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  • Great idea, but fails on the execution. I actually don't understand it much better when they replace every second noun with 'shit'.

    Posted to Google’s Introduction to Material Design translated into ‘Material’ language (NSFW)
  • Damn... yet another time I want to buy an industry t-shirt but there's no women's option.

    Posted to Last chance to get the DN T-shirt
  • I'd love some way to learn from this game - as in, if I get it wrong, tell me some information about how to get it right next time - like 'hint: higher numbers equal darker colours', for example.

    Posted to The great RGB guessing challenge, in reply to Joey Germeraad
  • It's a visualisation of the brain's complex and beautiful network of connections - and being on Github it's also a demonstration of someone's awesome js skills ;)

    Posted to Neural Network, in reply to Ivan Vásquez
  • Looks like they're moving their focus more heavily onto articles/'news'. I'd be more likely to browse around the new design over the old one - the article titles are so much clearer. It's definitely got a clearer focus than the old design which was pretty messy and undefined.

    Posted to Yahoo A/B testing a new design
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