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  • Posted to Figma to Google Slides, in reply to Ryan Hicks , Jan 23, 2019


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  • Posted to Figma to Google Slides, Jan 22, 2019

    Convert Figma frames into a Google Slides presentation with this script made by 18 y/o

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  • Posted to Is Design Valuable?, Jan 03, 2019

    Good design adds value (to anything?).

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  • Posted to Re-entering the field after 4 years – what did I miss, Jan 03, 2019

    Webflow and Figma.

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  • Posted to DN mobile app - when?, in reply to Chiron Zor , Jan 01, 2019

    This is my exact use case. And every time I open it, Safari asks me to log in with my saved password. I click ok, and them on every new post/page wants me to login again and again and again.......

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  • Posted to DN mobile app - when?, in reply to Darren Treat , Jan 01, 2019

    Better native experience, ability to have post notifications (reading DN on mobile)...

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  • Posted to Finished with Apple - Need help choosing a PC, in reply to Alf Salib , Dec 30, 2018

    I’ve tried installing hackintosh once by following one of their install tutorials and was up within two hours, running Mac OS. Hovever, this was just for testing purposes for a week.

    I’m interested in privacy side of things when running a hackintosh. Is it safe? Can someone install some script with backdoor to you system? Because you need original Mac OS installation image to be modified with additional files and scripts....?

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  • Posted to Meet Twill: an open source CMS toolkit for Laravel, Dec 25, 2018

    This is pure gold. Thank you!

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  • Posted to Share your side project that became full time job, Dec 21, 2018

    Same here. More and more tired of working on client projects, so I started my (as I call it) passion side project. I’m still on the full time gig so this is something I’m investing all my free time now.

    Hopefully, one day this can become my full time job.

    Feel free to check it out.

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  • Posted to Microsoft’s new Office icons, in reply to Jay Wyche , Nov 30, 2018

    And that’s a good thing. Can you name a few?

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