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  • Posted to Bitbucket New Design for User Dashboard , in reply to Matthew Blode , May 22, 2017

    Yes, but there is no drag handle. I discovered accidentally :)

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  • Posted to Stop Shaming Your Users for Micro Conversions, May 07, 2017

    I clearly remember someone shared a before-you-go modal here and I believe it was the pioneer of this trend. People approved like it is a "nice and clever idea" and then people started it implemented on their websites. Even, I have seen services that provide these kind of popups without any extra effort by installing their plugin.

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  • Posted to iotaCSS – A CSS Framework that lets you code any design, May 07, 2017

    This is awesome! Although I feel like it has a steep learning curve, it would be very fast to produce fast and clean css once you learned it.

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  • Posted to How do you best market yourself as a freelancer?, in reply to Eythan D'Amico , May 05, 2017

    If you hold something for such a long time I think you have time management problems. What I suggest is always think of MVP. Make sure you build/create something in a minimal time and include only what is expected.

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  • Posted to Is there a free Illustrator alternative?, in reply to Stuart McCoy , Apr 17, 2017

    Not doing the same thing, I think there is a bug,


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  • Posted to Best Chrome extensions for designers!, Apr 17, 2017

    What I wonder is, do you really need all these plugins and fill your bar?

    For example, if you open the dev tools and select an element, chrome will show you its dimensions. You don't need any third party extension. Likewise, you have css properties and color selector on dev tools to use over Colorzilla and CSSPeeper.

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  • Posted to Youtube has a dark mode <3, Apr 17, 2017

    Lol, I got "clean mode" instead of dark.


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  • Posted to Is there a free Illustrator alternative?, Apr 17, 2017

    What I miss the most from AI is pathfinder functions. For example, "divide" option. It divides all the intersections so you can select a specific one.

    I checked Sketch, Gravit and Figma but couldn't find anything similar.

    If you know a way to produce same output of divide/merge functions, I would love to hear that.

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  • Posted to Are we always going to name our retina files as @2x?, Apr 13, 2017

    SVGs FTW!

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  • Posted to Spotify Testing Redesign, in reply to Andy Stone , Apr 12, 2017

    Stop telling me that I'm offline every fucking time I open the app. Wait a second and then check.

    Little details but it will make people happy

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