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  • Posted to Ask DN: It's Saturday! What fun side projects are you working on?, Sep 05, 2016

    Working on the next photoset of the New Zealand collection I just started last week with this: I traveled through New Zealand on a solo trip for about a month earlier in the year, taking some 11,000+ shots and videos (about 850GB total) and will be making detailed photosets for each city along the way. I finally finished the first one, but have probably 10+ left.. this will take some time :) This was a round-up of the whole trip I made a while ago:

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  • Posted to Raspberry Pi Wifi Config Generator, Aug 22, 2016

    I love my RasPi too but not sure what this has to do with designer news? Sorry to be a debbie downer. :/

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  • Posted to Thunderbolt Display Replacement?, in reply to Raul Rincon , Aug 19, 2016

    I was looking for a long time.. ended up getting a dell 5K monitor, but it's a messy solution requiring 2 cables and the most updated Macbook Pro otherwise it drops frames and feels laggy. It's also a pretty big monitor (thickness/base etc). I ended up returning it (it also arrived with slightly cracked glass) and ended up buying a 5k 27" iMac. Much much happier. Though I know this isn't a good option for folks that only have one computer and need it to be a laptop.

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  • Posted to Crystal — Sketch Mirror Clone For Android, Jul 22, 2016

    Works pretty well! Though usually takes a good minute or so before it shows artboard thumbnails (maybe my sketch file is too large?). Also takes a while to find the artboard you want by just swiping through a big page. Wish there was a quick visual way to see the same layout you have on your page and drill in

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What side projects are you working on?, May 31, 2016

    My blog/photoblog ( ) is my continual side project. From working on a new article, to redesigning the photo collection section, or making a photoset from a recent trip, it's not often that a weekend passes that I don't spend time on it in some form. Keeps me sane!

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  • Posted to Show DN: Paul Stamatiou Photoblog, in reply to Niclas Hellberg , May 15, 2016

    the lightbox itself is photoswipe that i modified slightly

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  • Posted to Show DN: Paul Stamatiou Photoblog, in reply to Brian Zaik , May 14, 2016

    Yeah, I went to Milford on an overnight cruise and then on a helicopter tour. Amazing weather one day, horrible the next. :D you can see some of the highlights here:

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  • Posted to Show DN: Paul Stamatiou Photoblog, in reply to Sarath A , May 13, 2016

    Haha awesome!

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  • Posted to Show DN: Paul Stamatiou Photoblog, in reply to Michael Inglese , May 13, 2016

    Thanks man! Much appreciated. I'm slowly getting into shooting more and more video to help share my story. With every new trip I try to have a new "thing" to learn about and incorporate into my photosets. For this one I originally planned on buying a 360 camera and integrating some 360 videos or interactive photos but after lots of research it looked like just about every "simple" all-in-one 360 camera had horrible image quality and the only good ones were the 4K ones that aren't out yet (Nikon has one coming soon).. or having to create my own behemoth multiple gopro setup which would not be friendly for traveling light.

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