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  • Neue Haas Unica is Monotype’s revival of a typeface that has attained almost mythical status in the type community. Unica® was an attempt to create the ultimate sans-serif – a hybrid of Helvetica, Univers and Akzidenz Grotesk.

    Posted to Neue Haas Unica
  • I'd love to hear your initial thoughts on this. I'm also open for collaborations.

    Posted to Tijd, clean watch faces for the Apple Watch
  • And this is news... why?

    Posted to Stripe Redesign
  • I'm not speaking from a freelancers perspective and the work should always speak for itself, no matter if you're at an agency, start-up, big company or freelancing.

    Posted to Homemade portfolio or hosted service?, in reply to Jim Silverman
  • I'd say write it yourself if you know how to. Twitter Bootstrap is an overkill for one page.

    Posted to Ask DN: To Bootstrap or Not to Bootstrap?
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