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  • Posted to What system do you use for design system?, Apr 15, 2019

    At my last workplace we started working on something of a design system, but what we actually wanted was more of a 'kitchen sink' of all our components. I think probably, if you are at a scale where having a design system will be more useful than the energy required to maintain it, you might want to build it internally as a collaboration between designers and engineers. Both parties will probably have project specific stuff they want to reify in the system.

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  • Posted to Real Users Club | Real user interviews, delivered weekly, Apr 15, 2019

    Howdy DN!

    I started this newsletter because I think user interviews are a really powerful tool for learning more about user experiences, and I'd like to see people sharing user interviews with other designers and create a body of open user interviews. I hope you find the existing content useful/interesting!

    Feedback is very much appreciated! Thanks everyone!

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