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  • I recently wrote a post about this concept you describe at the bottom:

    Posted to Pixate is dead, unofficially.
  • I'm not talking about absolute numbers, I mean relative. As in X% of businesses shut down within Y amount of time. My assumption is that X is much higher for venture-backed startups than it is for any other business. While I also don't have data to back this, it's almost certainly the...

    Posted to The Unreliable Startup, in reply to Diego Lafuente
  • I don't disagree. My point here was that venture backed startups are significantly less reliable than most other businesses.

    Posted to The Unreliable Startup, in reply to Diego Lafuente
  • I don't entirely agree here. Most VCs are not ok with startups doing "fine", they want to only back companies that are massively successful because of the way they calculate risk patterns. If you are doing ok as a startup, even well enough to be profitable, you can still be forced t...

    Posted to The Unreliable Startup, in reply to Mitch Malone
  • Wow, what a great response Mitch. You definitely nailed it here. I would love to have you add this as a response on medium so more people could see it. There's a lot of really solid points in here that are worth considering for anyone reading the article. That being said, I don't feel li...

    Posted to The Unreliable Startup, in reply to Mitch Malone
  • Thanks for checking out this article and for the feedback guys! Shameless plug -- if you enjoyed my writing, I would encourage you to check out my primary medium blog Pragmatic Life, where I tackle larger concepts on the path to living a happy and healthy life.

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  • So conflict aside, I just want to see if any photographers out there have found a better solution than Lightroom. I've been looking everywhere for one, but have been unable to find one. Related, Sketch now ties me to Mac. I couldn't switch to windows or chromeos because I'm dependent...

    Posted to Going Adobe-free
  • What is your recommendation on how to improve for them? This is the only thing your comment is missing, without this its just complaining and a blanket insult.

    Posted to Stop Using Gratuitous UI Animation, in reply to Pasquale D'Silva
  • Wallpaper link?

    Posted to Show DN: Post your desktops, in reply to Afnizar Nur Ghifari
  • Hey there, I'm sure you guys have had a chance to check out as well. What are your thoughts on the difference between and the service you are building?

    Posted to URL is the new MP3 (?), in reply to Onur Yavuz
  • So you actually can build locally if you want and just push the files to netlify for hosting, and it works perfectly, and costs a little less. The benefit of building remotely in my experience has been when you need to trigger a build with a webhook, or when you'd like "continuous deploy...

    Posted to Netlify builds, deploys & hosts your static site or app, in reply to Jamie Wilson
  • Sure, that's a decent option. But you'd have to do this before the contract was signed and charge more for it, and make sure they are ok with this. If you are doing the copywriting, you need a longer deadline and a higher project cost to compensate. If you are hiring someone to do it, you...

    Posted to Lorem Ipsum has to die, in reply to Stefan Rössler
  • This seems like it's been written by someone who has never done work for a client. The fact is, clients can hardly ever produce content and assets for you in a timely manner. So when that happens (which it does, nearly every time), you have two choices. First option, and the one presented by...

    Posted to Lorem Ipsum has to die
  • Who is honestly upvoting this? This is a prime example of feeding trolls.

    Posted to "The Slack mac app... is a disaster." Discuss.
  • Shameless plug, but you can eliminate both jekyll and gulp for a site like this using roots, and your config would probably be less than 30 lines total. The benefits of using a system specifically designed for building static sites!

    Posted to My Gulp Workflow
  • You are obviously a very balanced and patient person to face down such harsh and direct criticism of what you are working on and turn it into something productive. For that alone you deserve whatever help I can give.

    Posted to Show DN: I'm writing a book with O'Reilly called Tragic Design, in reply to Jonathan Shariat
  • Sure, I don't disagree at all, and I think there are a lot of opportunities for design and dev both to make improvements to medical administration. I'm excited to see how it happens, but it is a very very tough market to make progress in because of the inherently monumental risk in any ch...

    Posted to Show DN: I'm writing a book with O'Reilly called Tragic Design, in reply to Jonathan Shariat
  • Great, this makes me feel a lot better about what you're doing. Based on the fact that the blog post had no actual research or backing, and also the pitch on the splash page didn't mention any actual research, I just assumed the book wouldn't have any. Perhaps adding a note somewhere ...

    Posted to Show DN: I'm writing a book with O'Reilly called Tragic Design, in reply to Jonathan Shariat
  • I feel like perhaps I'm missing something here and this was already covered somewhere, but I don't see it in the post, the book splash page, or anywhere in these comments so here goes. This is sensationalism. Bad design did not kill anyone. Sure, I bet it didn't help anyone, but par...

    Posted to Show DN: I'm writing a book with O'Reilly called Tragic Design
  • I'm gonna be that guy even though I hate myself for it -- that apostrophe is straight up driving me crazy.

    Posted to Logo Designs from Around the World
  • I work on a tool for doing this -- There are a bunch of tutorial videos on the homepage. It can scale into linking with a remote cms down the line if you need it, but starts out simple and static.

    Posted to how do I build a website without any CMS? any idea for a guideline?
  • +1 for netlify. Also try out roots ( for a significantly smoother development experience than jekyll

    Posted to Becoming a Jekyll God, in reply to Mathias Biilmann
  • Just looking at the beta right now, it's super slow to render. Is it still in progress?

    Posted to Kelly is Live Coding the DN Homepage Right Now:
  • This guy's goal was just to waste your time and get you mad. Not only did he achieve the goal, you made it easy for him.

    Posted to Accused of being 'just a freelancer' on Twitter!, in reply to Paul Macgregor
  • Sorry for the self-promotion, but I do honestly think my company's careers page is pretty awesome : )

    Posted to Best Company Career Page You've Seen?
  • Kyle, this is awesome. Site design is great, the tool itself is great. Really nice work : )

    Posted to Show DN: Sentencer.js, in reply to Kyle Stetz
  • You are really entirely missing the point. It's ok though I'm not really willing to continue this debate in order to make it more clear. You can be mad about this, some people always are. I am sorry for making you mad. But to be fair, why don't you also leave nasty comments on the 120...

    Posted to DN Roll Call, in reply to Corwin Harrell
  • hahah my friend, this is a joke. read the post carefully. this is just making fun of other stupid posts that are endless feeds of self-promotion that nobody reads and are constantly sitting at the top of DN (there's one there now). If this does well, I will add a note about this to the post ...

    Posted to DN Roll Call, in reply to Corwin Harrell
  • That avatar is hawt btw

    Posted to DN Roll Call, in reply to Joris Rigerl
  • I'll kick it off: here!

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  • I also don't understand what any part of this is, even after going to the github page. Is it a weird joke of some sort? I am a developer and I still don't get it.

    Posted to Site Design: Isogrammer - Personalize your GA tracking code., in reply to Gadzhi Kharkharov
  • Ah man this is the first NYC meetup I won't be able to make : (

    Posted to Reminder: NYC DN Meetup this Thursday!
  • Yeah, while I generally am a fan of the idea of solving non-first-world-problems with tech, I'm curious whether this will actually be useful. It will probably take at least a couple minutes to take out the app, make the request, get connected to someone, have them get to grips with the situat...

    Posted to Be My Eyes - Lend your Eyes To The Blind, in reply to Jim Silverman
  • For sure, it definitely is. Because the things you hang on your walls, for example, are a collection of pieces that you have art directed. So if you want to find out your taste relative to the masses, you could have people rate your wall art. But in that case, the only person you are aiming to im...

    Posted to Ask DN: What exactly is (good) taste?, in reply to Nathan Cooper
  • Your work as a whole is a combination of your technique and your subject. You cannot isolate one from the other in the judgement of your taste overall. If you are trying to personally figure out what part of your work needs improvement, you could try breaking them down when you ask people, but it...

    Posted to Ask DN: What exactly is (good) taste?, in reply to Nathan Cooper
  • Here's my very objective definition of good taste. Many people will disagree with this and try to give you more subjective ones. If you are one of those people, read the last paragraph before raging please. And as is the case with anything, this is simply my opinion, you can take what you bel...

    Posted to Ask DN: What exactly is (good) taste?
  • What a weird article. The disclaimer at the bottom is even weirder. It's like "this is sort of meant to be a joke, but not really I actually do all these things". Kind of makes me lose a lot of respect for the author tbh.

    Posted to How to Be That Designer — Julie Zhuo
  • Hey Lee, Was not asking you to defend it, but appreciate your doing so anyway. Unfortunately there's no defense against this kind of thing. If people see your site and think the same thing, you cannot personally respond to their thoughts with this, nor will they read your medium blog post. I...

    Posted to Show DN: My first product of 2015, in reply to Lee Simpson
  • I thought the same thing. Also on top of that all of the videos selected are apparently of hot girls, I don't see a single dude in one of the video thumbnails. This makes the whole site's vibe feel a little off to me, like it's just for watching girls exercise, creepy.

    Posted to Show DN: My first product of 2015, in reply to Paul @Stammy
  • This is the worst thing ever. Now we need to test in IE and another trash microsoft browser. This might seem harsh, but honestly I wish microsoft would just go out of business and not make anything anymore. Having to deal with windows and IE when making software and websites is such a huge pain, ...

    Posted to Microsoft Ditching IE in Windows 10
  • Eh, don't agree at all. Any backing for this at all? Have you tried the google inbox web interface? It's truly glorious. Not that I think you should implement it on your own site, but for google services it works great.

    Posted to What is your opinion about Material Design on web? , in reply to Jim Silverman
  • swerve

    Posted to Ask DN: Which car do you drive?, in reply to Charles Lam
  • So it's an oxymoron? :-P

    Posted to, in reply to Jim Silverman
  • What?! Is this a joke? This site is horrendous... it's terribly broken on a bunch of responsive widths, blurry on retina, and the padding of everything is way off. This can't be for real.

    Posted to
  • Roon is the place that I wrote some of the more controversial things I have posted here, such as The Startup Scenester and Long Shadow Design. I will be sad if it's shut down for sure, but congrats either way to drew and sam, two people I have followed for most of my professional career and ...

    Posted to Ghost Acquires
  • Yeah, this is pretty much the answer for any new tools. You could always learn one set of tools then use that for the rest of your life and never try anything else because it's what you're most familiar with. Or you could take a gamble and try something new that people seem to think is be...

    Posted to Why should I use sketch?, in reply to Ryan Murphy
  • You guys jealous?

    Posted to San Francisco: Let's meet up at Bloodhound tonight at 8pm, in reply to Joe Blau
  • Alternate title: "I have decided to stop reading designer news as much and focus on work instead". DN is not bringing you down, you are bringing yourself down, as you mentioned in a comment. Sure, when you title it that way it sounds like a ridiculous piece to write that's devoid o...

    Posted to DN I love you, but you're bringing me down
  • Oh they did? <3

    Posted to Monument Valley - Updated with new levels, in reply to Simon Carrasco
  • First time I've regretted having an android since getting it.

    Posted to Monument Valley - Updated with new levels
  • Actually the first click gets downloads, you might have just hit it before the javascript loaded through : )

    Posted to Right-click this company's logo..., in reply to Ed Adams
  • I feel like this isn't an uncommon feature, we've had this for a while at

    Posted to Right-click this company's logo...
  • Most welcome! Yeah just do html and css to start. Framer.js is javascript/coffeescript, which needs a lot of context to actually understand. Origami is a crazy connext-the-box programming model, learning it is unique to itself, so skills you pick up from working with origami are unlikely to be us...

    Posted to "Designers Code Differently" by MengTo, in reply to Tori Z
  • Sure -- it is difficult. So is learning anything and becoming good at it. You just have to put in a lot of work like you do with anything else you are trying to learn and you'll get there. Here are all the tips I can come up with: Make sure that you are enjoying it. Everyone likes different...

    Posted to "Designers Code Differently" by MengTo, in reply to Tori Z
  • For a long time, I've wanted to write a post that's the exact opposite of this -- the way that coders design. I started out as a designer, then transitioned into being a full time developer, and now I'm a stronger dev than I am designer if we're being honest. The way I do design w...

    Posted to "Designers Code Differently" by MengTo
  • Or you can use roots, which includes all of these things plus deployment out of the box with very little configuration and no mess. Caveats: It's still in beta although rather stable, doesn't support ruby so you have to use libsass or the equivalent stylus stack (this is the better optio...

    Posted to Best frontend tools, in reply to Jonathan Suh
  • Exactly what I was thinking. I can't comprehend how this dude doesn't even use the service but is mad about it's existence because it doesn't fit the way that he likes to use social media. Obviously it's quite popular and fits the way a lot of people use social media (and the ...

    Posted to I Hope Twitter Goes Away, in reply to Kyle Conrad
  • On top of that, angular is very foreign and un-javascript-esque. Angular's patterns are unique to angular. It's main benefit is that you don't have to bind js to selectors because you just put the js inline in the html tags, which results in less code. However, this becomes unmaintain...

    Posted to Ask DN: Angular, Ember, Backbone, Meteor.. Where do I start?, in reply to Crampa ...
  • Does it have a long shadow yet?

    Posted to Last chance to get the DN T-shirt
  • Why monospace font? It's harder to read paragraphs of text in this font, easier to read code. But this is paragraphs of text and not code, so I don't understand why not use a serif font. Especially because this is a design portfolio, it seems like that would be an easy decision. Also, un...

    Posted to Show DN: My new portfolio is finally online
  • You would be shocked by how many people do this. I was shocked. I still am, actually.

    Posted to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Which did/would you get and why?, in reply to Jared Krause
  • This is the main problem. As soon as everything needs to be covered in a certain surface, it goes from being a "revolutionary" tool to a luxury indulgence item used for fun in one specific place.

    Posted to Hendo Hoverboards - World's first REAL hoverboard, in reply to Aaron Sagray
  • My soul has a long shadow

    Posted to DN T-Shirt, in reply to Kelly Sutton
  • No long shadow? I'm out.

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  • Came to the comments just to see if someone posted this, I knew you wouldn't let me down Jim

    Posted to Photoshop Simulator, in reply to Jim Silverman
  • This might be what you're after: The reference helps a lot too, and is very detailed.

    Posted to How to create a simple jobs board in Ruby on Rails – even if you’ve never coded before, in reply to Tim Gauthier
  • +1 here, coffeescript solves those problems quickly. Having programmed extensively in both ruby and coffeescript, I feel like they are very close as far as read/writeability. In some aspects coffeescript is actually cleaner.

    Posted to How to create a simple jobs board in Ruby on Rails – even if you’ve never coded before, in reply to Sebastian De Deyne
  • For people trying to decide here, this is the correct answer. As the OP said here, it's trendiness has absolutely nothing to do with whether it's worth using, and this is always the case for every tool. In fact, I'd be cautious of more trendy tools, as they tend to be as such because ...

    Posted to How to create a simple jobs board in Ruby on Rails – even if you’ve never coded before, in reply to Rik Lomas
  • Mandrill for sending forms I assume, what is dropbox used for? Sorry for all the questions here, at the end I might come out with something useful for you.

    Posted to Hosting, in reply to Elliott Regan
  • Wait so you are just using this for hosting static sites that are built with a node pipeline? Or are you actually running a node server?

    Posted to Hosting, in reply to Elliott Regan
  • Yeah the full deal, just to see how easy it would be to wrap your setup. I mean theoretically there should be a host that you can push to and it will run npm start for you for pretty cheap, but all the node-specific hosts are fairly pricey right now, which kind of sucks. Like you won't really...

    Posted to Hosting, in reply to Elliott Regan
  • What stack are you on with node?

    Posted to Hosting, in reply to Elliott Regan
  • What, why does this have any upvotes at all? The dude clearly stated that he was looking for user friendliness, and a linux VPS is the exact opposite of user friendliness. Don't get me wrong, I use DO and thoroughly enjoy it. I think it's great and is a valuable thing to learn. But I'...

    Posted to Hosting, in reply to faiz mokhtar
  • Yeah, this is the issue with social networks exactly. Nobody will use it in the early stages if it's paid, since a social network's value is that everyone is using it, and if nobody is using it, there's no value so nobody wants to pay, and since nobody wants to pay nobody can use it, ...

    Posted to Ello, goodbye, in reply to Juliano Dasilva
  • Even if you don't like sketch, you have to give these guys some serious props for their hard work on this. Just take a quick scan down that massive list of improvements and fixed bugs. I can only imagine the number of hours that went into this. This has got to be an immensely difficult produ...

    Posted to Sketch 3.1
  • That example is nice but irrelevant. This is a web browser, we're talking about a social network. Can you think of a single social network that exists and does not sell user data as a way to make money?

    Posted to Ello, goodbye, in reply to Bart Claeys
  • Dribbble is a bootstrapped company and has 4 employees if I'm not mistaken. Dribbble would not be considered a successful investment by venture capital standards. It's a "lifestyle company", as mentioned above. Personally I think this is great, but it's not what VCs are look...

    Posted to Ello, goodbye, in reply to James Delaney
  • Anything that you are not paying for is making money off you somehow, whether it's selling your data, actively trying to figure out what the maximum number of ads they can stuff onto each page is before you use the service less, etc. The difference here is between a company that works to make...

    Posted to Ello, goodbye, in reply to Juliano Dasilva
  • The freemium model hinders your usage of the product unless you pay, so it's not really a "sell optional features to power users" kind of model, it's more of a "you get a free trial at the beginning then have to pay or basically not able to use it". So it's theore...

    Posted to Ello, goodbye, in reply to James Delaney
  • No, I'm saying that ello is not using the freemium model

    Posted to Ello, goodbye, in reply to James Delaney
  • To answer your question: Many successful companies have been started this way. It's not the way to fuel an aggressively growing profit monster, but at the same time, that doesn't align with the site's goals.

    Posted to Ello, goodbye, in reply to Juliano Dasilva
  • The problem here is that selling features to power users is likely not going to fuel a multi-billion dollar company, which is the goal of venture capital investment. Most VCs do not want to fund a lifestyle company, they want to fund juggernauts that they get huge returns from like facebook, twit...

    Posted to Ello, goodbye, in reply to Pierre de Milly
  • You may have missed the entire point of the article and of ello. The reason behind why you should use ello is that it's private and they won't sell your data like facebook does, or serve ads. The problem here is that they have taken venture capital money, which means they have already fo...

    Posted to Ello, goodbye, in reply to Tanel S
  • So here's the problem with this: I don't want the power to control the experience, and on top of that I don't know what my options are. Let's take the first point first. While saying that you are giving the users the power to control their own experience sounds nice, that is not ...

    Posted to Show DN: Present Plus
  • Gotta agree here, this is a total piece. On top of that, all his websites are down, and looking at the cached version from yesterday, it's a generic splash page with no information about what the company is and a place where you can put your email. What I'm really curious about is how do...

    Posted to How quitting my corporate job for my startup dream f*cked my life up, in reply to Jared Krause
  • This looks really good and I want it

    Posted to Show DN: Qwilr's "dream" quoting tool.
  • The extra loader after the page loads is brutal : /

    Posted to Animsition - add page transition via CSS 3 animations
  • haha wait is this serious or sarcasm?

    Posted to Introducing AM – Attribute Modules for CSS , in reply to Jim Silverman
  • True, but it's also science. Chemical addiction - it's not peoples' fault they can't stop, it's their fault for ever starting.

    Posted to Design To Annoy – cigarette packaging, in reply to Derryl Carter
  • What I mean by both of these is that it is (in my opinion) the incorrect approach. Again, you can google YAGNI to see lengthy explanations of why I think this way. "Cop out" was the wrong term to use in the first statement, apologies, "waste of time" is more accurate. That be...

    Posted to Common CSS practices do not necessarily mean best practices, in reply to Clark Wimberly
  • Like #header? Or #sidebar? Or so many things that IDs are used for that are a reusable component? No, I don't use IDs for reusable components. Haha I thought that part of my response was pretty clear. Also you don't need ids for these things you can use html elements like header. Why...

    Posted to Common CSS practices do not necessarily mean best practices, in reply to Clark Wimberly
  • This is without a doubt a joke. But it took me a while to figure this out -- all the speakers are real people who code with active twitter accounts, many of whom work at and/or are involved with microsoft. The one that tipped me over the edge finally was "Persisting textual changes to Notep...

    Posted to NotepadConf - YES, there's a conference about Notepad, in reply to Chris Coleman
  • I use IDs heavily in my css, so maybe I can give a perspective. Let me start with the reason people say not to use IDs, which is that it's possible that you can use them incorrectly where that's not possible with classes. This is entirely valid, and is a reasonable way to teach beginners...

    Posted to Common CSS practices do not necessarily mean best practices, in reply to Mike Heitzke
  • html 4.0 hype

    Posted to Site Design: Musk Foundation
  • +1 for long shadows ; )

    Posted to Apple announces special event for September 9th: ‘Wish we could say more’, in reply to Suganth S
  • Yeah would love to know how this is done and/or any info on pricing...

    Posted to Show DN: We've made flight search as easy as email.
  • I feel like this has to be a troll. There's no way they can straight up compare pepsi cans in a shopping aisle with gravity and the relativity of space and time with a straight face. No sane person could do this.

    Posted to This is how bullshit grid is done
  • You can even use pixelmator for most of that stuff, much nicer interface and a lot cheaper. It even opens psds

    Posted to Dear Adobe..., in reply to Daniel Schwarz
  • Looks fantastic! Some feedback: Really like the subtle blur on hover for the images. I notice someone below was knocking it, but it makes the overlay text more easily readable and is a pleasing effect. I think I'd actually boost the blur a tad bit more personally. Removing the background co...

    Posted to Show DN - Interrobang (My New Portfolio)
  • Hah this is great. I feel stupid for not having figured this out myself - good work!

    Posted to REVERSE ENGINEERED: How Mailbox turned gifs into Betacoins.
  • I can confirm that it's not only the filename that's checked after some testing.

    Posted to How are the Mailbox betacoin/tokens done?, in reply to Beau Hankins
  • I have no idea how BEM sacrifices DRYness li.menu__item li.menu__item-selected li.menu__item-selected-whatever-else See any repetition here? And don't even make me bring up how the html looks haha. you drew the line of 'you might not need it' in the wrong place Not the right ...

    Posted to CSS Guidelines—High-level advice and guidelines for writing sane, manageable, scalable CSS, in reply to Hamish Taplin
  • everything should be made 'global' as you put it because, potentially everything should be re-usable as easily as possible. Ah right so I think that is where we diverge. I don't like to use time or complexity prematurely optimizing things. This is a relatively popular opinion in pr...

    Posted to CSS Guidelines—High-level advice and guidelines for writing sane, manageable, scalable CSS, in reply to Hamish Taplin
  • If you are writing something that is 'heavily modular', you would just use a lot of globals, which are just classes, and end up with a similar approach, if I'm not mistaken. You just also get more specific scoping when it's needed.

    Posted to CSS Guidelines—High-level advice and guidelines for writing sane, manageable, scalable CSS, in reply to Hamish Taplin
  • Every single line of CSS in any project is being reused elsewhere in that project Haha wut? I have built quite a number of websites, and I cannot think of a single one in which every single style written anywhere on the website was also re-used elsewhere. Maybe this would be the case for a ver...

    Posted to CSS Guidelines—High-level advice and guidelines for writing sane, manageable, scalable CSS, in reply to Colm Tuite
  • So I think you might have missed one of the points I was trying to make in this writeup, which is that you carefully choose at which level your css is nested based on whether it needs to be used elsewhere. Let's look at a quick example. Let's say you are coding up your about page, intro...

    Posted to CSS Guidelines—High-level advice and guidelines for writing sane, manageable, scalable CSS, in reply to Colm Tuite
  • TBH I don't understand how anyone uses bem at all, ever, instead of using normal, nested, well-organized css. I did a writeup on this and I haven't had anyone argue against it yet although I would like if someone did!

    Posted to CSS Guidelines—High-level advice and guidelines for writing sane, manageable, scalable CSS, in reply to Jim Silverman
  • Maybe im really missing something, but where are the release notes?

    Posted to Sketch 3.1 Beta, in reply to Ryan LeFevre
  • I'm primarily a developer, and just about all my dev tools and environments broke. So especially if you are planning on doing any dev : )

    Posted to Sketch + Yosemite = pure speed., in reply to Kevin W
  • I've had a huge number of issues and things break with the upgrade to yosemite. I massively regret it and will never install a beta OS again. Be very very careful, especially if you use your computer for work and/or productivity, before upgrading. Remember this is still beta software, so if y...

    Posted to Sketch + Yosemite = pure speed.
  • Hah, this is great, and absolutely true. I like how he just hit on one bullshit word people use to classify themselves, and was just like F this I'm going to make a video about how this is stupid. There are so many more of these too, I'd love to see them all called out.

    Posted to Sagmeister: No Fuckhead you are not a Storyteller
  • hahah you're right! I didn't notice this at first, but it makes absolutely zero sense. This is just weird all around, I don't understand any part of it.

    Posted to CatchChat - The next generation chat app, in reply to Deep Shah
  • Woah this seems almost more than weird. Is there something to this? These are also all nearly exact clones of snapchat, so I don't entirely understand why people would switch over when there's already something out there that does the same thing and their friends are already using...

    Posted to CatchChat - The next generation chat app, in reply to Ye Myat Min
  • Yeah I gotta agree here. This really sounds like it's from someone who has never been criticized on anything they do. I remember when I started working and faced QA and critique for the way I did worked and acted, it felt personal, and hurt. But over time, as I've got more feedback, I'...

    Posted to On unsolicited criticism, in reply to David Merfield
  • If you are at least using extend with placeholder classes thats a little better. You can also do the same thing with mixins rather than extend. The main benefit for extend that people tend to cite is that it will combine all the classes into the fewest number of selectors, but if there's rep...

    Posted to Concise.CSS / A better front-end framework., in reply to Mathieu Mayer
  • Haha yup, entirely agreed. As soon as I saw that they put a css class on each element to add a border radius, I was up and on out. This is basically "don't write css, just write html classes as css!"

    Posted to Concise.CSS / A better front-end framework., in reply to Varun Vachhar
  • For me, it's about the language or framework's strengths. Once you have done enough programming and of course after trying out and reading the docs for a given language or framework, you start to get a sense for what the language's strengths and weaknesses are. They usually are invers...

    Posted to Why Use One Language Over Another?
  • I save a lot of time by using stylus ; )

    Posted to Ask DN: What are your little SASS/LESS time savers?
  • I may be mistaken, but it doesn't appear as if you have revealed any details, or anything at all. I signed up because I love realmac and I love markdown but was also disappointed by the fact that there is absolutely nothing about what this product actually is (other than a markdown editor) an...

    Posted to Typed — Your New Favourite Markdown Editor for Mac, in reply to Nik Fletcher
  • Posted to "For the past 107 days, I've been tracking everything about myself", in reply to Nic Lanzillo
  • Yeah honestly this title is so bad I would almost certainly change it if I were a mod. The article isn't that bad, it's really just a summary of the gigantic email chain that the threes' developers released a while ago, which was interesting. But it's such a desperate linkbait-y t...

    Posted to Design Is Why 2048 Sucks, and Threes Is a Masterpiece, in reply to Jared Comis
  • one fantastic linkbait title you will want to click on

    Posted to 3 fantastic CSS frameworks you won’t want to miss
  • hahah fair callout, i knew the last paragraph was going pretty far with the speculative analysis (and I did note this actually in the comment) but as Drake once said, "yolo", so I just went for it.

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  • Absolutely true Tor - this is happening quickly with all media. As a prime example, Buzzfeed is considered a major media outlet, competition for NYT (they said this themselves!). This is just life, unfortunately. Almost ironically, Anchorman 2 takes a huge stab at this concept by pointing out tha...

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  • So let me get this straight. He is saying that you shouldn't be an "design elitist", then at the end signs off by saying that Yo is a piece of crap and that at least he and Dropbox are solving real problems and will just be scoffing at all the fakers when the "bubble bursts&quo...

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  • He's right. It just sounds dumb saying it was hate mail. It wasn't, it was a cease and desist letter from a lawyer. These are simply two completely different things that are not remotely the same in any way. It's like saying "check out my new ios app!", when it's really ...

    Posted to - my reaction to Tumblr's cease and desist e-mail, in reply to Andy Leverenz
  • I don't understand how this has any upvotes or discussion at all. It seems to be an off-the-cuff context-free rant devoid of any sort of logic or utility. Please don't tell me this is the kind of content we should expect to be seeing on the front page of DN... moderators?

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  • So this is an interesting study, but I wish they would have taken it a little bit further. All they tested was recognition speed, which is not actually 1:1 with cognitive load. You can actually measure cognitive load directly though using Electroencephalography (EEG). An EEG headset like this one...

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  • hahah i have a feeling they wouldnt have posted my original as an example. maybe i should change it back now, buahaha!

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  • Best app ive ever seen +100

    Posted to In light of the Yo app being funded, I created The Nothing App
  • With comments like the one you left above being acceptable, it will be like the next hacker news. No worse, comments that unproductive get downvoted right away on HN, because there are downvotes. I'm sure you are a somewhat intelligent person, so it's not like I need to tell you this, bu...

    Posted to Show DN: Bounce.js – A tool for generating tasty CSS3 animations , in reply to Jaka Smid
  • Yeah I would love that, but I'm afraid Facebook's API doesn't quite give you enough to be a full experience...

    Posted to Path Talk - The New Messenger, in reply to Taurean Bryant
  • If anyone from Bohemian Coding is reading this: 1) You are awesome. Releases like this solidify my decision to go 100% sketch over anything adobe 2) Please, please open source this. You already are releasing the source, so anyone can get it anyway. If you put it on github and promote it as open...

    Posted to Sketchtool - Making A Toolchain, Not Just A Tool
  • Yup, I also got this exact same email. Sent one back asking why he was asking me and where he got my contact info. Not trying to be a dick, but the lack of context was off-putting. If I knew the guy personally I wouldn't be surprised to get an email like this, but as a cold email there needs ...

    Posted to Ask DN: Did anyone else get an email from Invision trying to get upvotes on Designer News
  • Hello to Maxim, if you are here reading! Still hoping for the best with this app : )

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  • This is truly wonderful. Great work building this. I will certainly be using it rather than top, at least on my mac (maybe not servers yet)

    Posted to Vtop — A Terminal Activity Monitor in Node.js
  • I think it's probably a fairly standard Jekyll setup, as he mentioned above. That's not to say that it isn't a great site, but I think probably the source code underneath is nothing surprising : )

    Posted to Site Design: , in reply to Josh Hornby
  • A rare one of those times I wish I could downvote. Stop being a dick. This guy spent a lot of time working on this tool, and the animations on the site are tasteful and very nicely done. I hope a mod deletes this comment.

    Posted to Show DN: Bounce.js – A tool for generating tasty CSS3 animations , in reply to Jaka Smid

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  • This is amazing, I have wanted an app like this for years. I even went so far as to mock up a full design for the marketing page and do some research into building osx menubar apps, but I never really had time to take it on and finish it. I was even thinking of the exact same pricing scheme, hah....

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  • I agree, if I do ever have to uses sass, I use the sass syntax. Mostly use stylus these days though, you can use brackets and semis or not (even intermixed) so a single syntax fits everyone's style. It also interops better with node, since the parser is in javascript. If anyone is interested ...

    Posted to I rarely see frontend devs use pure SASS...why?
  • Hey Luke, sorry for the late response. This is awesome - as a former neuro major, this certainly hits home. I suppose I should have been more careful in my wording when I said "wired". The way our brains are "wired", as I assume this book also points out by reading through the...

    Posted to I Don't Want to Hire Women, in reply to Luke Murphy-Wearmouth
  • This is actually super simple. There's an open source library I work on that will do this for you:

    Posted to This site detects when you are about to close the tab and offers you a deal.
  • Right, what I'm saying is because it has not yet stabilized, this is not a useful service for actually spending money in the real world.

    Posted to Circle : The way money should be, in reply to Casey Britt
  • Not only societal differences, physiological differences. When I said that their brains are literally wired differently, I was quite serious. This is certainly true, and I agree.

    Posted to I Don't Want to Hire Women, in reply to Michael Collins
  • What exact is "the lowest form"? Where did you come up with that term, and how is it defined? I think based on the fact that this entire argument is pure subjective shenanigans, that first paragraph can be dismissed. The second paragraph however does merit a response. I have 2 reaction...

    Posted to I Don't Want to Hire Women, in reply to Adam Michiels
  • If you judge a group of people based solely on your experiences with them you are closed-minded. No, you are a normal human being. Note the giant paragraph in my response above where I talk about how that is how our brains work and what we do. If you are saying that all people are closed-minde...

    Posted to I Don't Want to Hire Women, in reply to Matt Lindley
  • I wish this were actually true, but there is the looming issue that any money you have with them can and will change drastically because of the unstable nature of bitcoin. So if you put in $100 then need to pay someone that tomorrow, you could be down like $80 for no reason other than volatile pr...

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  • Ignoring entirely the sexism/racism debate, the reason that people do this is because it's how our brains work. A huge part of our intelligence as human beings is our ability to recognize patterns. Whether consciously or unconsciously, you are constantly comparing everything that happens to y...

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  • Hah, the path would be for apple to force vector assets and responsive layouts in native apps like is happening on the web rather that basing everything on a media-query-esque model of "1x or 2x", "ipad or iphone". I have to assume as they continue to push more resolutions an...

    Posted to The @3X era , in reply to Tyler Howarth
  • ios and android support svgs fully on the web. I don't understand. And I'd be interested in seeing a draw perf comparison between them, but I can tell you that transfer for svgs is significantly less almost all of the time, since they are gzippable xml files.

    Posted to The @3X era , in reply to Toby Keller
  • Exactly what I was going to say. At the beginning of "responsive design" you could get away with snapping to three sizes, desktop, mobile, and tablet. Now device sizes span everything in between and that's no longer a feasible approach. The same thing is happening with screen resolu...

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  • Chrome isn't bundled with malware as far as I know haha

    Posted to Your desktop: a mess or not a mess?, in reply to Philip Amour
  • Hi guys, so I know this isn't the most design-relevant thing of all time, but I tried to make it pretty, and it can be quite useful for those who have had small forays into programming and ever dealt with file path matching. Feedback welcome <3

    Posted to Globtester: A little tool for testing globstars
  • Yes, but it's like having someone ask you to get coffee, then responding with a lengthy tirade on how you have been following them on twitter and based on the posts you've seen you don't like them so you would never date them. It means you have values and stand for them, sure. But the...

    Posted to Why I won't work for Google, in reply to Vincent Bé
  • Editorially. I mean, I didn't work on it, but I loved it : )

    Posted to Dead products that we loved
  • Yeah there definitely could have been a more humble response. It's also a little embarrassing that he interpreted this as a job offer when in reality it was a chance to get on the phone with a recruiter to discuss a possible interview.

    Posted to Why I won't work for Google, in reply to Jim Silverman
  • Not sure if anyone noticed this, but this is actually written in dart. Sadly, we are not able to see the dart source.

    Posted to Drowning in Problems
  • For their website. When you create a product, you advertise the product, not yourself. Whether or not someone has "claimed" ownership, someone does in fact own the website, and already has some monetization on it. Therefore more people using and talking about it == more likely they will...

    Posted to Code Babes , in reply to Jim Silverman
  • It's called publicity my friend. These kinds of things happen all the time. Everyone here is baiting into it exactly how they want you to. They didn't need to pay a dollar for marketing, they just used hoardes of caremad anti-sexism-in-tech people to do it for them. Really quite smart ac...

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  • I see you there carl <3

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  • A true classic. When did this originally come out?

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  • I feel like this should probably be a clear sign to those working on DN that a good API is in order!

    Posted to Designer News (♥) Statistics, in reply to Artiom Dashinsky
  • Still run the first version of my website: I was pretty stoked about this at the time, I remember. Cufon for fonts, wow such innovation.

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  • It must be noted that physical keyboards are all uppercase even though you type almost always in lowercase. There has to be some reason for this, although I'm not sure what it is...

    Posted to Improving Shift key design on iOS 7 keyboard
  • Certainly will! We're still probably a couple months away from having marketing materials ready, but we will definitely be making a big push when v3 is released. Thanks for the support katie!

    Posted to Front-end framework choice, in reply to Katie Harron
  • Hahah I love how this comment is at -1 points even though that doesn't seem possible for normal users. Good, it deserves it. "Not worth the money" is so absurd of a justification here. Just to continue hitting this same point over and over, you must understand that bohemian coding ...

    Posted to Sketch 3.0, in reply to Martijn Otter
  • They changed a huge amount. I just bought and downloaded it, and it is a massive update. There aren't a lot of shiny new features to flaunt, but almost everything about the interface has been fiddled with and improved, as well as a huge stream of stability increases and bugfixes. $50 for this...

    Posted to Sketch 3.0, in reply to Martijn Otter
  • This is one of those times a downvote would be nice. This is such a great company putting in boatloads of work on a david and goliath mission. I'd pay $50 just to support them continuing work and not even get anything in return. Don't think of just yourself, think of the real people worki...

    Posted to Sketch 3.0, in reply to Martijn Otter
  • At Carrot, we work very heavily on Roots, which is currently under massive amount of development on the next version. We build this because as an agency, we make a huge variety of different entirely custom builds, and need to get them out as quickly as possible. We also want to be able to experi...

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  • One thing I desperately need to know - is there a keyboard shortcut for bumping text size up or down?

    Posted to Sketch Tips
  • I would honestly pay to be in the beta, I need this in my life so badly. Any way we can get bumped in the queue? <3 <3

    Posted to Mailbox for Mac is Coming!, in reply to Updula Lee
  • Oh man this is incredible. What a great find

    Posted to Site Design: Personal Site of Brendan Eich circa 1999
  • Trolling, or do you really have a beta? If so, how did you get access?

    Posted to Shine. Redefined. - Bohemian Coding, in reply to Adam T.
  • I think the correct answer to this question is "because doge", although I do understand that it might not have been the answer you were looking for.

    Posted to Doge2048, in reply to Tim Williams
  • +1, last night's event was awesome and I met many wonderful people. Cheers!

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  • Gotta agree with the sentiment here, it would be absurd for any designer to think otherwise. This seems like writing down common knowledge.

    Posted to Why your brand needs a Vector logo
  • Just because for some reason nobody else has said this in the comments, let me just say that this is awesome. I know we all love whining about first world problems, but let's take a moment to realize the absolutely fantastic job bohemian coding has done in responding this this. As has been no...

    Posted to Sketch *really* is best
  • I love how not a single one of these look anything like bootstrap. I wonder if bootstrap even provided much utility to them, since all the front-end code for these is entirely custom. I mean don't get me wrong, I hate bootstrap and the "bootstrap look", and it's refreshing to s...

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  • Congrats on getting a satire article up here on to the front page! <3 I will now wait for the inevitable wave of bitter haters in the comment section.

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  • Will most certainly be there!

    Posted to NYC Designer News Meetup — March 13
  • Hah, my worst client story was so ridiculous that it somehow got picked up as a Betabeat article, which is still online here: The dude still has no website, and still has not paid me. The $700 that he still owes me seems tr...

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  • Hi Matt!

    Posted to Hello DN: Today's my first day here at LayerVault
  • I love Jason VanLue and have followed him on twitter for quite a while, but I feel like this post is super off-base. I think it argues a point against what seems to be nobody, and makes unfair and unreasonable digs at Jordan, for reasons that are not clear. I think the peak of the argument here ...

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  • This looks excellent, but also very much overpriced to me. There will soon be open source alternatives to this, and hosted solutions that utilize them for much less

    Posted to Deploy from GitHub, Bitbucket or other repositories with one single click
  • The answer they are probably shooting for is ease of setup and use

    Posted to Deploy from GitHub, Bitbucket or other repositories with one single click, in reply to Seán Mongey
  • This is a nice idea and implementation - good work! Only suggestion would be to make the template param a little more flexible. Pointing it to an id it could pull the template text, passing it a precompiled function, it could just render, etc. Certainly not a critical feature, but would be cool!

    Posted to Dug.js — A JSONP to HTML Script
  • Edit: removed

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  • Damn how did you know about the dogescript/long-shadow branch? I thought I hadn't pushed that one to github yet...

    Posted to Carrot: Share Button | Fast, Beautiful, and Painless Social Shares, in reply to Kyle MacDonald
  • This is super interesting Manik. Did you publish these results anywhere? If not, you should.

    Posted to Carrot: Share Button | Fast, Beautiful, and Painless Social Shares, in reply to Manik Rathee
  • This is a great suggestion Luc. I'm not sure that we would be able to get the API access required to pull those numbers, but it's worth investigating. Could you open an issue with this feature request in the github repo for discussion?

    Posted to Carrot: Share Button | Fast, Beautiful, and Painless Social Shares, in reply to Luc Pestille
  • Hi guys, Jeff from Carrot, I'm the lead on this project. Didn't realize it got posted here, but wow, woke up today and it had rocketed up like 300 stars, woah! Happy to answer any questions or discuss any feature requests. I know I've had a lot of people coming to this project that a...

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  • Gotta be honest, looks like a huge step backwards to me. The bolt logo was a very nice simple piece, no reason to get rid of it. And the new logo is too simple. It's just text in a rounded rectangle. I wonder how much they paid this firm to design them text in a rounded rectangle? Not trying ...

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  • Know what they really need here? A slide that says "html, css, and javascript spec implementation that's not broken and matches that of other browsers like chrome, and also auto-updates! because this is a mother effing browser, and the most important goal for us was to actually implement...

    Posted to The new Internet Explorer
  • Same here hah

    Posted to Peek humanizes the calendar for mobile, in reply to Karl Danninger
  • Similar strategy: Mine a lot of every cryptocurrency that comes out. Cash Money Flow. Also applicable: Buy a bunch of every stock that IPOs. Cash Money Flow.

    Posted to How I Lost My $50,000 Twitter Username by Naoki Hiroshima, in reply to JBT >
  • Now I wanna see this with A SINGLE ELEMENT!

    Posted to All CSS office and desk with working analog clock.
  • Looks like ruby to me. The only thing that looked off was latest work experience, which should be formatted as a hash.

    Posted to Site Design: Kalyn Nakano, in reply to James Zhang
  • Awesome work. I hope you're ready for some pull requests : )

    Posted to Show DN: HN Special
  • I would do exactly what I'm doing right now. I am a lucky fellow, and try not to take that for granted.

    Posted to Ask DN: What would you do if money was no object?
  • that's what she said?

    Posted to Fit.js — Fit stuff into things.
  • Note the wording here: without legal merit

    Posted to Update (from H&Co): Tobias is a liar
  • Yup, agree with that. I think we're shooting after the same point (not sure why you say however) -- that while it might be frustrating at first to have to learn difficult concepts that are seemingly unrelated to your goals, they are essential to accomplishing them and it pays off to take the ...

    Posted to Execute iOS, in reply to Jon Gold
  • It turns out all the "junk you don't need to know" are actually important fundamentals of programming that you absolutely need to understand. Building an app is a lengthy and difficult process that requires understanding of a wide range of topics. While I know sometimes it's fru...

    Posted to Execute iOS, in reply to Jake Kwaschnefski
  • BUT you're inevitably skipping all the knowledge required to really learn how to build iOS apps on your own. If you have zero programming experience and watch this video, are you claiming that you would come out being even a novice level iOS dev? I guess things like this bother me because wh...

    Posted to Execute iOS, in reply to Sam Soffes
  • I actually have really enjoyed it. I've come across a couple questions that I could really give a good answer to, and got a lot of good feedback from them when I did. As mentioned there are also a lot of silly questions - probably people picking up the service and trying it out initially, but...

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  • Very impressive - some really great work here. I didn't realize sketch gave IDs to its svg output based on layer names - that's huge.

    Posted to Fast interactive prototyping with Sketch and d3.js
  • Would love to hear more about the javascript it's built on as well. I recall digging into the source quite a while ago and coming across what seemed to be Kelly's work on some sort of in-house framework. Have you guys dropped that now?

    Posted to Ask DN: What is DN built with?, in reply to Ryan LeFevre
  • Another +1 for stripe. Very dev friendly, great APIs

    Posted to Ask DN : What payment system do you use ?, in reply to Seth Jenks
  • Drop the client immediately. Spend the time working on things you enjoy to build your portfolio.

    Posted to How do you handle clients like this?
  • Yeah agreed - I like everything about it except for the lower contrast. I ended up switching my color theme back to tomorrow night after a few minutes. But this is awesome overall - great work : )

    Posted to Show DN: Spacegray — A Hyperminimal UI Theme for Sublime Text, in reply to Christian Bundy
  • Man, look at those long shadows on the social icons...

    Posted to Are You A Trendy Designer?
  • Yep, it's the linux kernel

    Posted to Hacker Typer: How To Look Like Insanely Busy In A Coffee Shop {start typing}, in reply to Justin Jackson
  • As I mentioned rather clearly in my original comment, I also enjoyed the article. What I meant is not that it was content I did not enjoy, simply that it had nothing to do with design and this being designer news, it doesn't exactly make sense to me.

    Posted to iOS Progress Bar with Animated Gradient, in reply to Tyson Soelberg
  • This is a really nice article, but it's very tech heavy. It's focused on the objective C implementation rather than the design. While I enjoyed this, I don't think it belongs on designer news.

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  • can anyone figure out how much these cost?

    Posted to theQ Camera - Shut up and shoot
  • +1, icon slate is the answer you were after

    Posted to Handling Favicons (Retina + Normal, one, the other, or both), in reply to Jim Nielsen
  • node-webkit ftw

    Posted to Next Generation Email, in reply to Suresh Selvaraj
  • Have been using this for months, and it's incredible. Highly recommended.

    Posted to Chrome extension that replaces occurrences of 'the cloud' with 'my butt'
  • This is a good message, but also is not fair at all. Shakespeare only wrote words. On the web we have a huge variety of interactive media, script, photos, videos, etc that take up more space by default. The overall point (optimize your output) is valid, but the way they make the point definitely...

    Posted to Optimise thy output
  • This should be sunk solely based on the linkbait title

    Posted to The Greatest Secret to Productivity That No One is Talking About
  • Nooo the design is so bad! Ugh, I didn't think tapbots would go all the way over, I thought they'd retain some taste : /

    Posted to Tweetbot 3 for iPhone — Tapbots
  • Any word on what is being announced?

    Posted to Apple will live stream today's media event
  • What exactly is the draw of using this over something like backbone?

    Posted to Show DN: hr.js - Build large client-side applications in a structured way
  • Does it go on forever? I got through like 20 or so but it seems like it never ends, hah

    Posted to Name That Blue
  • I wonder how long TJ will be there. Something tells me it won't be too long...

    Posted to Ghost launches to the public, in reply to ben johnston
  • Open source is a massive massive difference. And there are huge numbers of ways that it's very different from medium. In fact the only similarities are that it's a blogging system with a markdown composer.

    Posted to Ghost launches to the public, in reply to Luke Chesser
  • Oh, I guess? I hadn't noticed heavy usage of it in ios, but I believe you. Either way, same conclusion -- in my opinion it is a better icon : )

    Posted to What if you could design a new share icon?, in reply to Marcel Wichmann
  • The icon we use here ( is similar, but rather than jumping straight up like apple's, which is the convention for upload, it goes out to the right. This makes a lot more sense to me, it's like take the content out of this page elsewhere. Arrows up and ...

    Posted to What if you could design a new share icon?, in reply to Thomas Wood
  • Just recently moved on from sparrow to Airmail ( and have been really enjoying it

    Posted to What's your favorite mail client at the moment?
  • Stylus is indeed the best. I've been working on a large helpers/ui library for stylus for a while, that has the best features pulled from compass/bourbon and more: This guy is getting a design overhaul soon, this is just the docs for it.

    Posted to ASK DN: LESS or SASS? (You just have to vote, no need for another explanation ^^), in reply to EJ Fox
  • Also entirely disagree with this. Let me propose an alternate mantra -- do what you like to do. If coding seems interesting to you, try it. If you don't really like it, don't force yourself to continue because of dreams on $100k+ paychecks and billion dollar exits (might as well play the...

    Posted to Why I'm NOT learning to code
  • You have some issues with the responsiveness on this site. While a snarky response involving the title is tempting, i'll restrain myself -- just a heads up. Reproduction: Size window anywhere between 1190 and 1020, scroll right. Screenshot:

    Posted to Why I'm NOT learning to code
  • Alternately, use SVG and it's both vector and renders in browsers (IE8+)

    Posted to
  • +1 for ridiculous copy

    Posted to Hipster as fuck perspectives for your designs.
  • Oh man, couldn't agree more. SVG with PNG fallback for IE8 and below. Who cares if IE8- users have a slightly slower load, they deserve it.

    Posted to Google updated its logo and it's great, but the "L" is so badly hinted my eyes are bleeding, in reply to Kyle Conrad
  • Where's the long shadow analysis? :-P

    Posted to An analysis of design trend data scraped from Dribbble
  • I almost always demand vector assets and suggest sketch, although often designers I work with will use illustrator.

    Posted to What's preventing Sketch from being a Photoshop killer?, in reply to Rhodes Edewor-Thorley
  • hahaha this is probably my favorite comment on DN so far

    Posted to Site Design: Mailchimp Goes With You, in reply to Seth Kasky

    Posted to Browse the interwebz like Jay Z, in reply to Clark Wimberly
  • I feel like this app is NaN't working for me

    Posted to The Faces of Facebook
  • As long as I can keep my good-looking app icons, not have a neon color scheme, and still have actual buttons to click on, flattening things out a bit would be ok by me. But in the past none of these things have been retained in apple's flattening process so I can't say I'm not a littl...

    Posted to The next Mac OS
  • I promise this is not meant to be a shameless plug, but it probably will come across as one so I'll be upfront with that, hah. The share button at the bottom of this post should be replaced by - it's the same general functionality, plus google+ and i...

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  • Single color = icon font Multiple colors = svg

    Posted to ASK DN: Iconserving - SVG or Webfont?
  • I'll always give clients my phone number. I think it's important to have open communication, especially if there's an emergency of some sort I'll want to know about it and get it fixed up asap. If the client is annoying or overbearing, that's a red flag that I probably don'...

    Posted to Provide client with mobile number?
  • Without jumping into the debate on whether it's right or wrong, I just want to comment on the fact that people are absolutely outraged about paying $3 for an app that they probably use all the time. Apps are generally underpriced. $3 is nothing. For an app like tweetbot which I use every sin...

    Posted to Ask DN: Is it right for app developers to charge for updates?
  • It's so crazy to think that now when kids grow up enough to start using the internet, they will find that they have already been on it through their parents since birth. I wonder if this is a good or bad thing. When I started using the internet, I had a blank slate. No photos of me, no accou...

    Posted to Site design: Website for my new born son. =)
  • Edit: Mistake

    Posted to What Drives The Digital Elite?
  • The 4 Dangers of Hiring a Contractor to Build Your House This is a Sponsored Post Despite recent studies that your life will be much better with a house, many people do not have houses. This is in a large part due to the traditionally daunting task of building a house. Here are the four danger...

    Posted to The 4 dangers of hiring a web designer (ad on Venture Beat)
  • Wait, is this a joke? I honestly can't figure it out. A lot of the copy and the concept looks like it's a joke, but there's a real order form...

    Posted to A sketch kit created specifically for web & app designers
  • Whoo! Will be there in NYC

    Posted to DN Meetups Tomorrow: London and NYC
  • I couldn't find any that were quick-loading and looked nice, so I made this: It's open source. You can have it, and if you want to make it better, send in a pull request: <3

    Posted to Good examples of "Share this page" UI
  • Try hovering over the download button and not clicking it. So brilliant

    Posted to Collection of CSS3 and HTML5 experiments by Tim Holman
  • haha i was trying to think of a response to this, then after seeing this realized you have won and i have nothing left to say

    Posted to Should I design for money or passion?, in reply to David Diliberto
  • I'd love to see one of these that doesn't just focus on design, but also touches on feasibility of the design. Would it be worth it to add x feature to the printing? What's easier to print and what's harder? A detailed case study would be infinitely more compelling than a reskin t...

    Posted to Boarding Pass redesign
  • Video ref, because it's so good:

    Posted to Site Design... and not only : Sex is Pure, in reply to Anthony Dines
  • This may not be the ideal place for a project like this since it's not super design-y, but as a developer want just say how awesome this is: super awesome. The integration with marionette is pro as well. Definitely will be using this.

    Posted to Backbone.Modal makes modals awesome
  • Haha and here I am validating him with an upvote. But it was a great read : )

    Posted to Derailed
  • Wow, was about to post that same article then saw it here. Excellent read, highly recommended. Testing and verifying things is valuable sometimes, and to a certain extent, but there's also going over the edge. This is something to be careful about : )

    Posted to Ask DN: How do you argue against designing based solely on metrics?, in reply to Ed Lea
  • This is really fantastic. Twitter's new API restrictions are a huge pain, especially the fact that they are restricting public data. Great work with this, signed up to help, and will definitely be taking advantage : )

    Posted to Twitcher - an easier way to grab data from Twitter
  • If you're going static, github pages is a solid option. It's entirely free and works quite nicely. As a related shameless plug, if you use, you can run a single command to deploy directly to github pages. Personally, I use a single $5 digital ocean box, I can host like 30...

    Posted to Where do you host your site?
  • This is the entire point of ember and other javascript mvcs - a sacrifice in initial load time in exchange for a boost to sequential page loads. It could be even quicker than this if they wanted. You'll notice that when hitting other categories you still get a spinner before the load - they ...

    Posted to Bustle - Made with Ember.js, it's so quick !, in reply to Daniel Spronk
  • I don't get the comic - is there something I missed here that makes it funny? Not trying to be mean, and it's really nice drawing, I just don't see the joke...

    Posted to Comic #1: An Obsessive Responsive Web Designer
  • Ben, just want to let you know that I entirely agree with you, and am shocked by the other angry comments you replied to. There are so many assumptions made that it makes me ill. There's no indications of ego boosting and 'change the word' claims, and clearly giving homeless people so...

    Posted to Designers make signs for homeless people, in reply to B G
  • I think there's another underlying issue here that isn't explicitly discussed -- vendors' willingess to let html5 apps take control. For the companies that make mobile OS's, it's a large advantage to be in total control of both the language that apps for their devices have to ...

    Posted to HTML5 Vs Native App Battle [Infographic]
  • This is a great point - I often say the same thing about copying peoples' work on dribbble. One of my pieces of advice to newer designers is to go on dribbble, find something they really like, and try to clone it, exactly. It's great practice, and in the process you pick up the tricks goo...

    Posted to Dude, I redesigned Facebook!, in reply to Colm Tuite
  • This is awesome, great work Zethus. No need to put breakpoints in there though, just scale them by percent : )

    Posted to DN Mobile site by DN reader Zethus Suen
  • Would it help if I added at the end "If you are one of these people, you should be ashamed of yourself, and actually learn a skill that's relevant to technology and do something good for the world"? If so I'd be happy to add that, but I thought this was kind of the assumed unde...

    Posted to The Startup Scenester, in reply to Nick Stamas
  • Well if you have 2 programmers and a designer working on it for $1mil/year, that's only 5 years of funding!

    Posted to You Tell Me If This Word Processing App Is Worth $15 Million, in reply to Murat Mutlu
  • Beautiful design on this announcement, really elegant and tasteful. Congrats guys!

    Posted to Jet Cooper has been acquired by Shopify
  • That was quite a read! What I took away from it overall is that you thought he was offended because it seemed like I was insulting him and trying to put him down? If so, that's valid - I guess whenever satire is written, the people who it's aimed at are more likely to be offended. At the ...

    Posted to The Startup Scenester, in reply to James Delaney
  • Yeah, I agree. Looking back I shouldn't have bothered to respond to the comments that were just opinion-based hate. I feel like responding to legitimate concerns or questions is a great idea (always good to have an author reply), but getting involved in hate-fests just isn't very producti...

    Posted to The Startup Scenester, in reply to James Delaney
  • I put no words in your mouth other than the ones you said directly in your comments, so I don't understand that comment. Good work providing feedback below, that's a big improvement over the original. Now the last step is not making your feedback in a mean tone. You have nothing against ...

    Posted to Site Design: Martijn Otter's Portfolio, in reply to Ryan Devenish
  • There's no issue. I don't understand why my hater commenter section thinks that there's an issue or an agenda. You caught my point - that there are quite a number of people that are super into startups, found startups all the time, and have zero skills that can be used to make anythin...

    Posted to The Startup Scenester, in reply to Miles O'Keefe
  • I think you are taking this very seriously and defensively, when it was not written as a serious attack on anyone or a way to hurt or boost anyone's ego. It was written as a silly piece that pokes fun at startup culture and startup culture enthusiasts, much like my last piece on long shadow d...

    Posted to The Startup Scenester, in reply to Skyler Vander Molen
  • I'm not denying that you took time to express your opinion against the article, but this comment is kind of pointless. Additional note: This is satire ( It's a style of writing that's been around for a while. Not to be taken too perso...

    Posted to The Startup Scenester, in reply to Skyler Vander Molen
  • I'm surprised this post has 4 upvotes - I feel like this is misguided in every way. This guy just finished building a new portfolio that is honestly well-designed, and is trying to get some feedback from the community, and you accuse him of looking for hits? It's not like he is selling th...

    Posted to Site Design: Martijn Otter's Portfolio, in reply to Ryan Devenish
  • Yeah, site design should be removed here, this is in no way a design exposé

    Posted to Developer excuses
  • I created a small script that takes the pain out of adding "final" to the end of your files, and automates it for you. You should totally use that instead of naming conventions ; ) In a more serious vein, you should honestly never use filenames f...

    Posted to What naming convention do you use?
  • Wow, what an awesome website. Probably the best website ever.

    Posted to Ask DN: Favorite Agency Website?, in reply to Kyle MacDonald
  • Hey if someone who has a shit ton of money and has no idea what they are talking about is going to give me a portion of it to do whatever I want, I'd be cool with that.

    Posted to Does anyone know anyone that actually works at DONDA?
  • I also like the thinner type on the titles, nice touch.

    Posted to Job titles.
  • +1 for the long shadow

    Posted to Pure CSS horse
  • haha this is incredible. never did i imagine something this cool would come out of long shadow design...

    Posted to So I made a quick hack for the long shadow
  • I would like to formally apologize on part of the people that took my post seriously and actually turned this into a bandwagon. I really thought all it would do was get a couple chuckles out of people not turn into a ridiculous thing. That being said, the way I'm personally handling this is ...

    Posted to ASK DN: Anyone tired of seeing long shadows?
  • hah, this is epic. great work!

    Posted to Long Shadow in CSS
  • Calm down gentlemen, it's a joke. There's no need to be serious and angry here.

    Posted to Long Shadow Design, in reply to Victor Erixon
  • The DN logo is one of the examples in my "long shadow design" folder on kippt where I squirrel away all examples of long shadow design hoping to one day get a patent for it or some shit then use it to rule the world. If there is enough demand, I would consider making this folder public...

    Posted to Long Shadow Design, in reply to Allan Grinshtein
  • what is this? i don't understand...

    Posted to Like To Death
  • this website is flash...

    Posted to Quick reference to Flat Colors
  • Oh wow I actually just ran into this issue and solved it in a slightly strange manner, so here's how I handled it. I made a tiny node (express) app that has one single route - /send - that you can POST to. Whatever it gets as data, it iterates through and formats it into a little html block ...

    Posted to How are you guys handling simple web forms on static sites?
  • Gotta agree with everyone else on the responses here. If you are not moving towards compiling your css, you are just missing out on a much faster and more powerful workflow. It's not difficult to install them, and you don't need to have a server-side project to use either. You could say ...

    Posted to CSS3 Proposal: Shade (-/+), in reply to Daniel Haim
  • Dr. Dre

    Posted to Ask DN: What's the best hip-hop music to listen to while designing?
  • yup, sass and stylus both support lighten(red, 10%) - stylus in particular can pull the color of the parent element, so you could runlighten(@color, 10%)` and achieve what you are after right now with no need to wait 10 years even if this was adopted until it had browser support.

    Posted to CSS3 Proposal: Shade (-/+)
  • Really great interaction, really terrible design

    Posted to Ask DN: Sooooo… iOS 7. Thoughts?
  • Make it short and filled with personality. Like, really short. Your work should speak for itself, so no need to talk about that, or other things nobody cares about like what town you grew up in or how old you are. There are two important parts of every person you work with -- their work and their...

    Posted to Ask DN: Anyone have tips for writing a bio?
  • breaking javascript error : /

    Posted to Site Design: Lacoste, Celebrating 80
  • Perhaps a better question would be "what features are you guys think about for the future, and is there any way we can help?"

    Posted to Let's talk about how you can't view past comments, can't search, and how there are no reply notifications
  • I certainly can't speak for the whole team, but I think our general reasoning was that it made it more accessible. Shrinking it down isn't an option, because we have too many to fit horizontally at a reasonable size. Changing it to one of those pancake stack icons and requiring two clicks...

    Posted to Show DN: Carrot Creative, a Brooklyn digital agency , in reply to Nancy Tsang
  • Really nicely written post, great message.

    Posted to On Losing A Mentor
  • I think Benjamin DeCock does a great take on a very apple-esque style that's toned down just slightly enough to be very glossy and attractive, but not overwhelming. Would love to see that direction too: Example: This one I think is a little too devoid of color though....

    Posted to iOS 7 - Speculation
  • I wish I could +1 this comment a thousand times

    Posted to Save For Web Claws - Everyone has one., in reply to Pasquale D'Silva
  • Even better, glacier + arq

    Posted to Ask DN: Which cloud backup service do you use?, in reply to Marc Edwards
  • I don't agree at all here actually. Learning selections and dom manipulation with jquery is totally fine, and help to motivate people with fast results. Sooner or later, you will start running into issues where you need more programming knowledge to be able to solve them, and that's when ...

    Posted to Ask DN: How to get started with Javascript., in reply to Jon Gold
  • Really not meaning to self-promote here, but I know a lot of people running into the same issues, which was a major reason why I did this course: It went super well the first go-around, feel free to get in touch ...

    Posted to Ask DN: How to get started with Javascript.
  • I'm surprised that these are somehow ending up blurry on retina screens even though they are rendered with canvas paths... but either way looks great!

    Posted to Open source animated weather icons
  • I have a class that I spent quite a while on going over every aspect of javascript from beginning programming to advanced async issues - I offered a 98% discount for a day or two to designer news reader a month or two ago via this site: The discount is out now, but the c...

    Posted to Ask DN: The best Javascript books & tips for beginners
  • Nodejitsu, command line deploys at $3/month or less. DigitalOcean is a solid choice though if you can nail the server setup and deploy process!

    Posted to ASK DN: Which webhost do you use?

    Posted to Chrome Maze
  • A lot of strong negative comments here in this comments on-site, and I think it's because of the tone of the article. As Dan stated himself in a response, this is purely his opinion and it's totally fair to write and express it, and if people can debate it and/or convince him otherwise, a...

    Posted to “User Experience”
  • I was a TA for the first iteration of this course - if anyone wants to hear more about the course or needs help with something, feel free to ping me.

    Posted to One Month Rails - Don't sit around, be an entrepreneur

    Posted to Ask DN: Favorite design talent., in reply to Mike Moloney

    Posted to Ask DN: Favorite design talent.
  • Really great post Sacha, exactly what I've been thinking about this issue. The best you can do if someone copies you and you don't like it is rationally and politely ask them to take it down. If they do, awesome. If they don't move on and don't worry about it - copies are hardly e...

    Posted to Flattery
  • indeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

    Posted to Ask DN: How about Designer News notifications ?, in reply to Sam Saccone
  • Not super far back, but this was the first ever version of my personal site. I remember being so stoked about it when I released it, pretty embarassing now. Probably 4+ years old:

    Posted to Show DN Your Decade-Old Designs!
  • Wait I can't tell if this is serious or if it's a troll. It is hosted at, so I guess it must be serious? Am I the only one that thinks this is entirely absurd?

    Posted to Bootstrap 3 Preview: Flat UI design and mobile first approach
  • This is so great, but so sad! It's brilliant how all the elements point to a disney-esque happy ending - the fanciful illustration, the mythical characters in the story, the grandiose heroic gesture, then boom, a slap in the face from real life at the end. I'm also split on how to interp...

    Posted to The Loneliest Unicorn
  • what the eff?

    Posted to Neutraface pronunciation, in reply to Cesar Miguelañez
  • Yeah you're right for sure. I just don't think that's a difficult question to answer compared to the whole copying debate. I guess my answer would be yes, there is. Showing a design and offering a psd download is open source design. Twitter bootstrap is open source design. Just desig...

    Posted to Ask DN: Open source design, in reply to Chris Rodemeyer
  • Because of my development background, I'm going to think through how code reacts to these situations, then apply them to design. Here we go: First, it's interesting to think about when code is "steal-able" or not. All html, css, and javascript on the web is inherently steal-abl...

    Posted to Ask DN: Open source design
  • I agree and disagree with this in different ways. In one way, what he's saying about people declaring opinion as fact is valid. Everyone has and is entitled to their own opinion, and if someone else declares something correct in an absolute sense, it's bullshit, sure. On the other hand, ...

    Posted to Your Dogma is Bullshit
  • Will definitely be there. Possibly with a black tie.

    Posted to Designer News NY Meet-up
  • Shay Howe's guides are among the best ways I've seen. Otherwise, take on freelance work outside of your job and actually build! There's nothing better for learning than doing.

    Posted to Best way to update HTML/CSS skills?, in reply to Oskar Rough
  • Whenever I'm at a hackathon and someone comes up with a video camera, I pull up and start going ape shit on my keyboard. Maybe someday I'll be famous.

    Posted to Anyone can be a hacker.
  • I pulled the source out already and made a number of edits and fixes. Notably, figured out how to get the comments at the right width, made the up and down vote arrows look right, smoothed the font and replaced helvetica with a nicer-looking alternative from google webfonts, etc. Here's a sc...

    Posted to HipsterNews - DesignerNews theme for HackerNews, in reply to Jeff Escalante
  • This is so awesome. Please oh please add -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased to the body - this would be enough for me to rely on it. Also, have you considered open-sourcing it? I'd send this as a pull request happily : )

    Posted to HipsterNews - DesignerNews theme for HackerNews, in reply to Matt Milosavljevic
  • This is immediately massive amounts better. Open up in a new tab, look at it, then look back at this version. The first thing I thought was "yahoo should fire their entire design team and replace them with this guy". It seems so silly that such a large and well-established co...

    Posted to The Yahoo! Redesign, Reconstructed
  • I am an engineer and this is not true. The more code knowledge a designer has, the more efficient their designs become, and the more I want to work with them. I'm not saying I want to see anyone producing crappy apps and shipping them -- the basic knowledge of how things work behind the scene...

    Posted to Learning Rails made me a better designer, in reply to Shawn Borsky
  • Man, I've been preaching this for months and none of my articles ever picked up. Ah well... But because this annoyed me so much and because I wanted nice-looking components that were customizable, I made this: - this is been a great solution for me. I get nice looking de...

    Posted to Please stop using Twitter Bootstrap, in reply to Manik Rathee
  • Oh look, it's a clone of fantastical...

    Posted to Sunrise for iPhone is out
  • To be fair, it would not be too difficult to make a similar store for web apps. The chrome webstore is a good example - everything in there is web-based, some of the apps are paid, and it works. What I think is the real underlying issue is that not only is making web apps more powerful not a pri...

    Posted to Native Mobile Apps are the New Flash, in reply to Jake Lazaroff
  • This works so well on designer news specifically

    Posted to Harlem Shake your site
  • this might be the best website i've ever seen

    Posted to I Love You Like a Fat Lady Loves Apples .com
  • Ironically, he's got the parallax scrolling effects on his portfolio. But real talk, he does it well and agreed that it's a really nice portfolio

    Posted to Site design: Oyyo, in reply to Eric Boyer
  • Just wanna see how my avatar looks! Love this idea : )

    Posted to What's new: Profile editing, Tiny avatars, "Site design" badge, and 15 more invites
  • On a second examination, it looks like it was actually posted here first!

    Posted to Realtime Responsive Typography Based on Viewing Distance, in reply to Jeff Escalante
  • How many of us here already read hacker news? Just curious - I feel like it's probably a pretty large proportion, and I'm hoping DN doesn't become full of cross-posts... But then again this can totally be argued against in many ways. Just figured I'd open up the discussion

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  • Really really excellent article. Somewhat deceptively, it's not even about design at all -- it's about life. And it's some really good advice about life too.

    Posted to All Kinds of Awesome
  • Seconded on kippt - an absolute essential for me. Works so so nicely - it's like an extension on regular bookmarks where they are stored in the cloud, easily sorted into lists, have descriptions and tags, are quickly searchable, and you can have collaborative lists with other people.

    Posted to Ask DN: How to save links & urls?, in reply to Miguel Amaral
  • Created in one day, demoed at the fashion hackathon in NYC ( - I know the load is a little slow, but we're working on it!

    Posted to
  • I can attest to this - been using little ipsum for a long time and it's absolutely incredible. Any other lipsum generator was dropped long ago for the speed and ease of this one.

    Posted to The best Latin text generator for OS X. Incredibly quick and lightweight and free.
  • Related:

    Posted to Pixels don't care
  • I hate to be That Guy™, but CONTRAST!! My fix: Header text: rgb(30, 34, 41) Body text: rgb(106, 110, 116)

    Posted to Forms and Inputs
  • is my favorite. ports for less, sass, and stylus, simple, responsive, works nicely.

    Posted to What the best CSS Grid today?
  • Wow, really well written and fantastic points. Well done.

    Posted to Flatliners
  • The best way to handle this issue is to actually check and see what's been crashing it and slowing it down, which is easy to do using the tools on your mac. You can see how your memory is doing using the activity monitor - if it looks like it's always full, a memory upgrade might be the ...

    Posted to Ask DN: What is the best and most cost-effective computer setup?
  • I like the concept, but it has certainly been done. I know wordpress is heavy, but lighter and prettier options like tumblr and medium are still out there. Or you can use a wordpress theme focused on text. I don't exactly see anything this would offer that other services don't have, alth...

    Posted to Social Network For Thoughts
  • Whoo, hit 100! Code should no longer work, but you can still get in for 20 dolla ; )

    Posted to I <3 This Community, in reply to Jeff Escalante
  • 15 spots left! So excited to have had so many people register!

    Posted to I <3 This Community
  • Hey guys, Any feedback very much appreciated! Feel free to share the discount code, but let's give the DN community a day or so to pick up on it first : )

    Posted to I <3 This Community
  • Ah, awesome idea. Are there a lot of NYC people here too? I'd love to put together a NYC one if there's interest : )

    Posted to DN Meetup - San Francisco - Thursday, 1/17 @ 8pm
  • Yeah, does anyone know what this actually is? Like Daniel, the first thing I thought was 'dribbble clone', but I don't see how this would be work, as people don't really have an issue with dribbble as it is, as far as I know...

    Posted to Dunked
  • Great looking site - my only issue is that I have no idea what it is and no opportunity for a demo. The only option I'm presented is to sign up, which I don't want to do -- I just want to see it and understand what it does. Although reluctantly, my relationship with this service ended w...

    Posted to Flatsies – a free design & mockup sharing app
  • Agreed, Matt. It struck me as confusing and negating his own point with no further explanation.

    Posted to Great Design is Great Writing, in reply to Matt Kelsh
  • This is still an opinion. Some writers strive very hard to cut out any word that isn't 'strictly necessary' (Hemingway for example), but are not universally considered better writers. They just use a particular style, which some people like and others don't. There are plenty of w...

    Posted to Great Design is Great Writing, in reply to Kelly Sutton
  • The article is great overall, and I think the point makes sense. But it falls flat (no pun intended) for me at this sentence: 'Gloss and “lickability” are the siblings to colloquialisms and weak writing' This is judgmental and false. Don't get me wrong, I like flat design a lot, I t...

    Posted to Great Design is Great Writing
  • +1 for this one

    Posted to Ask DN: What startups have the best branding?, in reply to Keenan Cummings
  • Even better:

    Posted to OS X Wide Eyedropper Tool
  • Same here. Every time it came on I disabled it until it eventually was uninstalled

    Posted to F.lux - Better lighting for your computer, in reply to Taurean Bryant
  • haha i read that as "bruno mars" and was like wtf?

    Posted to Ask DN: Most inspiring design books?, in reply to Dan Matutina
  • It's tomorrow night for sure. I use the standard rather than eighties, but there's no question that tomorrow night is the best : )

    Posted to Ask DN: What's the best Sublime Text color scheme?, in reply to Kuldar Kalvik
  • This gets an upvote just for the fact that it is.

    Posted to MySpace After Five Bourbons
  • haha that's what i was about to say - what actual purpose does it serve?

    Posted to Peel - Super Thin iPhone 5 Cases, in reply to Kelly Sutton
  • Little ipsum is THE best. I use it all the time. Huge thanks to the developers of this, so amazing.

    Posted to Little Ipsum
  • So awesome - I can't believe nobody thought of this till now!

    Posted to Visualize SASS color functions
  • I feel like calling them "unsolicited and uniformed" is a little overboard. If you "redesign" any site, unless the redesign is live on that site, of course it's unsolicited. And uninformed is just ridiculous. Who cares if facebook was informed? Maybe they were informed - a...

    Posted to Unsolicited, Uninformed Redesigns
  • Even after reading the whole post, I think this is poorly written and I don't agree. The first issue is the tone. Who f-ing cares? A shit ton of people care, a lot, and it's disrespectful to blow them off like that. Second, it's inaccurate. What the article is really saying is that ...

    Posted to Perfect Pixel Design? Who f-ing cares.
  • +1 for the lulz

    Posted to Pentagram redesigns NYC’s parking signs so that they actually make sense, in reply to Allan Grinshtein
  • Great post Allan - super useful : )

    Posted to The Ultimate Email CSS Support Guide
  • +1 for an API

    Posted to Feature Requests: Let's talk about Designer News., in reply to Falko Joseph
  • Note that browser support is still spotty for this practice, so make sure to test just one or two in your target browsers (foreground and background images) before you start converting them all.

    Posted to Progressive jpegs: A new best practice
  • haha yesss

    Posted to Instant error pages, in reply to Allan Grinshtein
  • Pull the source apart - there are some awesome javascript and css tricks. Great inspiration and guide if you're looking to do a mobile web app

    Posted to Sun 2.0, in reply to Alex Baldwin

    Posted to Instant error pages, in reply to Allan Grinshtein
  • Really fantastic article, as is the usual with Alex. Long, but read it all : )

    Posted to All you need to know about CSS Transitions
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