Graham Macphee

Graham Macphee

Designer, Front-end Developer Joined over 6 years ago via an invitation from Tim S. Graham has invited Jamie Hoyle, Phil Oakley, Kush Mahajani, Joe Simpson, Patrick Day

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  • Posted to Snipandshare Beta – simply select and share web pages , Jul 04, 2015

    I worked as a designer and front-end developer on this project with a team. We're featured on Product Hunt today so go there for some good discussion or ask any questions about the product or design direction here!

    We'd really value the feedback from this community so please share any thoughts.

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  • Posted to Frank Chimero: "Everything I Know", in reply to Chris Rodemeyer , Mar 11, 2013

    He says design is "as much to do with words as it does with pictures". The beauty he creates with these words displays that better than most could ever do.

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