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  • Some feedback: — Copy writing needs work - it reads as an awkward mix of statement-like notes, and flowing prose within the paragraphs. Choose a style and stick to it. — I love the navigation bar, it's brilliant. (although is the plus meant to rotate fully so it's an X? - at the moment i...

    Posted to Show DN: Portfolio design using Times New Roman
  • everything's been done before.

    Posted to Airbnb’s logo found in decades-old trademark book
  • hasn't it always been?

    Posted to Instagram now supports landscape and portrait modes., in reply to Joshua Newton
  • I get pissed when an email client opens and it's not been clear it was going to do that, and I'm no-one's mom. Also, my mom is not the lowest common denominator.

    Posted to Show DN: Trying to land my first full-time design job. Critique my new portfolio, in reply to Jacob Taylor
  • It's by Danny fucking Boyle. The guy made Trainspotting for god sake - It has to be worth a watch.

    Posted to Steve Jobs - Official Trailer
  • 'looking for a full-time job' So yeah, this isn't the way to get one.

    Posted to Ello says Goodbye to UX
  • this looks cool. Will there be a way to insert graphics created externally or some kind of Sketch plugin for it, or do you intend to build it out a complete design tool?

    Posted to Ask DN: Sketch but for animation, in reply to Colm Tuite
  • Really nice work. It is all well executed, but doesn't quite 'say' Miami to me. It feels a little flat. Playing with the idea of many nationalities in the name was nice, but would have loved to have seen that thinking reflected in the design a little more. To me, atleast, Miami isn...

    Posted to Branding for Miami's soccer team (David Beckham's MLS bid)
  • Thanks Will. That's kind of you to say. I'm a one man design department here at AYR, and consequently work my arse off, so it's very nice to hear people appreciating what I do :)

    Posted to Site Design: AYR Editions – FA14, in reply to Will Baker
  • Damn it I don't want a 'refreshed look', I want the thing to work better.

    Posted to Apple TV UI refresh
  • Oh snap, this is incredibly close to a project I've recently started work on. Very interesting to see. Congrats.

    Posted to Schnapps: Time-lapse video for designs (released)
  • But surely the point being brushed over in incredibly arrogant broad strokes, is that designers don't have a seat at the table - and that most of the problems raised with the 'case studies' in this piece stem from being fundamentally flawed at a product/business level - an area in whi...

    Posted to Designer Duds
  • Hey Will - thanks for the kind words! I always aimed for the site to be very simple, but everything that did exist to be well executed (although we're still ironing out bugs and polish). I think of it a lot like an art gallery in a sense, nothing should detract from the product, it exist to...

    Posted to E-commerce design, in reply to Will Baker
  • Thanks for your kind words Alex. We still have a ton of site improvements we're hacking away on behind the scenes to make the experience more seamless. But always nice to hear people enjoying it. :)

    Posted to E-commerce design, in reply to Alex Gennette
  • Yes, I've done so at my last two jobs, I've used Sketch professionally now for about 18 months. Whenever I show sketch to a developer they fall in love with it - it talks their language much better than photoshop, it talks in pixels and things that are closer to code. And because it's...

    Posted to Design with Sketch, in reply to Adam Brace
  • the 'hon' is very witty.

    Posted to Calcolor - Simple and colored calculator specially designed for your iPhone 5c & 5s
  • The visual language feels very inappropriate. Looks more like a Nike website.

    Posted to "Twitter - A Digital Experience"
  • It's aesthetically pleasing, but it's extremely thin on the ground to use it as a portfolio. I personally would advise against using dribble shots for a portfolio - the restraints that dribble has in terms of conveying work exist for a reason, it's meant allow the user to showcase sn...

    Posted to Site Design: Martijn Otter's Portfolio
  • Hey Roland, this line length is way too long, very hard to read - aim for something like under 70 characters per line - do some research on typography and line length, worth knowing. Also fully justifying this text with so few words on a line caus...

    Posted to Critique me please - non-designer looking for feedback!
  • I just...

    Posted to Ask DN: Best flat fonts?
  • It's weird to me you can't edit your friends list under 'your' section when you click on the friends icon. You can now only edit your friends under the 'messages' section, seems like weird UX to me. Sounds petty, but it's the first thing I tried to do on the new app ...

    Posted to Introducing Path 3
  • Yeah, it's not the 'style' that's been ripped, it's a full on copy, as you say, right down to iconography. Crazy.

    Posted to Flat UI: a free HTML user interface kit based on Bootstrap, in reply to Matt Milosavljevic
  • Wow, what? 1:1 LayerVault rip off.

    Posted to Flat UI: a free HTML user interface kit based on Bootstrap
  • Learned the basics from then experimented a bit on my own from there. I whole heartedly recommend Treehouse for a beginner, the lessons are really well done and they're adding more all the time. I had a bit of very rough knowledge from tweaking the odd stylesheet, bu...

    Posted to Ask DN: How did you learn HTML & CSS?
  • +1

    Posted to Répresent App - A new way to Résumé, in reply to joe anderson
  • Guys, pretty sure he doesn't mean collecting ACTUAL patterns, he means spotting trends in design elements.

    Posted to Which tool or webapp do you use for collecting patterns?
  • might be worth a look?

    Posted to Which tool or webapp do you use for collecting patterns?
  • Disagree, Illustrator is solid with the recent upgrades to be honest, it's certainly not just for illustration!! I know a lot of designers that made the switch over the last year. I've been using it professionally for a while, but will indeed be checking out sketch.

    Posted to Sketch VS Photoshop, in reply to Meng To
  • Holy crap, Sketch parallels CSS properties, I downloaded it last week but havent' tried it yet. This will change my life. I already design in vector using Illustrator for obvious reasons, but something that can accurately mimic letter-spacing and other CSS properties 1:1 would be so helpful...

    Posted to Sketch VS Photoshop
  • I've worked on products where tips/guides/labels were made sensitive to the users usage frequency - the user has has used a specific feature X number of times, we consider them a power user and suggest they might want to know there's a gesture (touch/mobile) shortcut they can use to acces...

    Posted to Progressive Reduction
  • wow this is great for quick wireframes! It's one of those 'why has no one already done this' ideas.

    Posted to BLOKK font, for clients who do not understand latin.
  • Thanks Ketan! There's no CMS, I just hard code in a new with content if I want to add something, pretty simple. As for extra details, I kind of like the simple linear approach this has, so I just put the project overview before each project inline. Client links would certainly be a good one ...

    Posted to Ask DN: What do you use to show your portfolio?, in reply to Ketan Anjaria
  • I have a responsive site which doubles up as my in-person portfolio. I developed in collab with a dev friend to make sure it worked well on touch devices, specifically ipad/iphone. It's pretty handy because for meeting with people/interviews I just load it up on an ipad and it's the per...

    Posted to Ask DN: What do you use to show your portfolio?
  • "A button that doesn't look raised, doesn't look pushable." wow, OK... I'm tapping out of this conversation at this point.

    Posted to Flat UI is not the only way forward, in reply to Marc Edwards
  • I literally haven't been able to shut up about how much I love this site all day.

    Posted to The New LayerVault
  • "Death to the Waterfall" Man I LOVE this post. Echos a lot of my thoughts and struggles with old school processes.

    Posted to The Post-PSD Era
  • I wasn't stating that any one designer should limit themselves to certain styles and tools, in fact, my point was exactly the opposite! You do the design most appropriate for the project, whatever delivers the best experience and meets objectives. I'm saying that designers shouldn't ...

    Posted to Flat UI is not the only way forward, in reply to Matt Kelsh
  • "We're communicators and story tellers. There's nothing wrong with delighting users. There's nothing wrong with some well placed embellishment to make a point, highlight or aid memory." But a drop shadow isn't delighting. A glossy button isn't delighting. Having a d...

    Posted to Flat UI is not the only way forward, in reply to Marc Edwards
  • Disagree with this post very much. He opens by stating.. 'Apple [are] reducing the hardware to a minimum with clean lines and invisible seams. As technology gets better, the hardware gets out of the way even more. The hardware sets the stage for the user interface, and its content, to shin...

    Posted to Flat UI is not the only way forward
  • I'm sure he's just a kid that's excited about working at Microsoft, but is it just me or is the whole tone of that blog post utterly obnoxious. Especially the desperate hinting at the fact Apple approached him. Yuck. Good on him though I guess, he showed some initiative, and it got ...

    Posted to Designer of the fake (but awesome) Microsoft rebranding, Andrew Kim, gets hired by Microsoft
  • Remember seeing this when it first did the rounds, and on second look... it's still totally inappropriate. It feels like a student project - they've kind of given it a 'cool' re skin on the surface but not really thought about the fact it's a real business, with 80+ years of h...

    Posted to Experimental ID for American Airlines
  • oh man i have a whole blog post still in draft written about impostor syndrome, i think it's fascinating, i've definitely experienced it a lot in my life.

    Posted to Fraud
  • oh man, i'm so conflicted about calling all this a 'trend', it's the kind of philosophical approach i've always used in my work, and once this 'fad' passes, are the minimalists amongst us going to be forced to adopt a new 'style' to avoid our work being classed...

    Posted to Design Trends 2013 - Flat And Minimal
  • yeah I use it for mine, it's pretty good, wish it would auto sync though instead of having to go to the web interface and press a sync button. Other than that, it's pretty solid.

    Posted to Dropbox-based blogging platform
  • Thanks Adam! I honestly can't remember what was causing me grief, but will take another look at the viewport stuff this weekend. I kind of did it on the coat tails of my website redesign and was semi burnt-out at the time to be honest!! Thanks again, and glad you enjoyed the post!

    Posted to That's Not A Designer's Job, in reply to Adam Kiss
  • haha.. good point, but the key difference is that's just something I had trouble fixing, and would love to get right in all honesty, it's not a design decision I'm promoting and defending, and doesn't purposefully dismiss core design principals. - but thanks for the heads up, been...

    Posted to That's Not A Designer's Job, in reply to Adam Kiss
  • +1000 I would LOVE this.. there's so much i want to keep track of for later, would love to have a repository of things i've up-voted.

    Posted to Feature Requests: Let's talk about Designer News., in reply to Joshua Hibbert

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