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  • It's by Danny fucking Boyle. The guy made Trainspotting for god sake - It has to be worth a watch.

    Posted to Steve Jobs - Official Trailer
  • 'looking for a full-time job' So yeah, this isn't the way to get one.

    Posted to Ello says Goodbye to UX
  • this looks cool. Will there be a way to insert graphics created externally or some kind of Sketch plugin for it, or do you intend to build it out a complete design tool?

    Posted to Ask DN: Sketch but for animation, in reply to Colm Tuite
  • Really nice work. It is all well executed, but doesn't quite 'say' Miami to me. It feels a little flat. Playing with the idea of many nationalities in the name was nice, but would have loved to have seen that thinking reflected in the design a little more. To me, atleast, Miami isn...

    Posted to Branding for Miami's soccer team (David Beckham's MLS bid)
  • Thanks Will. That's kind of you to say. I'm a one man design department here at AYR, and consequently work my arse off, so it's very nice to hear people appreciating what I do :)

    Posted to Site Design: AYR Editions – FA14, in reply to Will Baker

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