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  • Posted to Designers, do you see eye floaters?, Jun 11, 2019

    I do too and yes they sometimes bother me... when I let them ahahah

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  • Posted to I'm experienced Web Designer. What should I need to do for a Fronted Developer?, Mar 11, 2019

    Learn HTML, CSS & JS if you don't know. After that go and do some projects with ReactJS or VueJS or some of those libraries that companies are using for their products. Then send CV's to companies. You don't really need to know the libraries because they are JavaScript but in other syntax only... still is an extra point on getting hired.

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  • Posted to Normally you start designs with the smallest devices and scale up … but how to properly scale down? , Feb 28, 2019

    pfff You're in a tough problem, I'm not sure how I would do it also but I don't see anything other then just scale them down proportionally probably by hand yes.

    Look at the UI similarity between a iPhone5 and iPhone X... just the ppi is different, grid, AI will still be the same probably.

    iPhone 5 vs iPhone X -

    I don't know if your developing for iOS only but when I design for my development team I'm use to use golden ratio and percentages for everything to adjust in most of the resolution cases.

    So for your problem I would just ask them if they can try to fix it with code, sit next to them and try with them, you'll all waist less time then you making every screen now in iPhone5, even if it is just resizing... or if you use sketch with the responsive plugins try to do with that, but still tho...

    Now that I'm thinking see if the pixel density can fix that.

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  • Posted to How to get a job in a different city? , Dec 06, 2018

    I'm in the same situation, need to move to a new & more competitive town. Most people tell me to secure a job there and then move afterwards, but this is making me post-pone the moving and the efficiency of my job hunting.

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