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  • I've been using Papaly since February and it changed my world. It's honestly the first bookmark manager that has done exactly what I want it to do. They have a few bugs but they are constantly pushing features, which is great :)

    Posted to Ask DN: How do you organize your web design resources? , in reply to Bruno Barros
  • Oh look, a dead horse! Let's kick it ... Now that that's out of the way, Reda, I think it's really cool that you have started a podcast and that you are willing to share (truly, mad props). I realize it can be challenging to find content for things like this. Props to you, and I loo...

    Posted to Should designers code? [Podcast]
  • Ok, so someone posted icons to Dribbble and this is industry news because.....?

    Posted to Adam Clark - Dribbble Debut
  • I was disappointed when the collections in the app didn't reflect the collections shown on the home page. Sorry, but "The Old Man and the Sea" is just not my type of summer reading. Truly, though, this looks really promising. It would be nice if it was easier to discover new things ...

    Posted to Show DN: Papermark - A Better Way to Track What You're Reading
  • As a mother to an eleven year old, I can confirm that the is no better way to convince a misinformed student that they are right than to tell them they are wrong :) Seriously, though, this raises a great point about perception and how that impacts our ability to emotionally connect with someone ...

    Posted to The Paradox of Empathy, in reply to Nathan Gathright
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