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  • While not a work portfolio I have a lot of writing and in-depth travel photo stories on my site:
    Posted to Ask DN: Know any true Jack/Jill of all trades websites?
  • As the replies on that state, this route is less performant.
    Posted to CSS :not() usage tip
  • Seems a bit glitchy for me on Chrome for Mac 43. Things were flashing all over the screen. For example the purpley background section was flickering heavily as I scrolled.
    Posted to Amazing new landing for Pixate
  • Awesome! Glad it's not going to some non-designer :)
    Posted to LayerVault Announces Sale of Designer News
  • Great post - I've been doing something similar using localstorage for my photosets so users know which one they've seen already. :) (under the collections dropdown I pop in a check for the ones you've seen)
    Posted to Revisiting :Visited
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