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  • Usually saying "I design x,y, and z" is enough. In the instances where saying design is not enough and they want to understand more, I use architecture vs construction as the analogy.

    Posted to Ask DN: How did you explain to your parents what you do? ("He is my son and he makes websites!")
  • In my experience, I've typically seen initiatives like this done by either contractors or separate marketing teams as its viewed as lower priority. I'm not sure if thats the case here, but could explain why its different.

    Posted to Site Design: Dropbox Campus Cup, in reply to Jim Silverman
  • +1

    Posted to Ask DN: Finder's Fees, in reply to Alson Kaw
  • I didn't realize you worked at Ramotion. This is a really weird way to respond to a potential customer asking why I should spend $70 with you vs $30 or less elsewhere. If I'm not printing billboard ads, what value does it being vector-based really add? All of the examples I've given...

    Posted to Show DN: Ramotion Store, in reply to Alex Aharkov
  • (simila...

    Posted to Show DN: Ramotion Store, in reply to Alex Aharkov
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