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  • Posted to Army Green, Sep 21, 2016

    For more, see:

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  • Posted to Apple — AirPods, in reply to Sam Solomon , Sep 09, 2016

    The good news is, their reasons for ditching it on the Macbook Pro are not nearly as strong as the reasons they ditched it on the phone:

    • Space on the phone is at a much higher premium
    • Less need to waterproof a Macbook (although doing it for the keyboard isn't a bad idea)

    They can still try to make an argument for potential for better audio quality, but that's a much tougher argument to make, just as it is with the phone.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Stripe - Apple Pay, in reply to Mak Raz , Sep 09, 2016

    But this one took courage.

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  • Posted to Apple — iPhone 7, in reply to Vikalp Gupta , Sep 07, 2016

    [channeling Trump voice] The biggest product photos ever, they're uge.

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  • Posted to Apple — AirPods, Sep 07, 2016

    Interested to see how well they stay in your ears; that's always been a problem with the standard EarPods for me, especially when walking around (let alone exercising).

    Otherwise, pretty cool and the case is a good idea.

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  • Posted to Think Less. Design Better., in reply to Daniel Fosco , Aug 29, 2016

    Agreed. Even though it's more lengthy, I like the sub-title a lot more:

    Promoting better workflow in UI design through manageable decision-making and thought process.

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  • Posted to Instapaper is joining Pinterest, Aug 23, 2016

    Really curious to see how this plays out in the long-term. Overall, "joining" a larger company means that service will be gone in 6-12 months.

    Bummer too, because I love Instapaper and have been using it for... I don't know how long.

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  • Posted to The Design Process (Comic - The Design Team), Aug 23, 2016

    "Hi, Frank."

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  • Posted to Slow Dance – A Frame that Slows Down Time, Aug 17, 2016

    This is amazing. Wish it wasn't $200, but totally get it.

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  • Posted to Show DN: How Much to Make — Easily Calculate the Cost of an App, Website, or Logo, Aug 11, 2016

    It would be neat to do the cost breakdowns on the different "features" people want so it could be used to see where to cut costs effectively.

    Also, this project could be titled "How much should I reasonably charge my clients for work?" :-)

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