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  • Posted to Marx - A classless CSS framework (perfect for communists), May 06, 2015

    This is a goldmine for puns. I once toyed with a similar project called dayoff.css with the tagline: no classes. Well that name was all I had really. I like Marx even better.

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  • Posted to ASK DN: Why are apple products (especially laptops and desktop) so prevalent in the design industry? Designers, why do you prefer a Mac?, Mar 09, 2015

    That behavior from the lecturer is ridiculous. Maybe if they where using mac only software that really has no equivalent, like Quarz Composer, it would make sense, but even then the school should provide computers to do the work on. In the worst case chiding a student for not having a mac is chiding them for being poorer and thats just not acceptable at all.

    I sometimes get made fun of for using a macbook air in a computer science degree, because its apparently an overpriced toy. Never seriously though. Also classes that require Visual Studio, but I can run virtual windows for that, like everyone on linux has too. And the school provides computers to do the work on.

    That said like everyone else in this thread I can see why most designers prefer OS X. Working on UX its natural that you would see the value in it and consider it worth additional money. And there is a whole bunch of software thats mac only, barely any thats windows only. (For common design tasks, different e.g. for architecture). Something else major is that you can only use a mac to develop for all mobile platforms (sans windows phone lol).

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  • Posted to ASK DN: What are your favorite futuristic API's?, Mar 01, 2015

    This image recognition API is my favorite example of that.

    On a darker note: Dronestream

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  • Posted to ASK DN: What are your favorite futuristic API's?, in reply to Eliot Slevin , Mar 01, 2015

    This is not impossible. FinTS/HBCI is an ‘open’ protocol supported by all german banks today. Its not the kind of API you can implement in 10 minutes, or 10 days/weeks probably, but it exists and it works.

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  • Posted to Facebook Launches Origami 2.0, Feb 25, 2015

    The amount to which they bend QC is amazing. If Apple never makes a major update for it they need to make their own runtime for Origami at some point right? Too bad Google already bought Form, seems like that could have been a great candidate.

    On the other hand its neat that Origami can be combined with other QC packages.

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  • Posted to Create an animated and stateful toggle using only CSS, Feb 03, 2015

    I gave it a try with a single input element (because semantics or whatever) and its pretty functional: codepen (sans the animations)

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  • Posted to Show DN: What Should I Design? - A silly generator , Feb 02, 2015

    I can’t decide if should go for art school cred or that sweet sweet VC money

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  • Posted to Web Design Trends for 2015, in reply to Kai Huang , Dec 25, 2014

    To me that is the only one on that list that makes some sense. For the past year or a little more, the style mentioned in the first point, with a large background that spans the viewport height and designing for "the fold" in general have become popular.

    Fairly recently theres been been popular backlash like Everyone Scrolls and There is no page fold and another one i can’t remember right now. These are recent enough to maybe forecast a trend based on them.

    My personal favorite is:

    "Responsive design calls for a ‘lean back’ content that will improve more substantive content.“


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  • Posted to Frontend Local Development Setup? , Dec 03, 2014

    I use the OS X server tool instead of MAMP or other server setups, mostly because i like pain.

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