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  • Good woah, or bad woah? We'll always be trying to push that number down without compromising quality or price :)

    Posted to Lumi Custom Corrugated Boxes, in reply to Jonathan Richard
  • Neat! Thanks for the feedback. The wax seals definitely provide a premium look, seems like it could be a good fit for you :)

    Posted to Lumi Custom Corrugated Boxes, in reply to Malik Khan
  • We've been hard at work adding more custom products to Lumi. This is a big one. People have been requesting boxes since we launched a year ago. I'd love to hear your feedback on them! Also try the editor:

    Posted to Lumi Custom Corrugated Boxes
  • I love this. Can't stop playing with it!

    Posted to Show DN: MONO MONO Site Design
  • Everything on is 15% off with DESIGNERNEWS15 Rubber stamps, embossers, vinyl lettering... Lots of neat stuff for your brand or if you're making your own holiday cards.

    Posted to 2015 Black Friday design deals
  • Thanks, I appreciate your responsiveness on this.

    Posted to Show DN: Stamps & Sons, in reply to Jesse Campbell
  • Not similar legal terms. Word for word plagiarizing of sales copy and FAQ materials I wrote. The example I quoted happens to be somewhat legal in nature, but that isn't any less damning.

    Posted to Show DN: Stamps & Sons, in reply to Jim Silverman
  • I've been a fan and paying customer of various Metalab/Pixel Union endeavors for years. I think of y'all as good guys in the industry. There's room to be creative here. I know you guys can do better. Thank you.

    Posted to Show DN: Stamps & Sons, in reply to Jesse Campbell
  • Litigation ain't my thing, but when I see words I wrote literally copy/pasted, it makes my blood boil. It's just lazy. I hope I can appeal to your sense of self-respect and not have to take it any further than that.

    Posted to Show DN: Stamps & Sons, in reply to Jesse Campbell
  • Interesting! I certainly agree with your thesis, although it would have been nice if some of your UI/wording was not lazily lifted from Competition should make our industry better and more honest. There's definitely room for you to build this product with a modicum of respect and o...

    Posted to Show DN: Stamps & Sons
  • This was super ridiculously fun to make. Adam Lisagor has been my office mate for several years. Glad I was in the right place at the right time to be a part of it. (I'm the bald guy in the Lumi one)

    Posted to Computer Show, a technology talk show set in 1983.
  • The quote that summed it up for me is near the end of the video: "Some of the features students designed that are really nice are also very subtle... We're trying to figure out how to get those very subtle behavior changes come across." Between the prophetic title of the project an...

    Posted to IKEA x IDEO 2025 Concept Kitchen
  • Thanks Spencer! You should join our early-access group. We're definitely discussing self-inking as an idea ;)

    Posted to Lumi — start making stamps, silkscreens and decals in ten seconds flat, in reply to Spencer Holtaway
  • You are 100% correct. We mentioned the issue in the postscript to our announcement, but I admit I would have liked the transition to be smoother. Firstly, we're moving from to our newly acquired domain, and dealing with all the re-routing and SEO complexities that entails. ...

    Posted to Lumi — start making stamps, silkscreens and decals in ten seconds flat, in reply to Jeremy Treuden
  • Interesting! We've priced things fairly aggressively based on what these things cost here in Los Angeles, but I would be curious to chat more with you about this. Can you email me directly at I would love to hear what you're expecting to pay for these different categorie...

    Posted to Lumi — start making stamps, silkscreens and decals in ten seconds flat, in reply to Josh Hodges
  • Yes. We got our start via Kickstarter, developing a photo printing process called Inkodye. The new site is all about expanding into vector-based designs and surfaces other than fabric. We're really excited about it :)

    Posted to Lumi — start making stamps, silkscreens and decals in ten seconds flat, in reply to Connie Chan
  • Hey Mikael thanks for the feedback. We're still perfecting the import process. Our goal is to make it possible for your design to be made across a wide variety of manufacturing techniques. Have you looked at the formatting guidelines? You may need to make some minor tweaks or expand your artw...

    Posted to Lumi — start making stamps, silkscreens and decals in ten seconds flat, in reply to Mikael Blædel
  • Co-founder of Lumi here. You might know us from Inkodye, the photo-sensitive fabric dyes. We're expanding to help you print on all kinds of surfaces, including paper, wood, metal, plastic, glass, etc. We had a lot of fun designing this site around SVG and React. Let me know what you think. W...

    Posted to Lumi — start making stamps, silkscreens and decals in ten seconds flat
  • Shameless plug: all Lumi supplies/kits are 20% off.

    Posted to Black Friday Deals
  • Lumi — Front-end designer and graphic designer. Full-time in Los Angeles Work on new printing tools and apps that make it possible for anyone to print on any item or surface.

    Posted to Ask DN: Who is hiring? (November 2014)
  • If it helps, our use case is ordering custom designs made via our app, along with static products from our store. If you take a look at our current checkout flow, you'll see why it becomes useful to display line item properties, especially as you add several custom designs to your cart.

    Posted to Shopify Responsive Checkout, in reply to Kevin Clark
  • Thanks for all the hard work on this. As a Shopify Unlimited customer since 2011, it's something that I've looked forward to for a long time. My only question: is it possible to further customize the order summary with line item properties? If not, is it something you're considering a...

    Posted to Shopify Responsive Checkout, in reply to Kevin Clark
  • In an age of such rapid innovation in UI do you think web/app design can aim to be timeless? Will anyone be remembered as the Shakespeare of apps? If Facebook is still around in 100 years, how will your grandchildren relate to what you were making today?

    Posted to AMA: I'm Julie Zhuo, director of product design @ Facebook
  • Oof.

    Posted to The great RGB guessing challenge
  • I would love to hear more of your thoughts on how it could be even easier? Printing one-off and small runs easily is what we're all about. By the way, the negatives can be ordered with your design via our app, no need to print them yourself.

    Posted to Lumi 3.0: The easiest way to print your own T-shirts, in reply to ChrisArchitec t
  • I don't think it's safe to put "websites" under one category. Yes, it's true that many websites are simple and could benefit from clearer navigation. I'm not a proponent of the hamburger. However, there are also websites which are incredibly complex, and should be. A lot...

    Posted to Apple on Hamburger Menus, in reply to Kurt Jarchow
  • Big update to our iOS app. Would love your feedback!

    Posted to Lumi 3.0: The easiest way to print your own T-shirts
  • Apps and websites have to be thought of differently in this context. On iOS, the bottom navigation behaves like tabs: instantaneously switching between functional modes or views. Websites like have a different purpose. They're informational, and have a broader and deeper hierarchy ...

    Posted to Apple on Hamburger Menus, in reply to Kurt Jarchow
  • Boom.

    Posted to My collection of the 10 Best DN Profile Backgrounds (Part 2)
  • Because they can. Seriously though, that's the reason. The iPhone has become so iconic that a silhouette is enough to convey the content. I'm sure the cost savings also contributed to cementing that decision.

    Posted to iPhone 6/6 Plus Blank Box
  • I have a thing for panorama format notebooks. I've been using this 5x12" Copic notebook for the past four years. It's a very simple spiral-bound notebook. I like that it lays flat and the paper is a thick stock that is feels sturdier and more opaque than most.

    Posted to Ask DN: Designers, what is your sketch book of choice?
  • Edgemade: (Disclaimer: I host it)

    Posted to A list of highly recommended design podcasts
  • Three week view is where I live. For me a calendar is DOA without it.

    Posted to Sunrise for Mac
  • This. Design is a 'plan' or as Will said, a process. Art is an outcome. The result of a design process can be judged by how well it accomplishes its purpose. There are objective, measurable criteria for success, such as efficacy, accessibility, revenue, engagement, productivity, etc. A...

    Posted to Art vs. Design. Discuss..., in reply to Sri Kadimisetty
  • So glad to see the Craft love here on DN. I've been playing with it for a few weeks and it's amazing. It now powers both of my big projects: and I have never seen a CMS that is so competent at providing excellent flexibility on the backend AND excelle...

    Posted to Ask DN: Wordpress vs. Craft CMS
  • Seems like a great feature. I'm curious to see how well it works in situations where the subject is not as clearly defined or the scene has more than a simple foreground/background. Can anyone with an Android phone post more samples? I'd love to have finer control even if the algorithm r...

    Posted to 'Bokeh' in the new Google Camera app
  • Beautiful! Any chance you'd make a variation for Solarized Dark?

    Posted to Show DN: Spacegray — A Hyperminimal UI Theme for Sublime Text
  • Lovely layouts but seriously, this is just a flash site without flash. These animations are a fun tech demo, but super distracting and make each page considerably slower to read.

    Posted to Site Design: Hello Monday
  • That means a lot, thank you! I have some work to do on my hosting skills, but stick with it, I promise it will keep improving.

    Posted to Show DN: Edgemade, a podcast about making hardware and physical products., in reply to Matt Baxter
  • I started a new show about taking physical products to market called "You Can't Eat Bits for Breakfast". We're up to episode 3 and I'm still warming up, but I have a number of exciting guests lined up and would love your feedback!

    Posted to Show DN: Edgemade, a podcast about making hardware and physical products.
  • Good to see you here! I remember working with you on that little Android and Me contest -- it really helped. It feels like such a long time ago. Just tried Insurance Zebra, it looks great.

    Posted to Print your own t-shirt kit that makes it easy., in reply to Clark Wimberly
  • What a nice surprise! By the way, we're hiring designers (identity/packaging) and software engineers (frontend & backend): or email me

    Posted to Print your own t-shirt kit that makes it easy.
  • They did it right.

    Posted to H&FJ Webfonts Released
  • I agree, it's shallow to think that under Ive all we'll see is a reskin. A visual update along the lines of OSX's evolving window styles might be part of it, and perhaps the first step, but I would guess that by iOS8 we'll see big new ideas that make the OS even more intuitive. i...

    Posted to Jony Ive is not a Graphic Designer
  • I was at the graduation ceremony too. Rams expanded on his 10 rules with an idea he called the "Five Dimensions of Design". The part that caught my ear was his perspective on business and entrepreneurship. Rams' point being that great industrial design happens in the context of busi...

    Posted to My Lunch with Dieter Rams
  • Paradigm seems like a strong word, but it's a neat UI element that makes sense for applications that have a single primary usage (e.g. checking in). It's been interesting to see many apps switch over to the drawer-style navigation model, which in my opinion makes discovery much more confu...

    Posted to Floating buttons - the new UI paradigm
  • This is fun! I haven't seen LayerVault in action, this is a great demo. I can't believe you design for the web in Photoshop though. That's crazy.

    Posted to Let's try this: I'm working on Designer News.
  • Keyshot is amazing, I've used it quite a bit in my industrial design work. The way it handles lighting out of the box is pretty spectacular. You used to have to be an expert in three different programs with a bunch of custom plugins to make a realistic rendering, now it's just a matter of...

    Posted to Hyper-Realistic CGI Is Killing Photographers, Thrilling Product Designers
  • I go custom 90% of the time, but use icon sets for a lot of my inspiration. If you're trying to build a brand with a distinct visual style I think it's important to own your icons, if you aren't icon sets are super valuable and well worth the money.

    Posted to Ask DN: Do you create icons or use icon sets?
  • Yep been using this one to clean up PNGs for some time. Actually it dramatically helps with reverse compatibility on transparent PNGs on IE.

    Posted to Ask DN: What tools do you use to save images for web?, in reply to Dennis Kramer
  • This is where cross-pollination shines. I feel like we beat each other over the head with the 10,000 hour thing, but if an illustrator can learn how to make a great app for iOS, I think we should all consider what secondary or tertiary skills we can learn.

    Posted to The New Yorker: The Story of Christopher Niemann's App
  • The New Disruptors is my favorite new podcast:

    Posted to Ask DN: Podcasts
  • Love it.

    Posted to What's new: Profile editing, Tiny avatars, "Site design" badge, and 15 more invites
  • All kinds of paper and cardboard, x-acto knives, rulers, glue, tape, markers and lead holders, hole punches, various grade of foam, whiteboard. Lots of books, material swatches, physical objects and examples of good/inspirational design. I'm a big fan of printing things out, even UI and messi...

    Posted to Ask DN: What's your process like?, in reply to Allan Grinshtein
  • I could write a book about process. In the interest of time, one nugget that I always share with the team is my bipolar approach. My studio is broken up into two spaces: digital and analog. We do industrial design, packaging, UI, web design, but at one point or another, all projects use both part...

    Posted to Ask DN: What's your process like?

    Posted to Ask DN: What designers to follow on Twitter?
  • For me the keys to design are cross-pollination, observation and curiosity. Inspiration comes from becoming very good at keeping several problems on the back of my mind, and actively being aware that anything I'm looking at, whether I'm walking down the street, using an everyday object, w...

    Posted to Where do you find inspiration?
  • I love the simplicity. I'll add my +1 on more detailed profile pages and searching.

    Posted to Feature Requests: Let's talk about Designer News.
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