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  • Posted to 3D Comic Strip, Feb 21, 2017

    This is pretty amazing. Would love to see it taken further.

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  • Posted to Check out the "comments" on this PH product, Feb 18, 2017

    Sorry in advance for the lack of "designer news". I just came across this and didn't really know where else to post, but wanted to discuss. 16 glowing reviews on this product posted by "GaryVee" yet all of them have one single upvote, Platejoy. I really don't like when companies do that. Artificial reviews are the worst way to sell something. You're basically tricking the user into signing up.

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  • Posted to Twitter replaces the Moments tab with Explore, Jan 27, 2017

    Wait, did we not used to have that? Oh, no... That was Discover. Hopefully Twitter can pull through soon, they've spent the last 2/3 years going back and forth.

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  • Posted to Website Design Services India, Jan 20, 2017

    Spam alert -.-

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  • Posted to Podcast suggestions, in reply to Nick Ciliak , Jan 19, 2017

    I agree but Reply All takes the biscuit. Shame about Mystery Show.

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  • Posted to Slack's homepage redesigned, Jan 11, 2017

    Interesting direction. Personally, I feel like Slack is great for communicating ideas with colleagues but lacks when it comes to organising and task management.

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  • Posted to Westworld UI - A Supercut, Dec 15, 2016

    Touch areas in some of the UI is waaay too small, even for robots ;)

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  • Posted to Spark Mail for macOS is Here, in reply to Jonathan Simcoe , Dec 01, 2016

    That does seem like it might be the end game.

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  • Posted to Dear Microsoft, Nov 02, 2016

    Did I miss something? Why are Slack taking this kind of tone?

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  • Posted to Twitter announces it will discontinue Vine, Oct 27, 2016

    Rus Yusupov - one of the three co-founders of Vine - tweeted: "Don't sell your company!"

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