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  • Posted to Adobe will reportedly bring the full Photoshop to the iPad, in reply to Aaron Wears Many Hats , Jul 16, 2018

    True, companies like where I'm working at still uses Adobe product. It also still uses slow Enterprise products that shouldn't be used anymore. Reason being, our network (I work for a global company with hundreds of companies around the world) is still getting pretty deals from companies like MS and Adobe. I still uses Adobe because it is installed on my work laptop but I prefer to use Affinity Photo and Designer. It's just faster, reliable and a delight to use.

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  • Posted to Sketch is going with a new licensing model, in reply to Sean Geraghty , Jun 08, 2016

    If you prefer to pay $99 to Bohemian every two years, you are free to do so. The Sketch version you already have will work until probably the nth version of Mac OS makes it incompatible. Isn't that what most people are doing with their Adobe CS6.

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  • Posted to Sketch is going with a new licensing model, in reply to Sem Schilder , Jun 08, 2016

    Emanuel Sá clarified it on Facebook on one of the comments.

    "No updates will be left broken, our system will allow us to release an update to situations like the one Frans mentions without requiring the user to buy another subscription."

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  • Posted to Sketch is going with a new licensing model, Jun 08, 2016

    I actually understand what Bohemian is trying to do here. rather than stall a feature just to justify a major version release as a paid upgrade, they are already integrating it to the app so we'll get the feature now rather than later.

    I don't feel like this is Adobe way of doing subscription. If you stop paying Adobe, you can no longer use the product but with Sketch you can keep the Sketch version you bought as long as you want. This is similar to people who are still holding on to their copy of Adobe CS6.

    I think it's fair to get a number of major free updates until you are required again to pay for a new license.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Sketch for Logo design?, Jan 07, 2016

    I find it cumbersome using their path tool so I just used it for UI and wireframe. I've recently switched to Affinity Designer and found it really useful and already replaced my ageing Illustrator CS5.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Are there any good alternatives to Adobe Bridge?, Jul 27, 2015

    I use Pixa for managing my media assets (image-based files only, psd, AI, sketch, etc.).

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  • Posted to Re: I'm not happy, in reply to Ricardo Nunes , Aug 13, 2014

    That's one of the things I hate about attending design conferences. Most of the time its just massaging the egos of whoever is talking on stage. I really hate it when it became just a show and tell of their work without even showing us the objective, inspiration and the craft that went with it. There are few designers out there who are really out there to inspire young creatives and reveal there workflow and processes.

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  • Posted to Re: I'm not happy, in reply to Ricardo Nunes , Aug 12, 2014

    Sorry for missing the point.

    That is why it is so hard for young people to get into their dream job sometime and keep their passion since they are expected to work as "experts" in the field.

    I believe that senior people need to mentor first, training and honing new people's skill set and work process. I remember my CD a few years back, he used to be an ECD and he told me that no one told him and trained him what an ECD supposed to do. Its not something that you can learn from school. You just have to jump in and assume the role and people expect you to know what to do. So he decided that he wasn't ready for it, so he want back to being a CD. It was really a sad story, getting your dream job and not knowing what to do since his previous bosses only taught him how to do his job well but didn't prepared him for what's next.

    Sometimes its also hard to expect it from your senior people, to sit back and teach you how things work but I do believe that it is part of their job, to pass on their knowledge.

    I do want to have a place where people can discuss their learnings, their victories and mistakes. Learning other people's process so we can learn from it. We spent years and years of experience to slowly tweak our workflow and process. We tweak it slowly until we get into the right process but its a never ending cycle.

    If everyone can spend a few minutes of their time to discuss and share their experiences from their busy lives to help other people in the community, it will benefit everyone especially future generation.

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  • Posted to Re: I'm not happy, Aug 12, 2014

    I think the one we can solve is "don't present something that you are not happy about" most of the time this is what gets approve.

    I used to get stuck with that "why do I have to present 2-3 more if I can solve it with just one?" but the truth is there is different ways to solve a problem presented by client. We have to keep pushing the best work out there, the work that will make us happy. I know that our job is most of the time "thankless" or "just make this pretty" kind of thing. But we have to keep pushing good work, because it also reflects us.

    If we keep pushing just one best thing and the other are crap then we are basically fooling ourselves. Our solution is always to cut the crap that we don't one our client to approve so we don't need to keep doing crap work.

    I know its a lot, but at the end of the day you have to keep asking yourself if you are happy showing your work regardless if they will like it or not.

    Also if your company doesn't believe in your work, then work for a company that believes in doing great work rather than just "get it out there and get paid kind of job".

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  • Posted to Ask DN : What is the best time tracking app for Mac ?, Aug 12, 2014 I love using this app. It has a tracker app installed in your Mac and also an iPhone app. It also notifies you when your time is running for a few hours just in case you forget its running.

    We used to use this at work until we got mandated to use SAP (I hate it)

    I've tried a lot of apps in the past but Harvest works perfectly for me.

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