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Jason Bishop

Art Director at Edmunds.com Joined about 6 years ago via an invitation from Matt A.

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  • Posted to How to avoid having border in Sketch by default in every new shape., Nov 03, 2017

    It's no longer in the Edit menu. The new path to set a default shape setting is: Layer > Style > Set as Default Style

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  • Posted to How do you hand over your Designs to Developers?, Mar 01, 2017

    Prep the files in Sketch or Photoshop to mark any assets, and upload the artboards to Zeplin. InVision Inspect works as well, but with recent updates to Zeplin is better for our needs. There's some pretty good options out there, but that process works for us.

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  • Posted to Invision or Marvel? , Dec 16, 2015

    My small design team uses InVision currently, but we are evaluating Marvel. They both seem very similar in approach. This is not a comprehensive list or comparison, but one based more on my experience, impression and needs.

    Invision: - Provides a proprietary desktop cloud syncing software - Simple and nice collaboration tools, such as a feature to share you prototype live with a client or team via "LiveShare" - Roboust options for commenting on prototypes/designs. You can limit the recipient's down to a particular user, internally, flag as a dev note, or even draw on the comp itself

    Marvel: - USes DropBox or Drive for cloud syncing - Layer design elements, for easier prototyping of UI features (think rollovers and dropdowns) - You can embed video from YouTube, Vimeo, etc into prototypes - You can add design elements, which is very useful for rapid wireframing or prototyping - Animation effects via a feature called "Canvas" (useful for mobile prototypes) - Limited, simple commenting feature for prototypes

    Both: - Support PSD's and Layer Comps, as well as Sketch files. - Easily create previews of prototypes to share - Password protection options -Having to use DropBox would require you to have DropBox, which is another account and not all jobs provide. - Preview on multiple devices via ancillary mobile apps

    In my opinion, if you need to show flat design comps that quickly link together, and sometimes use Hangouts or WebEx to do so, InVision is great.

    For more complex prototyping, Marvel has more features. The video embedding, animation and design tools are very useful. I'd go with Marvel if those are needed.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How do I/Should I fight for design tools?, Jul 29, 2014

    The best advice I can give you, is to make a solid case for the procurement. Speak in terms and a language that they respond to.

    If it's cost versus ROI, talk about how much they would save and how much more productive your small team will be with these tools. Be specific, use numbers and charts. Make a really nice presentation of it all, in fact make it a design project.

    Include some preemptive answers to questions you know or think they'll ask right away. Include all the pricing, options and recommendations in your presentation. Tell them about the importance of backing up, versioning and centralized collaboration. Argue the costs of LayerVault versus the cost of losing backups or maintaining servers and unreliable external drives.

    Lastly, back up your case by providing a client list of LayerVault and testimonials.

    Prove your case to them with a clear, thorough and undeniable evidence-based presentation in their language.

    I was able to get Adobe CC and LayerVault through procurement for a 10-person design team using this technique.

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