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Sean Ravenwood

Digital Consultant @ MyState Joined over 7 years ago via an invitation from Matt A.

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  • Posted to Designing Up Bank's Vertical Debit Card and Welcome Pack, in reply to Daniel Wearne , Jan 25, 2019

    It's a really nice experience opening that envelope, good job! You have set the bench mark for card art and delivery in Aus.

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  • Posted to What are your favourite examples of digital storytelling?, Jan 22, 2017

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  • Posted to Every Fucking Bootstrap Website Ever, Mar 15, 2016

    "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"

    Optimizing any process will lead to generic results, which maybe good or bad depending on what your point of view is. Look at cars for example, they all look pretty much the same today due to the optimization of the manufacturing process.

    Of course you can pay the premium for a super car but why would you?

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  • Posted to Better digital story telling, Dec 30, 2015

    Long load time but worth it for great design centred around story telling.

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  • Posted to Say Hello to Designer News 2.0, in reply to Willem Shepherd , Jul 03, 2015

    This, this is a much better layout that doesn't confuse my eyes about what i'm trying to look at. Please, this.

    Having two icons in a row then the text that I want to read makes my brain hurt. I think its particularly bad when you have two bright non complementing colored icons next to a subdued heading.

    Also does the number even matter, shouldn't i be "liking" it based on merit rather following the numbers, assuming that articles with more interest appear further up the page.

    Any how good luck :)

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  • Posted to My Prime Minister thinks my jobs a joke., in reply to Osama bin Laden , May 29, 2015

    Arts, Music, Physical Education, Cooking, Geography, etc, etc. We teach our kids these things because it develops well rounded individuals with an awareness of the world around them. No ones saying to what level coding should be taught, the concept of coding or advanced AI. Just maybe it should be mentioned somewhere in the curriculum I would of thought?

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  • Posted to My Prime Minister thinks my jobs a joke., May 28, 2015

    I self educated in action script before going back to school and getting the fundamentals in coding in my mid twenties, best decision I ever made.

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  • Posted to If you could have 1 thing in 2015 to make your job better/easier/more enjoyable what would it be?, in reply to Alex B , Dec 18, 2014

    What I really need is a tropical island, hammock and a satellite connection.

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