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  • Posted to No more nerds please?!, in reply to Thomas Michael Semmler , Feb 14, 2020

    I think you have some very interesting points here.

    I used to run a fast-growth startup. I was the hiring manager for several designer roles. It was indeed painfully frustrating when people used buzzwords to describe their job titles when in fact they weren't a fit skill wise (ex: "full-stack product designer" that could only do a part of the UI, never really did user research nor iterative design). A waste of time for everyone I would say, even during pre-screening calls.

    And I 100% agree that a Product Designer should be able to do a lot more than design web based user interfaces.

    So yes, words are important indeed.

    The irony is that ideally, they shouldn't matter. The expectations should be super clear for everyone and self-awareness should be higher in the industry overall in my opinion. But that's another story

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  • Posted to How Dan Ariely designs for behavior change (with examples), Feb 14, 2020

    I'm a huge fan of Dan Ariely and his approach to human psychology in the context of designing for behavior change. Thought I'd share this.

    PS: I'm just a bit triggered by the segment where he seems to unintentionally mention unethical ways of collecting data for the government… Am I the only one who noticed that?

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  • Posted to Windows 95 WordPress theme, Jan 21, 2020

    Haha love it. I was just expecting to be able to drag the window though. It got me 3 times in a row

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  • Posted to What did you read in 2019?, Jan 15, 2020

    These two really surprised me:

    • Sapiens
    • Understanding Comics

    Within my top 10:

    • Hacking Growth
    • Made To Stick
    • The Lean Startup
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  • Posted to Isometric City Builder, Jan 15, 2020

    Well played!

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  • Posted to Monokai: a trip through Japan, Jan 05, 2020

    Makes me want to visit Japan. Well done!

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  • Posted to That time Airbnb's UX led me to book through… Google Maps?!, in reply to Kyle Greely , Nov 22, 2019

    Totally understand your point @Harper. Factually, those ARE first world problems. Yet that lens would mean we should qualify most UX improvement in Apps/SaaS as first world problems.

    Another way to approach this might be to use some of the underlying principles described to sharpen our eyes… so that we can collectively use more of our skills for social impact. ;)


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  • Posted to That time Airbnb's UX led me to book through… Google Maps?!, in reply to Adam A , Nov 22, 2019

    Thanks Adam! Very good point for the Experiences. Makes a ton of sense now that you mention it. I didn't even think of that.

    There are a few specific job-to-be-done around that area that aren't tackled. I had a few redesigns MVPs that I didn't take the time to include in this release because I wanted to keep it short, but I'll probably append them later because they really have a great opportunity there.

    As I mentioned on the Twitter thread, I feel like they are more focused on their other verticals these days (Adventures, Experiences, Animals). It's even more obvious on the home screen. Every time I see it, it feels like different product teams (one per vertical) are competing for my attention on the home screen. ;)

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  • Posted to Sketch 60 is out with a new Components Panel, Nov 22, 2019

    I always wait before updates since the Sketch release that crashed every time I dragged an element… still eager to try this one out.

    PS: This kind of thread is a goldmine of user research for Sketch's Product team. Really hope they keep an eye out for these comments. Especially with the increasing competition between XD vs Figma vs Sketch.

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  • Posted to Air BNB : How to reduce churn, Nov 22, 2019

    Thanks for sharing Clément! In case DN has some rules for "repeated posts", I just wanted to let you know it's already posted here: https://www.designernews.co/stories/105835-that-time-airbnbs-ux-led-me-to-book-through-google-maps

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