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  • Looks like they've taken a bit too much inspiration from Airbnb without questioning :p why not give it some more character of it's own?

    Posted to Show DN: the Hitch
  • My Surface Pro 3 is my Windows PC. It's pen is quite useful at some times for sketching. I've been using it quite a lot recently. Runs Photoshop, 3ds Max etc. like a charm and plugging it into a monitor makes it really flexible. For design you're better off with a Mac though. Windows...

    Posted to Ask DN: What's a good PC for designers?
  • Hahaha those comments

    Posted to Google Acquires CodePen
  • Technically Facebook made this. This is a webkit wrapper. Still cool tho. I'll try it out :D

    Posted to Your desktop client for Facebook Messenger, in reply to Spencer Holtaway
  • No brainer. This is great!

    Posted to Pay it Forward Bundle

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