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  • Posted to Ask DN: Is OS X Yosemite good for actual work yet?, Sep 25, 2014

    FWIW, I haven't experienced any problems with any current Adobe CC apps.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Is OS X Yosemite good for actual work yet?, in reply to Daniel Wiklund , Sep 25, 2014

    The actual answer from someone who's been using it for a couple months now is yes. (But of course there is always a bit of risk, and you should always have backups.)

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Should iOS app designers learn Swift and the Xcode in general?, in reply to Bram Devries , Jul 26, 2014

    It may seem that way to someone who’s spent years doing web development. But I’ve introduced more than one native mobile app developer to web development, and what I’ve learned is that although there’s a bunch of (helpful) conceptual overlap, the scope of what you need to learn looks at least as daunting from the other side.

    For example, on iOS and Android there’s often a “best” way to do something. On the web side of the tracks it’s typical for there to be a bunch of ways to solve a similar problem with no obvious “best” option, and choices can be paralyzing.

    Just to name some of the technologies a web developer should know (and web designers should know about): HTML. CSS. JavaScript. Responsive design. CSS compilers (Sass, LESS). Libraries (jQuery, Zepto). Frameworks (AngularJS, Ember, React). Presentation layer frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation). Asset optimization tools and techniques. Build process (Grunt, Gulp). Package management (Bower, Jam).

    Basically, web development looks like a clusterf#@k from the perspective of many mobile app developers. It’s more intimidating than a web technologies expert may remember.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What Camera do you use for Photography?, Jul 18, 2014

    Start by shooting a thousand photos with the camera you have. Spending a lot on a camera before you know what you're doing and what you need is a waste of money.

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