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  • Posted to A question for all you senior designers out there: How do you see your career after the 10 year mark?, Nov 08, 2019

    I've hit the 10 year mark in UX (there's another 10 years of graphic design before that). I have held lead roles but have also kept working as an individual contributor. I've failed to get a job at a higher level, and where I where I have been a lead there was no opportunity to grow further. I don't have the leadership skills, and I'm now finding I can't get into a company with a track to leadership.

    I'm also beginning to wonder if I appear long in the tooth, that because I've not progressed something must be wrong with me. In fact with all the rejections I've been getting, I also wonder if age and over experience is stopping me. I'm not even in my thirties anymore. I can't imagine being stuck like this in another decade. Actually I'm really struggling now. I left a dead-end company for a lateral change but it's not working out. I've made my life worse and I'm trying desperately to undo, but no one wants me.

    Anyway, for a number of years I've been considering the designer pyramid. The further up the ladder the fewer roles there are. So where do these well experienced designers go when not becoming a manager, director, vp, instructor?

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  • Posted to What to do when your design career stalls?, in reply to Dan G , Nov 08, 2019

    Any job at a senior/lead/experienced level. Some are 'top places' and some are not. We're not talking Apple or Google... second and third tier.

    But I'm raising this question more broadly, rather than show work (or in my case a lot of process). Is a decade of UX design experience without a major promotion a bad sign? How are people reinventing their careers?

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