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  • Posted to U.S. Soccer Website Redesign, in reply to John Canelis , Jul 09, 2015

    unfortunately on iOS, since it's at the bottom it now require two clicks to bring up the menu due to how Safari auto-hides the tab bar on mobile, leaving the first click to showing the tab bar.

    on another note, who designed the redesign?

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Which headphones do you use on the go?, Aug 04, 2014

    I've been using my cordcrunchers. The fact that it never tangles is huge to me. The sounds definitely lacks some though. I use these at my desk all the time. since the music ends up being more background to what I'm focused on, the lower sound quality doesn't bother me much. I swear little elves would come out when I wasn't at my desk and tangle the cord of my old phones. They're nice to for running.

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  • Posted to Anyone had LASIK or corrective eye surgery?, in reply to Justin Belcher , Jul 16, 2014

    did you experience any halo effect as the person in the article,, describes? though sounds like he jumped back to work too quick. I'd probably schedule mine for a thursday and not go back to work till the following Monday.

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  • Posted to Anyone had LASIK or corrective eye surgery?, Jul 16, 2014

    crazy timing. I've been pondering the exact same thing. I'd love to hear from those who have had the procedure at least 2 years ago who work in front of the screen all day long coding, designing, etc. Not knowing how it effects those who work so long in front of screens has been my hold up for not getting it done. I naturally have dry eyes and after 1 hour plus in front of a screen, my eyes look like I'm high regardless of how much I blink. I did get a consultation about getting the procedure and was told I was a good candidate regardless of my dry eyes and screen time.

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