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  • Posted to What is up with Eli Schiff?, in reply to anthony thomas , Jun 12, 2016

    What you're saying, while inherently sexist, isn't far off the mark. It also isn't really worth saying.

    Do you know a single designer that doesn't want thicker skin?

    Candid, unadulterated thought is a very different thing. That style of communication is for children and others who are incapable/unwilling to be empathetic to their peers. Genuine, and potentially crushing criticism can make a person feel absolutely terrible, but this is a side effect of the information conveyed. Schiff confuses the side effect and the intended effect, and as such he is much more insulting than he is helpful.

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  • Posted to What is up with Eli Schiff?, in reply to Sacha Greif , Jun 12, 2016

    Dissent and insult are different things. Thinking differently from another person and expressing those thoughts is dissent. Expressing that the other is incorrect for not meeting your personal view, is insult.

    He doesn't have to "be nice," but perhaps treating the designers he "critiques," like the humans that they are, he would have better luck getting his point across.

    If getting his point across isn't his goal, then I challenge the idea that he's a critic. The only other goal he could be achieving is making himself look like a member of a long-lost design style who is angry that he's lost the plot.

    I don't think that is the case, but I wouldn't be surprised if many did.

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  • Posted to What is up with Eli Schiff?, in reply to Stephan Ango , Jun 11, 2016

    There is also an expectation of decorum and intellectual rigor that comes with labeling yourself "human," or "part of the community," and it reads like this: "Don't be a dick."

    Really, it is that simple. He's a dick about work that people poured incredible amounts of effort into. He's beating down other designers, and that sort of behavior makes our already-touchy community more toxic. People are sensitive about their work, and while this tendency loosens with experience and age, it never completely disappears. So much of our work is based on intuition, and a person's intuition is a vital part of their "essence," for lack of a better word. Pointing out the flaws in a person's aesthetic, or the failings in the approach is not inherently hateful if the speaker/writer takes the time and effort to explain and teach rather than simply insult.

    If all of his criticism didn't have an undertone of "How can't you idiots see that this designer is a lazy shithead? How have you let him take these shortcuts? His work is flawed in my eyes, and therefor must be a work of intentional malice toward the discipline of design as a whole." perhaps everyone wouldn't assume that he was just being a dick for the sake of being a dick.

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  • Posted to Penised, Mar 26, 2015

    Could we not?

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Designers who can code: how much time do you spend designing vs developing?, in reply to Ian Goode , Feb 07, 2015

    Since developers are generally paid something like 20% more than designers of similar experience, how do you navigate your wage when you do both? Especially since it seems like if you're doing 90% dev work, you should be paid as a developer, not a designer, and vice-versa.

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  • Posted to Advanced CSS Books recommendations, Aug 16, 2014

    I don't know of any OOCSS books, but that book on SASS is a nice starter. It'll set you on the right track, if you've just been using the most obvious features of SASS — like those wonderful nested selectors, even if they aren't the most performant option.

    Sorry everyone else, but I know this man's pain. My vacations are spent messing about with itty bitty personal projects using technology I've never used before. It is the most rewarding way to spend chunks of that brain-off time. If I just let my mind sit idle I get bored and bitter with myself, but if I spend my vacation time leisurely building up little one-pagers that the rest of the world will never see, it somehow feels more relaxing than forcing myself not to touch the web at all.

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  • Posted to finally fixed UX problems with its video player, Jul 06, 2014

    Treehouse does the same thing. I actually commented on it on their forums and was met with a pretty unanimous "Quit complaining, it isn't a big deal," response. I was almost hoping that one of the instructors would find the thread and make it into a teachable moment... since it (and Lynda) are supposed to be resources for learning about UX and Design.

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