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  • Posted to Android O adaptive icons, Mar 22, 2017

    Parallax seems to be imitating Apple TV - but pulsing could be interesting.

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  • Posted to A Rant Against Pretty Designs, in reply to Joe Blau , Mar 18, 2017

    If the point still stands, then it's worth arguing.

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  • Posted to John Maeda: If You Want to Survive in Design, You Better Learn to Code, in reply to Ray Martin , Mar 16, 2017

    Should designers design?

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  • Posted to What is Design?, in reply to Rakesh K , Mar 10, 2017

    It's self indulgent. Post it to your own platforms, and if it's good, it'll get picked up. There are so many places to post your own work/content (Dribbble, Medium, Behance... the list goes on).

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  • Posted to Designers weigh in: Did Snapchat succeed because of its controversial UI?, Mar 10, 2017

    Nope, it succeeded because of it's value proposition.

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  • Posted to What is Design?, in reply to Edwin de Jongh , Mar 09, 2017

    or providing any extra value other than to get traffic to your blog

    Agree. Posting your own content to a community driven site like this is lame enough. Posting an embedded video with barely a sentence of context is just cringy.

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  • Posted to As a Designer I want better Release Notes, in reply to Ken M (No, not that one) , Mar 07, 2017

    I agree and disagree with some of your replies (mainly semantics, which is why I'm moving on for now), but the thing I still don't get is this line:

    if there are new features or major bugs that have been fixed, I think those are good things for users to know about when they see an update pop up on their device.

    I agree that it's good for users to know about these features/fixes. But how are major companies supposed to show them in the App Store's release notes, when many (if not all) of these 'new features' are released incrementally? It makes no business sense to promote a new feature in the release notes, when X% of users won't even have access to that feature for who knows how long (often weeks).

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  • Posted to Glyph — Super simple resumes, in reply to Siddharth Arun , Mar 07, 2017

    Brilliant (: That sounds like the best approach. Good luck!

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  • Posted to Glyph — Super simple resumes, Mar 07, 2017

    They're on-boarding process isn't good. They should probably have me invest a lot more time before trying to get me to pay. Seeing the $12 fee after entering 3-4 lines of text was off putting.

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  • Posted to As a Designer I want better Release Notes, in reply to Ken M (No, not that one) , Mar 07, 2017

    I don't buy the argument that Facebook doesn't have the resources to do this

    Until you work for the company, you can't really make that claim.

    They are deliberately choosing to not include release notes.

    This is purely an assumption. I believe they're bound by constraints, but may also be choosing not too... who knows though.

    Other large companies can do it and they can too.

    What other companies? Uber doesn't, Yelp doesn't, Spotify doesn't. Google sometimes does, but that's because they tend to release features platform wide rather than incrementally, which is easier to manage (although this isn't always the case).

    As long as features are being released incrementally, I have zero expectations for companies to list them in release notes. I don't see how anyone can expect companies to do this. You've made a lot of assumptions in your comment that I just don't understand.

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