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  • I'm excited to get one and support the community. Thanks for the update!

    Posted to Designer News T-Shirts are Back
  • "If you've purchased Ember directly from us in the last ~3 months and no longer want to use it, please get in touch and we can issue you with a refund." Sounds like they already considered cases like yours, which is pretty cool of them :D

    Posted to R.I.P. Ember, in reply to Bady Qb
  • Coming a few months after we learned that IDEO has a 90-year-old designer on staff, I thought this article was pertinent and reminds us of the importance of designing for humans, not just a demographic.

    Posted to "To Reach Seniors, Tech Start-Ups Must First Relate to Them" - NYTimes
  • Anna, thanks for the shout! I've left this thread alone for the last few days since I didn't feel like I could respond to some of the comments productively. I'm so glad my thoughts resonated with you. Also, I love your Tumblr and now feel like there is a serious lack of alpaca in my l...

    Posted to Why acknowledging sexism (even inadvertent sexism) is important, in reply to Anna Niess
  • Yes, thank you for representing the women of Designer News! We may not be vocal, but we are here :D @Megan, @Elena, @Hannah: You go, ladies!

    Posted to We Fucked Up, in reply to Megan Vo

    Posted to We Fucked Up, in reply to Alejandro Dorantes
  • This comment was meant to be a thumbs up emoji ;) But anyway, +1

    Posted to Why acknowledging sexism (even inadvertent sexism) is important, in reply to Gonçalo Morais
  • That's a perfectly fair point, and I wrote this post without malice. I was not intending to publicly shame. Rather, I was hoping to inform people of a perspective they might not have had a close look into :)

    Posted to Why acknowledging sexism (even inadvertent sexism) is important, in reply to Stuart McCoy
  • Let me clarify what I meant by that. You (the universal "you") are absolutely entitled to your own opinion about something, but you are not entitled to project it on to me. A thread full of men talking about whether or not a women should be offended by something is unproductive. As a wo...

    Posted to Why acknowledging sexism (even inadvertent sexism) is important, in reply to Gonçalo Morais
  • The very fact that you would acknowledge that conflict speaks highly of your character :) I think it's really cool that a lot of men are becoming feminists. The best description of feminism I have read is that it is not necessary "pro-women" so much as "anti-white, middle clas...

    Posted to Why acknowledging sexism (even inadvertent sexism) is important, in reply to Dan Sherratt
  • Yeah, this is a pretty good example of an unproductive comment :/ Let me explain why the t-shirts are an issue for me: I am a nursing mother on a small frame, which means I am wider in some places where I wasn't before. A unisex shirt, or men's shirt, hits me at my widest place and float...

    Posted to Why acknowledging sexism (even inadvertent sexism) is important, in reply to Thompson George
  • FWIW, low contrast text doesn't help my eyes rest - it makes my eyes work harder

    Posted to I updated my front page. I'd gladly have feedback on the contrast!, in reply to Valentin Cervellera
  • Checkout the Degreed pathway on Design Thinking

    Posted to Ask DN: Best Free Design Thinking Online Courses
  • I completely understood and agreed with the premise of the article despite there being some ads on the page. I don't think his message was that all ads are bad, but that designers are using iffy tactics to manipulate the reader's experience in order to gain clicks or conversions. In shor...

    Posted to Stop it!, in reply to Aubrey Johnson
  • I've been using Papaly since February and it changed my world. It's honestly the first bookmark manager that has done exactly what I want it to do. They have a few bugs but they are constantly pushing features, which is great :)

    Posted to Ask DN: How do you organize your web design resources? , in reply to Bruno Barros
  • Oh look, a dead horse! Let's kick it ... Now that that's out of the way, Reda, I think it's really cool that you have started a podcast and that you are willing to share (truly, mad props). I realize it can be challenging to find content for things like this. Props to you, and I loo...

    Posted to Should designers code? [Podcast]
  • I was disappointed when the collections in the app didn't reflect the collections shown on the home page. Sorry, but "The Old Man and the Sea" is just not my type of summer reading. Truly, though, this looks really promising. It would be nice if it was easier to discover new things ...

    Posted to Show DN: Papermark - A Better Way to Track What You're Reading
  • As a mother to an eleven year old, I can confirm that the is no better way to convince a misinformed student that they are right than to tell them they are wrong :) Seriously, though, this raises a great point about perception and how that impacts our ability to emotionally connect with someone ...

    Posted to The Paradox of Empathy, in reply to Nathan Gathright
  • Yes! It is so much bigger than what we do! The paradox itself refers to the study I referenced, which, as Mattan pointed out, is less about empathy itself and more about perceived empathy - the more empathetic we THINK we are being, the less likely we are to actually BE empathic in practice. It&...

    Posted to The Paradox of Empathy, in reply to Laurens Spangenberg
  • Thank you for sharing that video! bookmarked I really like the way you phrased your statement about assumptions. You're so right! I think the mistake we make is not that we make assumptions or track our personal experiences with our product, but that sometimes we fail to back these up with t...

    Posted to The Paradox of Empathy, in reply to Wouter Ramaker
  • I see your perspective Mattan. I have always interpreted "you are not your user" to imply that those who build the product have an inherent bias regarding its functionality, tone, value, etc., and that we have to be careful to project those onto our users or intuit their reactions. How...

    Posted to The Paradox of Empathy, in reply to Mattan Ingram
  • I've run into similar experiences and they are frustrating. Empathy is such a powerful tool, but it has become such a buzzword that people use it to diffuse situations where a better choice of words would be more powerful. For instance, if the famous designer had said, "I'm sorry you...

    Posted to The Paradox of Empathy, in reply to Jeremy Stewart
  • Thank you Drew, I appreciate it!

    Posted to The Paradox of Empathy, in reply to Drew Beck
  • Oddly, research has shown that the more we try to empathize with someone else, the more likely we are to project our personal bias onto that person. I found this so interesting, and was inspired to write a short form post on how this relates to UX designers. Comments are welcome here, on the arti...

    Posted to The Paradox of Empathy
  • Short article relaying the story behind this instantly recognizable symbol (at least, to any mac user). I find this very interesting, as our community is constantly searching for new visual means of conveying more and more abstract concepts. Who would have thought - a castle in Borgolm!

    Posted to Origins of The Command Symbol
  • File this away in "parallax done right"

    Posted to Site Design: Giampiero Bodino - Italian High Jewellery
  • I started using their web app about a month ago and it totally changed my world. There are certainly some UI kinks and I have a bit of a wish list, but it's the first product that has come remotely close to being my dream bookmark manager.

    Posted to iOS Application Bookmark Manager | Papaly
  • It's unfortunate that it is so accepted. If it's a small project, such as one done on site or as a quick burst task with immediate follow up, it's more acceptable. However, if a company asks you to fully redesign a page or contribute half a day or more of your time, you may want to co...

    Posted to ASK DN: How normal is it to be given a test assignment during the job candidate process?
  • Though it seems a paradox, if you charge more, you will be valued more. Think of it as brand identity. Consumers naturally assume that they are getting a value out of clothing purchased at Nordstrom's or Sachs, or from food at Wholefoods, when you can get equally well-made (or poorly-made) st...

    Posted to Ask DN: What should I learn to increase my value as a designer?
  • When writing this article, I was hoping to get across that ANY tool, CSS, SCSS, (and even parallax scrolling, responsive design...etc.) brings its own limitations to the process when the person implementing it does not plan for optimization and scalability. @mdo pointed out on Twitter (referrin...

    Posted to The pre-processor isn't the problem with your CSS
  • +1 to this

    Posted to I hate my job title, what should it be?, in reply to Matt Castillo
  • This is such an incredible story. As designers, we want to create things people need and truly add value to their lives. IDEO staffs a 90 year old to do just that, and she adds empathy to the process for a demographic group so often forgotten by 20-something product designers. This reminds us to...

    Posted to IDEO staffs a 90 year old designer who is truly changing the world through design
  • Tinkering Monkey is great!

    Posted to ASK DN: Anyone know of a company that specializes in wood cutting and laser etching?
  • When I read the title of this post, I thought it was going to show the actual sites that they drew their inspiration from when created their recent demo. While I fully commend the tympanus for the awesome quality of their walkthroughs, I wish they would throw props back to the community, and spec...

    Posted to Inspiration for Text Input Effects
  • Was going to give this guy the benefit of the doubt, that maybe he had set up this site for practice or something. However, a google search reveals that he has a history of scamming: example 1 example 2 The long and the short of it - bad people will be bad people, and there's really not much...

    Posted to What to do when your website design gets stolen.
  • It would be nice if this linked to the original source instead of someone else's opinion of the designer's work. Here's the link to the original source so you can view the full project and give them the page-view credit that they deserve. Edit: Caught a typo :)

    Posted to Get Info Redesigned
  • Volkswagen Passat Komfort. Designer by day, Soccer Mom by Day, night, weekend, holiday, 2am 'my stomach hurts' wake up get the drift.

    Posted to Ask DN: Which car do you drive?
  • I use it frequently for client projects. It helps me explore a number of font combinations from different sources and walk them through the process. I also like the ability to explore line height and other nuances for different typefaces in different contexts before moving into CSS.

    Posted to Typecast is now free!, in reply to Daniel Fosco
  • The only thing relatively unique about Taylor Swift's music is her lyrics. Her songs all follow standard chord patterns (I V iv VI) that have been churned out by pop artists for generations before her. Her storylines are common and predictable. Even many of her melodies are direct rip offs of...

    Posted to Spotify: $2 Billion and Counting
  • These are useful, but you may also want to reference this NetTuts article from a few years ago that goes into more detail and includes additional selectors: Understanding the relationship between different selec...

    Posted to The CSS that you know nothing about 
  • Unless you monitor your employee's desktops, emails, chat logs, etc there will always be people screwing off on the company's dime. I fully agree with you - effective management, including relinquishing some control to the employee so they feel ownership over their time and work, is the b...

    Posted to Reddit’s crappy ultimatum to remote workers and offices, in reply to Ib Warnerbring
  • I have worked remotely and with an internationally-distributed team for over 2 years at my job, which is based in the bay area. Can someone please explain to me why VCs continue to insist that companies require their employees to live in the most expensive city in the county when there are so man...

    Posted to Reddit’s crappy ultimatum to remote workers and offices
  • emmielousie @ gmail thanks!

    Posted to ello looks nice... i want in., in reply to Chris Gwynne
  • emmielousie @ gmail, if you've still got one!

    Posted to ello looks nice... i want in., in reply to Andy Staple
  • The value from looking at other logos comes from understanding the thought process behind its generation. I guess some people would find something like this useful to kick start their mind out of a design block. However, I highly recommend the reviews on or Brand New (http://ww...

    Posted to Free Logo Design eBook - 1000 logos over 70 pages
  • I think all of these articles really blur together into the accepted thesis that design is a process not to be distilled into a single descriptive term. That whether you are fine tuning typography, collecting user research, or strategizing a project's architecture, all steps are key to the fi...

    Posted to Visual Design is Not a Thing
  • Posted to Ask DN: For those getting a new iPhone, are you getting the 6 or the 6 plus?, in reply to Pete Lada
  • He's a moderator Edit: missed the post after. Sorry to be duplicative :)

    Posted to Tell DN: We're opening registration, in reply to Jonathan Shariat
  • My husband and I are each keeping our 5c, which we love and works fantastic, and instead spending our money on a weekend away from the kids. A FAR better purchase, IMO. My 5c takes great photos and I keep my ipad mini in my purse and DSLR in my car...I just need my phone to be a good point and sh...

    Posted to Ask DN: For those getting a new iPhone, are you getting the 6 or the 6 plus?
  • Advertisement for Plenty of great, and more well-known resources were left off this list, including many of the stock photo sites that most likely inspired Pexels. Seems sort of petty to not give recognition to the people on whose shoulders you stand.

    Posted to Free Design Resources Every Designer Should Know
  • Awesome, and style points for quoting "Dave"

    Posted to It's Monday and Everybody Works on Monday
  • Learning is not doing. Start a side project, take on work for free is necessary, and do, do, do. Work for or with other people is especially valuable as it teaches you to question your instincts, explain your choices, and manage opinions. Also, force yourself to think outside of trends. Develop y...

    Posted to Ask DN: What advice would you give to someone coming out of a design bootcamp?
  • I guess it's time to negotiate a raise...

    Posted to Results: DN Survey of Design Salaries 2014
  • It's not a trend, in the sense that long shadows were a trend a few months ago. Dynamic visualization is rapidly becoming an import step to designing and testing interactions for web and mobile. Every individual has their own method, but gifs have an addictive enjoyment factor that make the...

    Posted to Dribbble GIF's
  • How much money did AirBnB pay Automation Anywhere to get them to change their logo after 4 months?

    Posted to Automation Anywhere's Logo, in reply to Nick de Jardine
  • Excuse my cynical attitude, but can we please stop this pattern of positioning every startup as intimately disrupting our tragic, disconnected lives and helping us find meaning in every day things... The tagline of the video should be along the lines of "helping you find a place to stay whe...

    Posted to Airbnb Redesign
  • Question to ponder, and I am genuinely interested in the responses - are products like these more likely to be used by industry designers, or are they really a masked way to try to get the masses into building their own sites, a modern Geocities or homestead.

    Posted to Anybody can build gorgeous websites
  • You know, the problem with this is that a brand is more than just a pretty icon. I get that this was for fun, but it disappointed me to see a colorado "logo" that said nothing about my state. It did not use the official state colors, nor the more ubiquitous green from our license plat...

    Posted to United We Brand - Rebranding Our States
  • Exactly! We focus so often on the people looking at and using products and sometimes forget to humanize the process on our end. We are people, working together to shape an amazing tool that is used by billions. What is wrong with injecting some humanity into our specs?

    Posted to Name #663399 "beccapurple" in CSS4 Color, in reply to Jonathan Suh
  • Already patched into webkit:

    Posted to Name #663399 "beccapurple" in CSS4 Color
  • I didn't know that!

    Posted to Name #663399 "beccapurple" in CSS4 Color, in reply to Megan McClellan
  • EDIT Sorry for the double post - I did not see the other one on Amazon prime and did not get a duplicate link notification when I create this. :) I'm not canceling my Spotify subscription just yet, but this looks really promising (since I already have a prime account). Interesting (but not s...

    Posted to Amazon Prime Music - what do you think?
  • I think this would be a wonderful easter egg. With everything Eric Meyer has contributed to the web community, this would be a fantastic tribute. For all we know, "cornflower blue" was the color of the favorite flower of the original spec writer's daughter! 3 generations of web desi...

    Posted to Name #663399 "beccapurple" in CSS4 Color
  • When you say "mobile page designs", are you referring to responsive designs scaled to show mobile-sized viewports, or mobile-specific galleries? For the first case, check out Media It shows responsive sites at various sizes. If that's not what you're looking for, I...

    Posted to Mobile page design galleries? Do they even exist?
  • I have a feeling my kids will worship this thing if it happens. I wonder how much the ink cartridges cost though (gulp)

    Posted to A pen with an RGB sensor can write in any color!
  • +1 for a trial version. I hate having to shell out 7 bucks without having any idea whether it will actually work for me.

    Posted to Stache — a smarter way to bookmark webpages for Mac and iOS., in reply to Sallar Kaboli
  • Best thing ever.

    Posted to Code Dicks
  • Very interesting treatment of the menu icon, though. Changing it to show the sliding door when the menu is closed - I'm not sure I like it but it sure is a unique approach. I hope they release their metrics on it!

    Posted to The Typekit blog redesigned
  • This URL has the possibility to be such a good thing, but this is just awful.

    Posted to Code Babes – We're hot, but learning to code is even hotter!
  • But you didn't explore its function at all, that's the point. You took the mailbox UI and stamped it on a few windows. No one is trying to be above you, and I think you are being overly defensive if all you took from my comments was that you shouldn't post anything. Good on you for ...

    Posted to Apple OS X Montauk by Victor Erixon [Independent Redesign], in reply to Victor Erixon
  • I don't read sarcasm well after 8pm... :)

    Posted to Apple OS X Montauk by Victor Erixon [Independent Redesign], in reply to Luke Jones
  • And the circle jerk continues...

    Posted to Apple OS X Montauk by Victor Erixon [Independent Redesign], in reply to Robin Raszka
  • If you're reading grumpiness out of all these comments then you are not actually reading them. The community is rightfully addressing the fact that your redesign is more of a visual reshuffling of the visual style of an operating system UI. That's fine in of itself, and I've noticed y...

    Posted to Apple OS X Montauk by Victor Erixon [Independent Redesign], in reply to Victor Erixon
  • There's no contrast here! Just because something looks pretty doesn't mean its effective for the masses. My grandmother uses an apple computer and she would have a really hard time with this. Concept or not, I don't understand the "redesigns" that focus only on visual aesthe...

    Posted to Apple OS X Montauk by Victor Erixon [Independent Redesign]
  • Good thing they don't have any users over 25 or else they would run into some major readability with the low-contrast grey font (sarcasm...)

    Posted to Codecademy Redesign
  • Ah, my lack of television catches up with me. Thanks for clarifying.

    Posted to Pied Piper, in reply to Julie Roberts
  • Did anyone else think the second guy in from the right looked like Gabe from "The Office"?

    Posted to Pied Piper
  • Proof that a beautiful design is not always the most effective.

    Posted to has launched!
  • Is this an "Ask DN?"

    Posted to Do's and Don'ts of Using Light Typefaces
  • Sorry I don't have an answer for you, but I am also interested in hearing people's opinions on this. Commenting to move it up the list and get it more views.

    Posted to Startup Biz Trips and Per Diems?
  • Build me a to do list that can do my laundry and put my kids to bed and I will gladly pay for it. Otherwise, build a to do list for yourself (it is the tutorial-of-choice for the major programming languages and frameworks) and then build an app people really want with your new skills.

    Posted to "Ask DN:" I'm making a to do list app - what would you like to see in it.
  • Isn't this what HTML5 video is for?

    Posted to Site Design: Don't like scroll jacking, but this is pretty awesome!
  • HackerRank is looking to hire a designer and front-end developers. We are based in Palo Alto but are willing to consider remote employees. We are a competitive community for programmers and provide applicant-screening tests via our enterprise product to the biggest names in tech. Contact me at em...

    Posted to Ask DN: Who's hiring? (April 2014)
  • Very interesting. However, when the cool factor of the scroll hijack outweighs the usability factor, I cry foul...I hate having to be so delicate with my touchpad just to get somewhere on the page...

    Posted to Site Design:
  • I'd like one, if you still have some available.

    Posted to Is there any alternative to Brackets?, in reply to Terkel Gjervig
  • here!

    Posted to I want to follow you on Twitter!
  • My practice is, if you can say it in less words and still be clear, do that (dashboard, profile, favorites). However, sometimes you need to be more clear. For example, on HackerRank, we have a list of everyone's submission for a challenge, and in another place list the submissions that the u...

    Posted to "Your" or "My" or none for menu labels in web apps?
  • CSS galleries are a great way to find inspiration and watch trends evolve. Similar to Dribbble, except more big-picture. Why do they have to be a replacement for putting content first? Designing for content (Zeldman) and designing for pleasure (CSS galleries, dribbble popular feed, etc) can be co...

    Posted to What ever happened to CSS galleries?
  • I keep active pinterest inspiration and color boards to set the mood for a project and inspiring me when my brain is not functioning creatively:

    Posted to Ask DN: How do you get inspired?
  • What does it do?

    Posted to Site Design:

    Posted to Ask DN: Best freelance job boards 2014?
  • Thank you, Gadzhi, I'll look into this.

    Posted to Ask DN: Getting started in web-app development, in reply to Gadzhi Kharkharov
  • Caramel flan?! Ew, that's coffee? Edit I don't know what aspect Starbucks was going for, here. We all know that these "triple caramel whipped cream double shot mochas" have the about the same nutritional value as a McDonald's milkshake, but comparing them to desert on top o...

    Posted to Jessica Hische - Starbucks
  • If Droplr charged a one-time fee, I would totally pay it. Frank Deloupe, Characters, and several other small apps all took my money gladly once I recognized the value. But $10 a month to send quick screenshots? Nope!

    Posted to Droplr no longer free
  • Ok, so on the one hand, this is really cool. It's a simple execution of a design style that makes it available to the masses. The problem - when the masses start using a design technique it depletes its value, its draw, and its memorability. Snowfall created a memorable experience, for bett...

    Posted to Beautiful Stories — Stories that showcase Medium 1.0
  • And this is why I wish we could follow posts because I am really interested in this as well! Hoping that by posting this comment I will see some sort of notification when someone else posts in this conversation... (Olivia, sorry to hijack!)

    Posted to Ask DN: Canvas Tutorials anyone?
  • Shock value does not equal true value. If anything, it took a lot away from what is, otherwise, a cool plugin.

    Posted to Crop.less, in reply to Nelson M.
  • Also, it would be awesome to have a character count on the MOTD, and perhaps a textarea instead of an input field. I just tried to share a quote and had a chunk of it cut off when I posted. If I had known the max-character length, I would have posted a shorter version (that I ended up posting any...

    Posted to Feature Requests: Let's talk about Designer News.
  • Getting used to the agile workflow was really difficult at first. I stubbornly clung to the process I was used to, but ultimately it's been a lot easier conforming to the new method. There are things I really hate about it, but it works well for us internally for the most part. I really like...

    Posted to Lessons and Surprises from an Agile Process
  • Bug issues here as well? I changed my 8-bit image in my profile but it is not live more than 24 hours later. When I click "edit" on the image, though, it shows the updated version...

    Posted to Feature Requests: Let's talk about Designer News.
  • Just a hunch, but I have a feeling it has to do with the confusion between visual design and design as a process. Because of nice looking frameworks like Bootstrap, there's an erroneous perception that any interface can be made to look nice with the right colors and fonts. Design is often sl...

    Posted to Ask DN: If design is so important to building a successful startup, why don't more designers have cofounder or chief of design positions?
  • This is fantastic! I am in the middle of building a working styleguide for our team - I wish I had this product a week ago when I was getting started! The ability to modify the live code is a great feature. I can't wait to see what you do with the product.

    Posted to Show DN: Styleboard - User Interface Management for Your Team
  • No you don't! The google fonts interface is incredibly frustrating. It's interesting to see Adobe lend the Typekit browsing filters to the google font library. Even if the content is the same, it's a novel approach based on proven attributes. Whether the service brings anything new to...

    Posted to Google Webfonts finally has a competitor, in reply to Robert Busby
  • Lipstick on a pig...

    Posted to Google Webfonts finally has a competitor, in reply to Jim Silverman
  • How much of these overlap with google fonts? Are there any that are unique to this collection that I am not seeing at first glance?

    Posted to Google Webfonts finally has a competitor
  • Not every submission under this tag needs to be perfect. I really like this site, although it certainly has a lot of qualities that I would adjust if it were my design. The layout may not be game changing, but I really enjoy how the font and color choices set a grungy, yet positive mood - perfect...

    Posted to Site Design: Movember
  • Check out the Chrome Resizer browser extension, which does exactly this:

    Posted to Quick Tip: Getting Chrome Below 400px Wide
  • The cool things about this thread is that it (1) demonstrates how much diversity and personality is inherent in this industry (which in-of-itself serves to address the OP's question), and (2) shows how tolerant the community is as a whole. If the design industry was more corporate, or less ac...

    Posted to Ask DN: Design & Religion
  • Sort of, I work under a nickname. I want to keep my social profile and internet footprint separate from my family's, especially where my kids are concerned.

    Posted to Ask DN: Do you work under a pseudonym? Why or Why Not?
  • +1 for mentally shaming, haha. I totally know what you mean :)

    Posted to Should Dribbble posts be on DN?, in reply to Trevor Henry
  • sass

    Posted to ASK DN: LESS or SASS? (You just have to vote, no need for another explanation ^^)
  • Almost every site these days feels like another...but even if this one uses the tableau header-look that is popular, I think it stands on its own two feet.

    Posted to the much-needed disruption of the cluttered CMS world., in reply to Clark Wimberly
  • Thank you Rob! Dirk, I appreciate your close search of the site. It looks like it was made using Masana2Grata as a base. Cheers!

    Posted to What font is this?
  • yes! Haha

    Posted to iOS7 Blurred Header using CSS, in reply to Jim Silverman
  • Perfect color vision, all 4 rows! +1 for the rMBP.

    Posted to How well do you see color?
  • Exactly the sarcasm I came to comment on after reading the article...

    Posted to Using GIFs For More Than Funny Cats, in reply to Jayna Wallace
  • It makes sounds. I hate it when websites make sounds. My baby was asleep as I was browsing DN this morning but then this link started blasting synthesizer-heavy, James Bond influenced jazz music. No no no no no! Designers, please, I implore not let your site make sounds unless the user i...

    Posted to Site design: Sonia Rykiel
  • Trying to be avant-garde at the sake of usability is silly. It took me several seconds before I figured out how to even navigate to the next page - not user friendly. I stalled again once I got to the services page, and then was jarred when it started to scroll horizontally. Design studio or not,...

    Posted to Site Design: Studio None
  • That's a rather sexist comment, even if you didn't mean it as such. Perhaps there are more talented women than men but you are not searching deep enough...

    Posted to - A curated list of talented designers on Twitter & Dribbble, in reply to Andrew Liebchen
  • This looks incredible! My non-programmer mind cannot begin to conceive how this was done. HTML5 is off to learn javascript so I can play with open source libraries like this on my weekends...

    Posted to Site Design: Famous
  • Designer News has moderators? That's new to me...all Layervault Employees?

    Posted to DN, we've added earned avatar colors.
  • Also, I don't find anything wrong with linking to your own blog post for the sake of discussion, especially if you have something good to say. People will come from all routes to view your post, so it doesn't always make sense to have the full discussion, post included, on here. I see peo...

    Posted to Process vs Progress
  • I struggle with that in my work for a startup. There is a constant effort to ship things quickly, but more than once we have found ourselves rushing towards the wrong goal and having to backtrack. That frustrates not only our users, but ourselves as well. As the sole designer on a team of devel...

    Posted to Process vs Progress
  • While this is an interesting concept, I don't think that Dribbble shots should be shared out of context as a direct link on Designer News. Instead, I would love for people to open a discussion about the ideas behind the shot, or in this case, a novel take on the iOS lock screen. That said, I...

    Posted to Lock Screen
  • More to the point of my original response, I don't think Rogie is making any comment about Dribbble itself, but instead about our incessant need to climb to the top of the popular page. Posting shots with that sole purpose draws your attention away from what is important. Whether that is frie...

    Posted to Derailed, in reply to Murat Mutlu
  • Oh for sure, but there a difference between posting weekend side projects and posting nothing but high glossy recreations of what everyone else is doing on Dribbble. i.e., don't let it define you.

    Posted to Derailed, in reply to Murat Mutlu
  • It's very cool and reassuring to see someone as prominent as Rogie discuss the downfalls of his popularity online (although the irony is that this article will probably land him several more followers). We've seen the results of this pattern play out across Dribbble - designers recreating...

    Posted to Derailed
  • I think it lets you see who in your network is around you at a given time...not sure beyond that. Maybe you can message each other or something? None of my friends use it so it's never really been of use to me - downloaded it and promptly deleted it a few months back.

    Posted to Circle, in reply to Jonny Garrill
  • Precisely!

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  • Well I disagree. When you sketch something on paper, do you use a ruler every time and erase every single mark on the page, and maybe even get out a lightbox and transfer your finished version to a clean sheet of card stock paper? Of course not! That's not sloppy, it's efficient. There ...

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  • Most of my work is done in the browser. I turn to Photoshop to hash out the visual language and tone for a site, to create the few non-CSS elements I may use, or create a rough mockup if it's necessary. I have set a personal goal to post more work in progress (

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  • Murat, this wasn't intended to be a criticism, but rather an observation. I was inspired to write it after I realized how little I contribute to Dribbble because my workflow requires me to iterate quickly instead of spending my time polishing Dribbble shots to absolute perfection. My guess is...

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  • Stemmings featured a great article about this some time ago: . Food for thought, for sure!

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  • Thanks for sharing, this is a great resource!

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  • Cute and clever take on a blog post.

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  • Is this link any different from Sam McQueen's guideline colors page from several months ago?

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  • It takes a lot more than a lack of gradients to make this design style look good. The colors in this framework don't appear to be analogous, and the few "flat elements" (i.e. more than just text) look really hacked together. The benefit of frameworks like this is also its injury -...

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  • How was this discovered?!

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  • oooh, the race to the top. If any of these are worth their salt, they are going to seriously revolutionize this industry. It's going to make more than a pretty interface for me, though. I am eager to try all of these against each other!

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  • Has anyone checked this out? It seems like a strong competitor to Froont and Macaw. I am interested to try all three and see how they compare.

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  • Indeed. However, the original post is truly a question of one aesthetic preference over another. To your point, flat design arose as a result of, or at least parallel to, the increase need for simplicity and reduced file size that the mobile web requires. Problem solving. But as it caught on and ...

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  • Five years ago, before Dribbble took over the design world and fresh interfaces became lost in a sea of copy cats and mindless designs, this would have been a really beautiful design aesthetic. Unfortunately, as soon as something beautiful hits the airwaves, eager designers, and their equally eag...

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  • Entered my email just fine, got three "your email doesn't look quite right" error message with no further explanation, and then it submitted just fine on the fourth try. +1 for the teasers, but -∞ for crappy back end. Methinks AOL's value to posterity will forever be hav...

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  • Short answer: You can't by default. Longer answer: BUT...if you use a script (like this one: you can adjust the corner radius back after you resize the rounded rectangle.

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  • I have tried Cinch as well but always ended up back at Divvy. The best available, IMO.

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  • The URL alone is priceless.

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  • Oh damn, did not mean to hit the comment button (side note - why oh why can't we edit our comments on here?) Expanding on the last note, I think that this page injects a great perspective of your personality and perspective. While I can't say I agree with all of your points, it definitel...

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  • Looks beautiful Joshua. I'm going to assume (forgive me if I am incorrect) that your choice to post your portfolio on here means you are welcome to feedback and constructive criticism. I thought I might suggest a few thoughts: * Some of the images in your older blog posts seem to have a broke...

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  • Incidentally, by adding a post comment, you probably made it more likely that the post stays on the homepage for a longer period of time, as I am sure the DN algorithm takes comments/popularity into consideration...

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  • Case in point: "So, contrary to what the detractors say—there is a place for decoration, and a place for material honesty. These two exist on a continuum, with decoration at one end and material honesty at the other. There’s no precise point at which a design becomes honest or dishonest. The...

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  • This is one of the most interesting style guides I have found on the web. Its focus on user experience is really phenomenal and cutting edge, especially for a government entity.

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  • Actual use seems to be split down the middle ( I agree with the consensus opinion, that your choice should reflect your audience. However, unless you are redesigning the AARP website, or otherwise catering to geriatrics, examples abound across the web that ...

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  • Quora has some great resources, but I was curious to get a design-specific perspective here. Maybe it's the size of the community, but Designer News has yet to impress me with the quality of discussion in feeds like this. That said, thanks for the reply, Axel. I'm familiar with Kissmetric...

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  • Any project should include a research phase where you work with your clients to identify their target users and the users' needs and limitations. This phase should also address the client's priorities and expectations. If the client's site or app is targeted at tech savvy youth, then ...

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  • Think of it this way: A newspaper and a magazine are two very different publications, but they can be mutually referred to as "periodicals". A novel and a non-fiction book are different as well, but they are both "books". "Digital interfaces" could adequately descr...

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  • Hmm...that's an interesting perspective. I'm not convinced that "app" is the right word for the job, although I understand your reasoning. Maybe in a few years as we continue to break down barriers between the content we find on websites and in web apps, but not yet. Not to me...

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  • To reiterate what most of the commenters have shared, the Sidebar links tend to be rather outdated by the time they reach my inbox. I follow the DN bot on twitter, so I get updates about the articles on here throughout the day. You might consider a similar bot for, and perhaps direct...

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  • What is the issue with using established iconic metaphors on a modern-looking page? Is there a reason for replacing these icons? They are timeless, and communicate effectively to the user. Short of replacing the icon with text, as you suggest, you may confuse the customer unnecessarily by using...

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  • I second this. I love dropmark, and it's fantastic with the mac app.

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  • I found this article to be incredibly useful and informative. I'm curious to hear your input about HTML5 conventions. After studying the examples, I am stuck between Answer A ( and Answer C (

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  • This is excellent. I can't tell you how many times I have been searching for "that one article" that perfectly explains my perspective to a client. There is an unfortunate phenomenon when, even though the client hired us as designers for our expertise, they don't trust it becaus...

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  • I struggle with this as the lone designer on a small team of engineers/programers for a startup. I finally sent out a company-wide email explaining how everyone single one of us was a designer - I focused on the visual design and the user experience, but every line of code they wrote affected the...

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  • Excellent giveaway, though. They're sure to have a big launch from all of the people signing up to win the Adobe products. The twitter account mentioned that they will be posting screenshots soon....

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  • Pure speculation : a unique but easy-to-remember, two-syllable phrase...and the URL was available.

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  • I had the misfortune of having to book an unaccompanied minor plane ticket on Southwest. Instead of giving me the option of entering my daughter's information first, they had me fill out the full payment form THEN asked me if she was flying alone THEN had me fill out her info (a task in itsel...

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  • I'd like to be able to resize the text area vertically to make it easier to re-read and edit my post for content before I submit it. Also, is it possible to edit posts after the fact if we notice an error or want to make a correction?

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  • I've noticed that there is a lot of duplicate content, so that the same tool may show up in my twitter feed via the bot several times in a row. I agree that there should be more discussion, but on the other hand, many [most?] of the articles that have been posted that inspire discussion or...

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  • I paste magazine clippings or photos in a moleskin and use that as a "real" inspiration journal, and organize any inspiration I find online on my pinterest boards (@emmielouise) or via dropmark. Although I primary work with the web medium, my inspiration stems from all sources - I parti...

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  • The best and most complete compilation of lorem ipsum generators. Bluth Ipsum is a personal favorite. I love that I can choose something that the client will find amusing or fun, and tailor it to the him.

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  • It's refreshing to read good articles on this. Until I started designing web apps, it's not something I considered much. An after thought, sort of like a nifty 404 page. But really, this state creates the first impression for our users in many cases! Of course it should be well designed. ...

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  • This is so unbelievably awesome. Sometimes I have to wonder - do potential clients really bite when they read that someone is 'passionate about exploring the intricate consistencies of maintaining a confluent visual motif across variable viewport trajectories' or some other bunch of awkwa...

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  • Certainly an awkward metaphor, but what he's trying to demonstrate an out-of-the-box thinking mentality - that the problem itself (the locked box) can be a tool in finding the solution, such as using it to reach the key that opens the box. The other 99% just try and tackle the problem the sam...

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  • I'm glad to see social bookmarking sites continue to break out. I like this interface so much more than It's easier to skim the links...the Kippt UI has no contrast, and my focus just get lost.

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