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  • Getting investment is a double edged sword, it can help, but most times it often hinders the product. The focus shifts to growth instead of serving the current user base. Happy to see more and more products choosing not to look for investment.

    Posted to Road to Panda 5 and RSS Feeds
  • Big fan for years. And they are quite affordable.

    Posted to Your favorite jean brand? , in reply to Alexis Morin
  • The icon was made by Ollin. He even posted the process he followed to make it:

    Posted to Squish for Mac, in reply to Mariusz Ostrowski
  • Basically good techno and some random stuff. Enjoy!

    Posted to Ask DN: What's your SoundCloud account?
  • Agree. Specially since MAMP is a back end solution and Grunt/Gulp are usually used as build scripts and simple development environments. For people using MAMP as a static server the Grunt alternative would be using grunt-connect.

    Posted to The perfect front-end development setup, in reply to Geoff Yuen
  • Ollin ( ) has a good article about lighting icons:

    Posted to Ask DN: How do you create 3D icons?
  • Thanks :) The explanation about the development time is in the Frequently Asked Questions. Maybe I should add question mark at the right of the "X months development" linking to the Question and Answer. Just for the record: When you download stylesheets generated with Strapfork they...

    Posted to Show DN: Strapfork is Open for 48 hours, in reply to Jake Lazaroff
  • Hey DN friends, I just opened the doors of Strapfork for 48 hours. What do you think about the product? What am I missing? What do you like? I would like to hear your feedback.

    Posted to Show DN: Strapfork is Open for 48 hours
  • It’s seriously bloated. You can comment the imports of the files you don't need in the bootstrap.less file. In my experience, usually projects that use stylesheets created from scratch are much more bloated (due to code duplication) than bootstrap based websites. I spend most of my time...

    Posted to Ditch Bootstrap
  • So if landing page converts visitors to customers but looks ugly it means that it still can be good? If the company is not design focused it could be good as long as it shares the company message correctly and the product benefits and features. So it is not only about converting. You could lie...

    Posted to What is good landing page?
  • When most companies solve a problem these days, they're solving one that's already been solved but making it prettier and nicer. Not only nicer but more targeted. Here's where branding come into play. Let's imagine two fitness apps with the same functionality but one branded f...

    Posted to Tired of "beautiful" design?, in reply to Rafeed C
  • The UI that Bootstrap provides might be shallow, but we all still use buttons, navs, and forms. I would add that Bootstrap's soul is also the well documented markup for those standardised UI elements. anyone else deploying Bootstrap with is default theme should be publicly whipped. I agre...

    Posted to Please stop using Twitter Bootstrap, in reply to Catalin Cimpanu
  • First at all, thanks Evan and Jake for referring to Strapfork. I promise I won't disappoint you. About the post: taking a look to I couldn't recognise bootstrap in most of the designs.

    Posted to Please stop using Twitter Bootstrap
  • Hey there. I have a strong opinion on this and that's why I'm building , a visual editor for customising Bootstrap. I've customised Bootstrap in the last 4 projects I've been involved. I've to say that it is more maintainable than any css I've written...

    Posted to Ask DN: The Front-End Framework Debate...Are There Statistics?
  • I'm a hardcore CSS guy and I totally understand your point. This product can be targeted to: a) designers who can't/don't like to write css or b) backenders who can't/don't like to write css . Anyway, I'm working hard to generate css I'd be comfortable working with. ...

    Posted to Show DN: Strapfork, Now you can use Bootstrap, Nobody will Notice, in reply to Giulio Michelon
  • Thanks :) Definitely this starts with the idea of Bootstrap as css framework of components – or, as you say, * Bootstrap for 'better defaults'*. I've been using it like that in the last 4 projects I have worked at.

    Posted to Show DN: Strapfork, Now you can use Bootstrap, Nobody will Notice, in reply to Er. F.
  • By the way, I would love to hear some feedback (about the idea or about the design of the landing itself). One of the main targets of the app is designers, so, just to get an idea: do you guys use bootstrap (customised) in any of your projects?

    Posted to Show DN: Strapfork, Now you can use Bootstrap, Nobody will Notice
  • When somebody posts a personal portfolio on a public discussion site, like Designer News, you are taking the risk to get feedback (after all, I guess that's why OP's author posted it here). Maybe N.M. haven't used the right tone for the comment, but he is giving feedback on the design...

    Posted to Site Design: Kalyn Nakano, in reply to Matt Soria
  • Barcelona

    Posted to Where in the world are you based?
  • has it. Also has the player at the bottom. Good luck!

    Posted to ASK DN: Bottom Navigation UI Patterns
  • Some people can handle pressure pretty well. On the other hand, I don't put pressure on me to look better, I put pressure on me to become the best I can be. If I would content easily I wouldn't get to be the best I can be, which I thing would bring me to mediocrity (since mediocre means &...

    Posted to Superman, You Are Not, in reply to Michael Ellis
  • Alternative title: 'The Mediocrity Manifesto'

    Posted to Superman, You Are Not
  • That's why I love using preprocessors for css. It is really easy to calculate numbers vertical rhythms, grids, modular scales, generating colours (hues, lightnesses, saturations)... If I couldn't code stylesheets myself, I guess so much of my designs would be lost in that process...

    Posted to Using Soulver for design
  • Oh! I forgot about the 'vendor' directory I have sometimes, which would be the same as your 'libs' directory.

    Posted to How do you structure your stylesheets?, in reply to Dennis Eusebio
  • I use some modified files from bootstrap as an starter kit for my projects. Those files are reset.less, mixins.less, grid.less, type.less (my own version). So pretty basic stuff there. I also have a variables.less file where I define global variables. Typography: I made some mixins for typograp...

    Posted to How do you structure your stylesheets?
  • I think there are different approaches on learning something new. I personally prefer learning something new when I have a need that has to be covered. I learned it making a small project. IMHO starting with a high level library (like jQuery or/and underscore) is allright. I consider I'm good...

    Posted to Ask DN: How to get started with Javascript.
  • +1 Must have feature IMHO

    Posted to Feature Requests: Let's talk about Designer News., in reply to Cesar Figueroa
  • I used to be a forrst active user, and have to thank the community it had. It was really helpfull when I was younger and didn't know much developers and designers. But at some point it became crowded and the quality dropped down a lot. Additionally, some people were not nice (it was obvious ...

    Posted to ZURB Acquires Forrst, in reply to Daniel Howells
  • One of the best articles I've read about icons lighting theory. It is really well written and it has good examples.

    Posted to Lighting in Icons

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