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  • Posted to Craft Prototyping now available in Sketch, in reply to Andrew Conn , May 19, 2017

    I'm assuming the key is to reduce friction. Faster creation of prototypes means faster feedback cycles and better products. I think we're just in a bit of an awkward phase where multiple products are a bit Frankensteined together in the search for a better tool that covers the whole workflow. This way of working essentially includes a desktop app (Sketch), a plugin manager (Craft), Sketch plugins (Sync), a web-site (InVision) and optionally an app (InVision app). It definitely works, but it doesn't quite yet cover the various needs of diverse design teams, and it could be a bit more elegant overall. Hopefully that's just a matter of time. I'm curious what your needs are in a big organization like Salesforce...

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  • Posted to Craft Prototyping now available in Sketch, May 19, 2017

    Very cool to see this progress. One request would be to please find a way to include rendering of the arrows when exporting slices. That would allow for saving PNGs of whole user flows, in addition to having the prototype. Thanks for all the hard work on this stuff.

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  • Posted to Changes to Design Inc, May 11, 2017

    Surprising to see such an immediate shutdown since they had just launched in January, without having a plan for what's next. Their work seems well executed, and the team passionate about building something cool. Here's to hoping their next project will flourish into something meaningful (and sustainable).

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  • Posted to How Intercom brings play into their design process, in reply to Stewart Scott-Curran , May 04, 2017

    You guys are cute ;)

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  • Posted to The New YouTube, May 03, 2017

    Curious if others have the same issue, but my problem with YouTube is not the visual design, it's the navigation. Recommendations just never seem relevant, search results don't seem to bubble up the best results, and even just seeing a list of the latest videos of a channel requires more clicks than it should. Anyone else having this experience?

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  • Posted to What kind of app for organising images, screenshots, bookmarks do you use?, Apr 20, 2017

    I use my own site Wookmark. Started building it years ago. To be honest, it still has a long way to go (e.g. screenshot functionality, better collaboration, Sketch plugin), but it works great for me and I'm continuously improving it. If you end up taking a look, would love to get your feedback.

    For anybody interested in importing their Ffffound accounts to Wookmark, just create a Wookmark account (20$/year) and reply with your account info. I have an import script that works great (just imported a Ffffound account with 5000 images earlier this week).

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  • Posted to Paste by FiftyThree — Review Work with Your Slack Team, Apr 12, 2017

    Looks interesting, but the landing page is too sparse to get a good idea of what it does. Could not find a blog post or even Tweet about it. Is this an internal tool? Or a small side project?

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  • Posted to Shantell Martin - by Anton & Irene, in reply to Mike Heitzke , Mar 16, 2017

    All good. We should also find out who developed it and give that credit. Would be amazing to always have insight into who designs and builds all the great work that's shown here on DN.

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  • Posted to Shantell Martin - by Anton & Irene, Mar 16, 2017

    Designed by Anton & Irene.

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  • Posted to Update me on my front end workflow, Nov 29, 2016

    Make sure you actually need all those new shiny tools. Many of these things are industry-grade tools for big companies like Facebook, Pinterest, etc that have tons of developers and highly complex services. Most websites and smaller teams don't need all of this and you can happily live with something technically simpler. No need for a professional kitchen when all you're making is a sandwich.

    CodeKit has made my life much easier working with things like SASS, Jade, JS, etc. They have a great video section with lots of tutorials.

    I'd just start with one thing at a time. Maybe just build a static page in Jade and SASS and use a build tool of your choice (or CodeKit) and become comfortable in those. Then pick up some JS library you are interested in and just focus on that. You could very easily lose yourself in all this new tooling, so I'd be very strategic about what you learn and how much time you invest.

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