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  • Posted to Printable Design, in reply to Jonathan Li , May 21, 2019

    Thanks for suggestions, I appreciate! Definitely, I will add the navigation to the subpages.

    Regarding the CSV, for now I will try to make it more clear that you can copy paste data from Excel. I think parsing CSVs will add a lot of complexity (column order, header vs no header, etc).

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  • Posted to Printable Design, in reply to joe anderson , May 20, 2019

    Right! Thanks for the feedback

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  • Posted to Emoji scatter plots and much more - introducing, Jan 31, 2019

    Hi. Wanted to share a tool that I have been working on recently. It is basically a GUI for creating scatter plots in the browser. Linking to the short article with example visualizations that were created using Let me know what you think

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