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  • Posted to Niching down as a Designer and launching my own site, Aug 16, 2019

    I really like the simple visual style and I think it's an interesting approach you're taking with your business! I just signed up for the newsletter. I would probably be more clear on what it is that you're actually doing. It seems a bit buried on the page that what you actually do is design and build websites. I would move the heading "I build websites that convert visitors" up to make it clear from the beginning. Because of the sub-heading "I help SaaS businesses convert visitors into customer through powerful positioning and crystal-clear messaging." I thought you only did copy writing. Also, you should make the whole area of your buttons clickable. It only works when you click the text. Clicking anywhere else inside it doesn't work (screen recording:

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  • Posted to Should designers think like engineers?, in reply to Mike Abbot , Jul 09, 2019

    I disagree. Designers using Abstract are not artists. They're working to solve their users' problems by building intuitive and robust user interfaces. That's best done by following common UX patterns and familiar UI components, not with “creative” parallax effects that are hard for developers to implement. Of course designers working with user interfaces should think like engineers – they should know what possibilities and limitations there are when building software.

    We should obviously keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with technology. But novelty is almost never the solution to common UI problems that 99% of product designers are working to solve. Product designers are not artists. They’re problem solvers.

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