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  • Posted to App Development, in reply to Siya Carla , May 15, 2019

    If you are looking for help on app development, I am completely sure that MLSDev will be the best option for you. The company specializes in providing all-in-one solutions in mobile and web app development, UI/UX and consulting in Ukraine for many years.

    MLSDev is a world-class mobile and web app development agency that creates awesome web and mobile apps for startups, entrepreneurs, and individuals in a cost-effective and timely manner based on Lean philosophy.

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  • Posted to How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Delivery App Like Postmates?, Apr 26, 2019

    As far as I understand that creating an app is not a simple task. This process includes much more than application design and coding. But I found some ways to realise my idea. It takes time and money.

    I think you could read this article to find out essential information about the cost of app development and elements that make it up.

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  • Posted to Disclosed: How Much Does It Cost to Make an App Like Instagram in 2018?, Apr 26, 2019

    Thanks for sharing!

    It goes without saying, to make Instagram it took years and thousands of dollars. Nowadays there are more and more requests to make an app like Instagram which can mean something different for each person because the platform contains wide functionality, as Instagram has expanded from a photo-sharing application to a social and business platform.

    I have found similar information here In this article you will find out about current app functionality and present a real-life example of a photo-sharing project similar to Instagram in functionality. In such a way, you will better understand how much it would cost to develop a social-networking app like Instagram.

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  • Posted to Research or User Journey?, in reply to Tim Knight , Apr 17, 2019

    Thanks, Tim. I appreciate your perspective. Sound advice.

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  • Posted to ColorBox by Lyft Design Reset, Apr 17, 2019

    Very insightful, thanks a lot!

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