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  • Posted to Behance community has serious problems, Jul 02, 2017

    They might as well shut down the comments section, or at least collapse it by default. Really nothing to be gained in there. Alternatively, they could just add some basic comment validation. E.g. if a user wants to post "Good work, check out my profile", show them a tip/warning how to write comments that are more useful to the community. If they still post it, have it collapsed by default. With a little bit of machine learning, this should be easy to do. A third option would be to make comments more useful by allowing to annotate specific parts of an image, send availability/fee inquiries, etc. Really anything but a blank field to enter text would be better at this point. Really just a matter of putting the effort in.

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  • Posted to Does anyone else become infuriated when they visit , Jun 29, 2017

    Some things just don't change. Forbes will always have this stupid quote when you visit that's really just a reason to show you an ad, and LinkedIn will forever ask you to sync your contacts and email on every visit to make more irrelevant recommendations (must have declined it 100 times by now). Those things are probably so deeply meshed into those companies that nobody dares to touch them.

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  • Posted to User Research tips?, Jun 14, 2017

    My college professor had a framework she called "Say, do, make". Listen to what they say (via an interview), look at what they do (observe them completing tasks), and give them the opportunity to somehow express how they would improve it (what they would "make"). Those three angles can give you well-rounded understanding of the constraints.

    Also agree with the other comments about coming up with problem statements and hypotheses to validate.

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  • Posted to Designer to iOS developer - Where to get started?, Jun 14, 2017

    If you are completely new to coding, maybe consider working through Swift Playgrounds. It's an educational iPad by Apple for teaching kids to code. Might look like a toy at first, but it's a solid step-by-step, hands-on way to learn coding without the overwhelming experience of a professional grade coding environments like XCode, or the intense learning curve of getting started with React Native. It uses Swift, so it could be a good starting point for building apps. If you already have coding experience, this may be too top-level for you.

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  • Posted to The All New Skype, Jun 01, 2017

    Good to see they are changing things up. Skype has felt stale for a long time with the only thing going for itself being it's reliability. Let's hope this breathes some fresh air into it.

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  • Posted to Craft Prototyping now available in Sketch, in reply to Andrew Conn , May 19, 2017

    I'm assuming the key is to reduce friction. Faster creation of prototypes means faster feedback cycles and better products. I think we're just in a bit of an awkward phase where multiple products are a bit Frankensteined together in the search for a better tool that covers the whole workflow. This way of working essentially includes a desktop app (Sketch), a plugin manager (Craft), Sketch plugins (Sync), a web-site (InVision) and optionally an app (InVision app). It definitely works, but it doesn't quite yet cover the various needs of diverse design teams, and it could be a bit more elegant overall. Hopefully that's just a matter of time. I'm curious what your needs are in a big organization like Salesforce...

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  • Posted to Craft Prototyping now available in Sketch, May 19, 2017

    Very cool to see this progress. One request would be to please find a way to include rendering of the arrows when exporting slices. That would allow for saving PNGs of whole user flows, in addition to having the prototype. Thanks for all the hard work on this stuff.

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  • Posted to Changes to Design Inc, May 11, 2017

    Surprising to see such an immediate shutdown since they had just launched in January, without having a plan for what's next. Their work seems well executed, and the team passionate about building something cool. Here's to hoping their next project will flourish into something meaningful (and sustainable).

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  • Posted to How Intercom brings play into their design process, in reply to Stewart Scott-Curran , May 04, 2017

    You guys are cute ;)

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  • Posted to The New YouTube, May 03, 2017

    Curious if others have the same issue, but my problem with YouTube is not the visual design, it's the navigation. Recommendations just never seem relevant, search results don't seem to bubble up the best results, and even just seeing a list of the latest videos of a channel requires more clicks than it should. Anyone else having this experience?

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