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  • Love it.

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  • I'm biased but... Just need to eventually add a portfolio section.

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  • There are many levels to this - you wouldn't want a designer on your team to spend half their day in git, iOS code reviews, merging, cherry picking patches and all the stuff that comes with engineering (at any company with more than a few dozen engineers of any one type). But having technical...

    Posted to Should a Product Designer know code? , in reply to Cap Watkins
  • Congrats team! Lots of us at Twitter use and love Pixate. Super easy to onboard designers onto it.

    Posted to Pixate has joined Google
  • Nice photoset! Some feedback: it seems like most photos are 1mb? I have a 200mbps connection and it was still slow to load. I'd suggest having your scroll-based lazy loader to trigger earlier (say like 800px before I've scrolled to it) and post smaller, slightly compressed images (i use...

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Paul joined over 2 years ago via an invitation from Kelly S.