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  • Posted to AMA: Adobe XD 2017, Oct 06, 2019

    Adobe XD is a vector-based tool that is used for designing interfaces and prototyping for web and mobile applications. Adobe takes a similar form to Illustrator and Photoshop but focuses on UI design. An advantage for Adobe XD is that it comes packed with UI kits for Apple, Windows, and Google Material Design, which assists designers in creating user interfaces across all devices. Learn more with Ramotion store about why you should use material design for your next project here.

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  • Posted to Why should I use sketch?, Oct 06, 2019

    Ramotion store defines Sketch as a tool that is primarily used by many UI and UX designers for designing and prototyping mobile and web applications. This tool is a vector graphics editor which allows designers to create user interfaces quickly and efficiently. The possibilities are endless!

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  • Posted to Is it just me, or the dark theme on Mojave really sucks?, Oct 06, 2019

    Experts on iMac mockup PSD say if you like Dark Mode in MacOS, you may appreciate knowing that MacOS Mojave has a secondary secret darker version of the Dark interface theme available with slightly greater contrast, and it’s easy to enable despite being unlabeled and almost entirely hidden in plain sight.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Do you draw iOS mocks at 1× or 2×?, Oct 06, 2019

    Experts, who dealing with MacBook mockup in PSD claim, that designing at 1x defends you against Apple or Google introducing a new screen density in which you’d have to do yet another conversion. Recall when Apple released the iPhone 6 Plus and all the ensuing chatter around how to design for this screen type. This confusion led to a bunch of resources explaining the conversion.

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  • Posted to Which UI Design tools do designers primarily use? Sketch, XD, Photoshop or Other?, Oct 06, 2019

    At https://store.ramotion.com/product/imac-macbook-clay-mockups, they claim that the InVision is number one. It is a web-based prototyping tool popular with both UX and UI designers alike. You can upload static design files and quickly turn them into high-fidelity, interactive prototypes. It’s also great for collaboration, as clients and other team members can comment directly on your designs, and you can share your ideas across the team using Boards. Each tool carries its own advantages and its own unique features. Deciding which tool to use is based on your own preferences from designing alone or as a team, from built-in UI kits to starting from scratch.

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  • Posted to How do you share assets with developers?, Oct 06, 2019

    Sure, some of the mockups give you more freedom while the others but each ensures a professional outcome. If you are a designer, you can easily create a bundle of iMac mockups for all your forthcoming projects, keeping your workflow at the pro level all the time. However, instead of doing it from scratch, here: https://store.ramotion.com/product/imac-macbook-clay-mockups we have numerous different styles of templates featuring an iMac setup for you to take to your advantage.

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  • Posted to I updated my front page. I'd gladly have feedback on the contrast!, Oct 06, 2019

    For a stunning presentation of your designs, your website or your application, iMac mockup in PSD is the way to go. But that is something you knew about already, right? With the help from Photoshop, you can almost instantly add your artwork and see it appear on the screen of the iMac. Bear in mind, you only need to have basic web design knowledge and some dragging and dropping skills. Once you download the mockup for free, you import it to Photoshop and attach your design via smart object layer.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What apps should I load my new christmas iMac with?, Oct 06, 2019

    Do you want to do your best Christmas mockup? No matter, you work in a big company or freelance is your business, you need such MacBook PSD mockups to show that your work is beautiful, creative and necessary. Easily improve your skills and be absolutely original. Feel free to use them for your private and commercial use. They all were made in layered PSD mockups, that’s why you can easily change content, text, elements and anything you want! Your client can be satisfied with the results of your work. So, spend some minutes on the iMac PSD Mockups and MacBook PSD mockups!

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  • Posted to How do you design for retina displays?, Oct 06, 2019

    The minimalistic clay version can be painted into your brand colors to make your website more visually consistent. While realistic ones can help your product and pitch look more convincing on investor meetings. You, guys, can create some awesome landing pages, marketing websites or just present your web design works using iMac mockups in PSD. Stay tuned!

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  • Posted to Designing on a Retina display, Oct 06, 2019

    A list of MacBook mockups in PSD includes clay style, realistic mockups and flat design in different angles from frontal to perspective and isometric ones. Check them out, maybe you’ll find one of them useful for your next project. The device mockups are becoming a must-have tool for designers and marketers all over the globe. From presentation decks, to Facebook banners, to marketing websites, they can be very helpful for telling your product story and drive attention to your product.

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