spotify, for now, is fastest, almost like you're playing local music files. I was starting to get annoyed with the streaming delays with Rdio, so I switched.

    I'm really looking forward trying the upcoming Apple music service though. I love competition ;)

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  • Posted to Sketch: How to apply different states in your workflow, Aug 18, 2014

    I think your best bet would be a new canvas/artboard within the same page. So, use different canvases/artboards for different states/iterations and different pages for different screens.

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  • Posted to Why cant sketch get basic features right?, in reply to Kyle Case , Jan 14, 2014

    Found out the hard way the other day. Had to recreate a logo in Illustrator and save as svg. The problem was with Firefox, all other browsers showed my image correctly, except for FF, it was missing the linear gradient parts. Turns out Sketch didn't do a very good job on the export and Illustrator did. Hope they'll fix it soon.

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  • Posted to Where do you host your site?, Aug 16, 2013

    Website hosted at http://webfaction.com. Super versatile. Domains hosted at http://iwantmyname.com. Easy domain management, all in one place.

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