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  • i dont see why you wouldnt - if your design is not able to flex vertically from 5/5s screen to 4/4s you should reevaluate some of your choices, cuz chances are its not flexible enough anyway

    Posted to Should I be support 4 / 4S resolutions for iOS Apps?
  • never experienced this in 2 years: do you have ginormous bitmaps embedded? try resizing and reducing resolution with Layer > Reduce image size or Layer > Flatten to bitmap. IMO Sketch is at a great point with features that just need to be refined — there's a bunch of bugs (e.g. pastin...

    Posted to Sketch 3 should be 0.3
  • actually i think sketch is great at having a bunch of designs in one file due to Pages

    Posted to Sketch 3 should be 0.3, in reply to Phil Oakley
  • yea only men have business cards and ladies are only objects of desire

    Posted to Site Design: Stacks
  • been on the beta for a month: the answer is yes, but if the question is if I recommend it, then the answer is no if you really still want to do it, i recommend doing the following: split things up into pages: this will make the most impact in terms of performance improvement. each page is isol...

    Posted to Have you ever designed a 50+ Screen UI with Sketch 3.0?

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