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  • Posted to Is it better for designers to be generalists or specialists?, Aug 19, 2017

    Is it better for designers to do whatever makes them happy or to obsess over following the "right" path?

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  • Posted to 1 year without, Aug 17, 2017

    pours one out

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  • Posted to Pastel, in reply to Vasiliy Leytman , Aug 10, 2017

    It is pricey, but it's worth pointing out that those tools work on the basis of screenshots/static images whereas this lets you annotate live websites. That's pretty powerful. Something like Bugherd offers similar functionality (at a more reasonable price per seat) but I'm pretty impressed with how simple this is.

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  • Posted to Games UX: PUBG, Aug 03, 2017

    Game sux?

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  • Posted to Inconsistent Contacts icon in macOS High Sierra and iOS 11 beta 4, Jul 26, 2017

    Does anyone else take this sort of stuff as reminder that, hey, you're doing fine? We all make mistakes, we all have to accept 'good enough' on every project at some point, nothing's perfect at any level of the game.

    Get the sense that might not be the case in the rabid world of Design Twitter though, "omg, an opportunity to score points on another designer"

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  • Posted to What are some of the best design podcasts to follow?, Jul 25, 2017

    Perspective -

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  • Posted to Dude Calendar. It's a new calendar. For dudes., Jul 07, 2017

    Honestly don't know what to make of this or the criticism of it.

    Like, what are we doing? Yeah, the idea of a calendar for men is dumb. Flower scented soap for women and grenade scented shower gel for men is dumb. But let's not pretend there isn't a whole world of neutral products in between (because it's just a linear scale m i rite?).

    Whatever, this calendar says it's for dudes. We'll laugh and say "oh you" or we'll get mad and say "burn down the patriarchy", but everyone it's a ****ing calendar. It's a ****ing bath bomb. It's a ****ing razor (writing this from the bathroom ¬_¬).

    We could be out there actually burning down the patriarchy...

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  • Posted to What CMS for designer/front end developers?, in reply to Diego Lafuente , Jul 07, 2017

    Not really a CMS at all, but this is The Way™ to great, self managed static sites. Not the most client-friendly thing to hand over though. Combine it with Github pages free hosting and you got yourself a soup

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  • Posted to Designing for the elderly and disabled, Jun 29, 2017

    We built a web app for Parkinson's patients (60+, reduced mobility) recently and have had a ton of great feedback. My advice is follow guidelines from w3/WCAG, do a bunch of reading (NNgroup has some great stuff), then test with your audience and really listen to them. Following guidance from products that already exist can only take you so far, because the majority don't do a good job of serving these audiences.

    As an example of the sort of surprising things that can come up in testing: our first pass on the UI was pretty chunky to accommodate the recommended large click targets. Following testing we got a lot of feedback that the UI felt childish and patronising, something we hadn't considered at all as being important.

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  • Posted to The alarm clock design in iOS is broken, Jun 29, 2017

    There are lots of problems with the way the Alarms app works (see what fresh hell you unleash on yourself when you use bedtime and alarms together) but this isn't one of them.

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