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  • Hey there, I'm sure you guys have had a chance to check out as well. What are your thoughts on the difference between and the service you are building?

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  • So you actually can build locally if you want and just push the files to netlify for hosting, and it works perfectly, and costs a little less. The benefit of building remotely in my experience has been when you need to trigger a build with a webhook, or when you'd like "continuous deploy...

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  • Sure, that's a decent option. But you'd have to do this before the contract was signed and charge more for it, and make sure they are ok with this. If you are doing the copywriting, you need a longer deadline and a higher project cost to compensate. If you are hiring someone to do it, you...

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  • This seems like it's been written by someone who has never done work for a client. The fact is, clients can hardly ever produce content and assets for you in a timely manner. So when that happens (which it does, nearly every time), you have two choices. First option, and the one presented by...

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  • Who is honestly upvoting this? This is a prime example of feeding trolls.

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