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  • Posted to How to grow an agency from 2 to 20 employees in 2 years while staying perfectly sane., Jun 24, 2017

    Step 1: start an agency
    Step 2: hire 20 people

    Just once I'd like one of these posts to actually get into the actual nitty gritty of growing a team.

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  • Posted to A New Sidebar, in reply to anthony thomas , Jun 21, 2017

    I like it ...

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  • Posted to Stay Away From These Annoying Design Trends in 2017, Jun 15, 2017

    "Avoid video backgrounds, also read our blog post on integrating video backgrounds"

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  • Posted to People Don't Need Another Mobile App, Jun 14, 2017

    You say that but I really think my new todo list app is going to change the game

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  • Posted to How do you organize screen states in Sketch?, in reply to Cristian Moisei , May 03, 2017

    No reason this wouldn't work in Sketch, use emojis to achieve group colour coding.

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  • Posted to Amazon Echo Look. Selfie Camera and Style Assistant. Your Thoughts?, Apr 27, 2017

    The one girl's jacket makes this look like a romcom set in the Blade Runner universe.
    Make. This. Happen.

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  • Posted to Concept -> Design -> Build -> Launch (in 3 days), in reply to Ian Clarke , Apr 19, 2017

    It's not an error, all modern browsers are starting to show strong indications to users when they access an insecure site. SSL man, it's free :thumbsup:

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Design Agencies - how do you bill your clients?, Apr 07, 2017
    • rate is based on number of days & team members needed (we have a rate per team member per day + a set amount of leeway we can give e.g. if it's someone we really want to work with)
    • either the number of days (i.e. the budget) or scope (i.e. keep going until scope is fulfilled) are fixed at the outset of the project, I prefer the former
    • deposit up front then bill at regular intervals, negotiated with the client
    • might be UK only, but we use FreeAgent to handle all the admin
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  • Posted to How do you code a food menu list?, in reply to Cooper McGoodwin , Apr 03, 2017

    Seems like an odd choice; if your endgame is just to have a PDF then any visual design tool would be fine, no need to code.

    There's nothing there that couldn't be handled by some print CSS and HTML, so why forego all the benefits of that?

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  • Posted to Clients who claim they could "do it in Wix", Mar 05, 2017

    There is a time and place for services like Wix, and that time and place is when you can't afford or justify the cost of having your site built by professionals.

    Not everyone needs custom design when they're starting out, some businesses might never need it. Better for both client and designer to recognise that. They can focus on the things that matter to their business, you can focus on working on projects where you can have real impact.

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