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  • Posted to Dealing with condescending colleagues?, Sep 09, 2019

    Would totally agree this is likely a communication issue before a colleague personality issue. It's important to look at yourself and your behaviours (as they're much easier to adapt and fix) before looking to other people.

    I've struggled with this in many companies for many different reasons. Communication, empathy and adaptability are key. I now spend much less time designing and more time facilitating design.

    1. Understanding the needs and what success means to other people, helps you communicate your work in a way that's meaningful to them. Making time to talk about their work is just as important as making time to talk about your work.

    2. Allowing others to critique your work and contribute to your work before it's 'done' makes them feel a part of it, and it provides incredibly valuable feedback, making sure you're solving the right problems in the right way. Set up time to whiteboard, to sketch, to have presentation and critiques before the work is done.

    3. Working on the storytelling piece of your work. Why is this the right problem to solve? What does it mean for business/technology/ users. Why is your solution the right solution? Do you have data? Is there a v1 of your solution vs the whole vision.

    4. Force yourself to do user-testing, even if it's not perfect. You likely have a big enough network in the company and around you that you can at least do low-fi testing. Add this data to every story you tell.

    5. Find collaborators. There will be people in your company that are interested in your work and your POV and building a small team of advocates will help grow advocacy over time. Doing it all yourself is a very heavy burden.

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