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  • Kinda seems like you're looking for something to nitpick, this is not an app-specific survey, and has nothing to do with the actual viability of the app itself

    Posted to Not a good start, Adobe...
  • That plugin seems to break my custom keyboard shortcuts and workspace layout. Advanced type options, certain tools, and all sorts of other things have gone missing. And seems to make PS crash more often. :( (In all seriousness, can we ever have a discussion about Photoshop on DN without it being...

    Posted to Post Your Favorite Photoshop UI Design Tips/Tricks, in reply to Dirk HCM van Boxtel
  • I've never used Sketch for a website, and I rarely use Illustrator. There's a lot of tool overlap. Depending on your workflow/preferences you don't need them all.

    Posted to CC2015 is so bad I bought a copy of Sketch., in reply to Thomas Wood
  • Maybe you should try it before assuming.. especially since Save for Web is now depreciated. I just exported an SVG directly from Photoshop, no cruft. They added artboards. They updated layer styles. They're working on a streamlined UI that's more focused towards UI design. How is that not...

    Posted to CC2015 is so bad I bought a copy of Sketch., in reply to Rob Knight
  • I design in Photoshop at whatever resolution is the most common of our users, and I also preview my designs on that most common device (typically iPhone 6, Nexus 5). When designing, I keep in mind the divisions or multiplications to asset size when scaling up or down to additional resolutions (@1...

    Posted to Best way to hand off specs from designer to developer?
  • Designers should be capable of architecting a visual language for an application's UI layer I disagree. That would be like saying a front-end developer should be capable of designing a visual language for an application's UI layer. They may be able to do it, but it might take them long...

    Posted to We Don’t Need More Designers Who Can Code, in reply to Paul Best
  • It is, it's giving the impression that the panel in front is closer and moving faster as a result. It's not the parallax people are used to, but it is still technically parallax.

    Posted to Page Scroll Effects, in reply to Kyle Greely
  • Sketch is the buggiest software on my computer. It's also far more opinionated in the way to do things, which competes directly with a fast workflow for me (whereas Photoshop you can accomplish the same thing in many different ways, customize the UI, customize the shortcuts, etc.).

    Posted to Artboards in Photoshop, in reply to Sorel Arghire
  • I don't want to position my mouse, I just want it to work. Also, I have a chrome extension to view everything in @2x size by default, which makes it even worse.

    Posted to PSA: Stop hiding your preview images with crazy hover transitions. , in reply to Pierre de Milly
  • Dribbble. Great, you've covered the whole preview (that I was just scrolling to see) to show me the title and when it was posted. Super good use of space.

    Posted to PSA: Stop hiding your preview images with crazy hover transitions. , in reply to Pasquale D'Silva
  • "so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should"

    Posted to Introducing WordArt for Google Fonts
  • I think people would rely on it as a crutch just as they do now for built-in alignment and optical text spacing. I'm not saying I don't want something with better defaults, either, I just think it's incredibly hard for a computer to understand the context of an object. Is it single co...

    Posted to The PLAY button is not optical alignment, in reply to Adrian Schaedle
  • Yep, agreed. I've written a bit about this in the past, but I think there's some strategy behind this for Google. People aren't going to stop using Google Drive, Gmail, or any of their other services just because they're not following platform conventions, and the apps themselves ...

    Posted to Google Drive iOS Material Design Update
  • Alignment is rarely ever about math, it's what looks correct. Neither is perfect, but optically I prefer the top row better. The Twitter bird, for example (and particularly when placed in a circle) has a gap between the wings that makes it appear to have much more whitespace above in the bot...

    Posted to The PLAY button is not optical alignment, in reply to yuki gu
  • I think a computer trying to figure out how to align something optically is going to be very difficult until we have AI with context awareness. It would be awesome if it were possible, but at the same time, unless it's perfect every time, people will use it as a crutch (like they do currently...

    Posted to The PLAY button is not optical alignment, in reply to Adrian Schaedle
  • I think the article is a response, of sorts, to this post: I also thought that was a given, but maybe that's me taking design school for granted.

    Posted to The PLAY button is not optical alignment, in reply to Benjamin Rogers
  • I've never heard anyone say that the physics center is not the visual center of the play button. What is true is that using design tools with built-in rulers, the physical center will always be based on a square, so you need to rely on optics (or in some cases, and if you need to be precise, ...

    Posted to The PLAY button is not optical alignment
  • What about all the platform-specific queues that users are used to, making learning curves lower for native apps? What about better integrations with the OS that make for higher user retention and engagement? What about more flexibility for added delight—animations, transitions, etc. which can al...

    Posted to Why designers should say no to native apps
  • Eh, I don't really agree with Vincent Connare. Even for its intended use, as a bubbly, comic font, Comic Sans is not good. It's not as horrendous as people make it out to be, but it's pretty bad. Hating it for its overuse would be the same as someone hating (or avoiding) using Helveti...

    Posted to Why I don’t use Helvetica, in reply to Raffaello Sanzio
  • Tends to happen when people write deliberately controversial posts..

    Posted to Counter-criticism of Fall of the Designer, in reply to Jeff Couturier
  • I can't take this article seriously. "I decided to stop liking the font" is pretty immature. If your interest in typography is growing, rather than deciding not to like it.. whatever that means, understand where it can be used appropriately.

    Posted to Why I don’t use Helvetica
  • The cursor dynamic changes for the OS (and user preferences), but very rarely for individual programs. The biggest exception being video games where mouse acceleration is often undesirable, but in most cases you're likely disrupting the user experience. Similarly, scrolling changes for the OS...

    Posted to ScrollJacking is InterfaceJacking, in reply to Vincent Bé
  • I don't think projects or buckets are flawed. Dribbble is just opinionated about the intended usage. Projects are just that, projects. The feature would lose value if you could lump things into multiple projects, because "UI" isn't a project. Buckets are for inspiration, and g...

    Posted to Organizing Dribbble
  • Don't give anyone a pass.

    Posted to Ask DN: what do you do if you're freelancing at a studio and the job is pulled?, in reply to Constantin Buric
  • You can use % in layouts, but the majority of the time (on a phone, anyway) you're using dp (density-independent pixels) and sp (scale-independent pixels). dp is used for any static numbers and is similar to using points in iOS. sp is used for font sizes, and takes the user's accessibili...

    Posted to Ask DN:What is your design work flow for Android Apps?, in reply to Nimrod Gavish
  • They would probably kill Photoshop support though, which would be unfortunate.

    Posted to Should InVision purchase Layervault?, in reply to Nick Dominguez
  • Given the number of screen sizes and resolutions, I choose to design for the most common device (as long as that data is available). Designing at the same size/res as a test device also means more accurate testing of legibility and contrast. For me this typically means designing for a Nexus 5 in ...

    Posted to Ask DN:What is your design work flow for Android Apps?
  • Would highly recommend York/Sheridan (YSDN) Edit: It's a bachelor program (4 years) though.

    Posted to College in Toronto
  • This feels like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Might be possible, but definitely won't feel right.

    Posted to Material Design components for iOS & OSX
  • You shouldn't be making your devs pick colours from the document anyway. Always give the intended hex codes. But, I use the default profile on my MBP and Cinema Display, and a custom calibrated profile on my older MBP. No colour management when working on digital documents.

    Posted to What color profile do you use on your monitors for design work?
  • Depending on the target audience, being able to tell the user to drag the App into the Applications folder could be a useful step.

    Posted to ASK DN: OSX .dmg Installers?, in reply to Marc Edwards
  • Unfortunately missed your AMA, but in case you have time: You might remember a number of apps which explored this type of pattern on Android and iOS before. It seems pretty clear that it can be used universally. Some of these same apps moved to something more iOS-standard. Path moved to using...

    Posted to AMA: I'm Matias Duarte, a VP of Design at Google!, in reply to Matias Duarte
  • If I had the motion graphics knowledge, it would have been. Possible to make it much higher resolution/more accurate than a video clip. But alas, I only know so much haha.

    Posted to Nest for iPhone Redesign, in reply to David Barsky
  • Which part are you curious about? I can't distribute the video clip used for the weather which means anything I share won't be the same experience as I had designed. I can gladly share code snippets though.

    Posted to Nest for iPhone Redesign, in reply to David Barsky
  • I've been creating these design challenges for my own use cases, and I tend to check the Nest app when I'm either away, or about to return home, and in most cases what kind of weather there is determines what temperature I'm going to set my Nest. If it's a particularly cold day, I...

    Posted to Nest for iPhone Redesign, in reply to Ryan Scott
  • Just like the existing Nest app, you'd land on the thermostat screen, since that's what you're probably going to be using. If there are multiple thermostats or locations, ideally the app would be smart enough to know which one you adjust more often, or which you adjusted last, to drop...

    Posted to Nest for iPhone Redesign, in reply to Taron Ghazaryan
  • I design for whatever device I have with me (iPhone 6, currently), but consciously think about how the design will scale up/down to other screen sizes, as you would with responsive design. You should also think about size classes, particularly if you're designing a universal app for iPhone/i...

    Posted to Ask DN: iOS Designers: when designing a screen, which device to you design for first?
  • Assuming you mean native mobile, not mobile web: Pick a platform. It's hard to learn mobile in general when different patterns are used all over. Pick one, learn one, and expand from there. Read the platform guidelines. Google's Material Design, or Apple's Human Interface Guidelines...

    Posted to Transitioning from web to mobile design
  • Great question! The short answer is time constraints. I designed the expanded sidebar originally, matching the style of the Finder sidebar pretty closely, including partially-filled icons. As I continued with the design the sidebar evolved a bit, but stayed very similar in style to Apple's a...

    Posted to Tweetbot for Mac Redesign (Oh the timing), in reply to Nemanja Nenadic
  • The number of likes you get on a shot has far more to do with the number of people who have seen it than the actual quality. The number of people who see it is affected by when you post it, how many followers you have, what timezones your followers are in, what day it is, what else has been poste...

    Posted to Ask DN: Should Dribbble likes be an indicator of visual appeal?
  • Makes sense. When working on iPhone I set up my document in Points and 144 ppi, then toggle the a grid (10 points, 10 subdivisions) to check quickly check if anything falls on a half-point. The nice thing about Photoshop (or awful thing, depending on who you ask) is that you have the flexibility...

    Posted to Ask DN: Do you draw iOS mocks at 1× or 2×?, in reply to Marc Edwards
  • Personal preference, I've been using Photoshop for 12+ years and prefer @2x.

    Posted to Ask DN: Do you draw iOS mocks at 1× or 2×?, in reply to Jakub Świadek
  • Should have mentioned I prefer working in Photoshop.

    Posted to Ask DN: Do you draw iOS mocks at 1× or 2×?, in reply to Jakub Świadek
  • I design at @2x on iPhone, @2x or @3x on Android (depends on most common device). Yes, it means a bit more mental math is involved, but how do you preview 1px lines on a retina screen if you're designing at 1x? I tweak all icons when exporting anyway, regardless of whether they're scaled ...

    Posted to Ask DN: Do you draw iOS mocks at 1× or 2×?
  • Hmm. I hadn't noticed this until now, but they appear to have removed a chunk of the Material Guidelines which actually explicitly stated the shadow values. You can still find posts that reference the section with screenshots taken from the guidelines:

    Posted to Calculating shadow values for Material Design?
  • Currently using a 15" MBP (supplied by my company) as both a work and personal machine, with a display at work. Coming from a 17", it seemed small, but I've gotten used to it with some scaling to give more screen real-estate, and can now work comfortably with or without the screen, ...

    Posted to Ask DN: iMac vs MacBook Pro with Second Monitor?
  • Heh, yeah, there are still some inconsistencies with Google's own implementation of the guidelines. That could be because the apps were being developed side-by-side before the guidelines were even complete. That being said, they're guidelines, not rules. I find myself using different tab...

    Posted to Dropbox for Android Material Redesign, in reply to Raphael Loder
  • The funny thing is that Material, despite having a flat aesthetic, free of gradients, patterns, and reflections, is actually bringing back skeuomorphism. The design system encourages shadows and depth, and elements such as the floating action button have a subtle highlight on the top edge. The go...

    Posted to Has Visual Design Fallen Flat?
  • Agreed on all accounts, the double-tap home button seems like a hack. Android at least has on-screen buttons for navigation between apps, and back through the current app, and I suspect that the FAB was meant for this purpose as well. But screen size (and resolution) handling are weaknesses for b...

    Posted to Dropbox for Android Material Redesign, in reply to Andrea Mazzini
  • Thanks :) I must admit I'm generally not a fan of redesigns either, but I think it's hard to deny the creative benefit to producing more work and thinking about different projects, and my goal is to approach them thoughtfully, without simply making aesthetic changes. Appreciate it!

    Posted to Dropbox for Android Material Redesign, in reply to Wojciech Zalot
  • I agree that, especially for people with larger phones and smaller hands (or an unfortunate combination of the two), nav drawers can be a hassle. But, given that most primary actions on iOS are located in the nav bar, I don't think that's Apple's primary concern. Tab bars definitely i...

    Posted to Dropbox for Android Material Redesign, in reply to Andrea Mazzini
  • Dropbox's team work? Just to clarify this was an unsolicited redesign, just for fun and personal exploration. Regarding Material, have you used it on an Android phone? I think the nav drawer works because all of Google's apps use it, and nearly all other third-party apps will as well. As...

    Posted to Dropbox for Android Material Redesign, in reply to Andrea Mazzini
  • Welcome to Tumblr.

    Posted to Official iTunes Tumblr, in reply to Josh Lee
  • Canon 5D Mk III + BG-E11 Grip 16-35mm f/2.8L II 35mm f/1.4L 50mm f/1.2L 85mm f/1.2L II 135mm f/2L Speedlite 580EX II Flash Was finally able to afford my dream lenses as of mid-last year, haven't felt the need to upgrade/buy anything new since.

    Posted to Ask DN: which camera you own?
  • Found the side nav by accident. Definitely need something to show it's there.

    Posted to All new Pttrns beta - collection of mobile design patterns
  • There is absolutely no reason that first transition needs to scroll-jack. Besides that, everything else is really nice, classy.

    Posted to Site Design: Obvious VC (Teehan lax)
  • Registration walls are garbage.

    Posted to Redesigning the U.S. Dollar bills
  • Yep, but it shouldn't be encouraged. Especially since it goes both ways. I don't think Google wants a bunch of iOS ports with tab bars and centered titles on Android, so why encourage the same practice on iOS?

    Posted to Ask DN: Should Material Design be Android/Google-Only?, in reply to James Williams
  • Don't think you can compare the entire CC suite with Sketch. Photoshop + Lightroom is $10/mo with way more features.

    Posted to Sketch 3.0, in reply to Aaron Sagray
  • In my opinion, Material looks and works great on Android. It also makes sense for Chrome OS, and for Google's own web properties. I'm not a fan of other web apps using it, since there's so much more flexibility on the web and it doesn't have the same expectation of common design p...

    Posted to Ask DN: Should Material Design be Android/Google-Only?
  • I'm in the same boat. I've tried to like Sketch, but with 15 years of experience in Photoshop, my workflow is already very fast. I feel like I can iterate more quickly with more freedom. Sketch still feels limiting.

    Posted to ASK DN: What's the fascination with Sketch?, in reply to Rob Gill
  • I look at any commentary based on context and tone. This just feels like someone whining that they liked the old version better, just like people have done every time Facebook has changed, or any other piece of software that they use every day. Regardless, I don't think this was change for t...

    Posted to Stop Changing UIs for No Good Reason, in reply to Ewen McCahon
  • "RAAAWWRR I hate change!!! Cater to meee!"

    Posted to Stop Changing UIs for No Good Reason
  • It's hard to match in-browser, especially when there's windows/mac, retina/non, etc. But most of the work I do ends up on mobile devices, so that could be why I find Photoshop's better. I also like the added flexibility of choosing the text rendering, since you can usually find one th...

    Posted to Why should I use sketch?, in reply to Bryce York
  • I have 15 years of experience with Photoshop. I can move very fast both to prototype and make high-fidelity mockups. The more I use it, the more I customize my workspace, keyboard shortcuts, and overall workflow to work even faster. If you're like me, Sketch will probably be several times slo...

    Posted to Why should I use sketch?
  • It's always possible to solve without any guessing, so I guess the reasoning for not having them differentiate is that you shouldn't need to change a tile you've already placed.

    Posted to 0h h1, in reply to Matt Williams
  • I don't agree with this at all. Good design is most certainly about the final product. If you have a shitty final product, nobody cares about the process you used to get there. "A short time interval between revisions is more important than whether you will complete a project by its dea...

    Posted to Good Design is About Process, not Product.
  • A lot of what makes native apps so successful vs mobile websites is a consistent user experience between apps on the same platform. A back button looks/acts the same. A navigation icon looks/acts the same. An overflow button looks/acts the same. Minor variations (round vs sharp corners, colour) d...

    Posted to Thousands of Material Design-Inspired UI Components for Sketch & Ps, in reply to Chris Slowik
  • I'd advise using caution before using any of these for actual Android 5.0 designs. At the very least, read through Google's Material guidelines first: The menus, back icons, button usage, and various other things in the ...

    Posted to Thousands of Material Design-Inspired UI Components for Sketch & Ps
  • I like to run two browser windows or other windows side-by-side. Most sites built in the past 5 years support that just fine.

    Posted to Photoshop Simulator, in reply to Mahdi Al-Farra
  • Why does my browser need to be 1200px? The photoshop screenshot isn't even that wide.. idk pretty lame.

    Posted to Photoshop Simulator
  • Illustrator isn't exactly optimized to work with pixels anyway.

    Posted to ASK DN: SHIFT + arrow key from 10px to 16px?, in reply to B Lastname
  • Glyphs is fantastic, modern, and full of great features. I prefer it over FontLab, Fontographer, and all others I've tried.

    Posted to Font creator programs
  • Since they were acquired by GoDaddy.

    Posted to is taking their hamburger icon very serious, in reply to Ernst Leet
  • If the designer had even basic knowledge of typography, he'd know that a double-story lowercase "g" doesn't have the same bowl size as an "o" for a reason. Looks very amateur.

    Posted to Google in my opinion
  • I've had 3 redbulls today. Part of that is due to a long commute which I'll no longer have to endure starting soon, so hopefully I'll be able to do without, or at least cut back enormously.

    Posted to DN Survey: How much caffeine do you drink?
  • "Sketch was made for screen-based design, not print, but I'm more comfortable using it so I started using it for print anyway" The main complaint about Photoshop is that it was never intended for UI work, and the reason so many people keep using it is because they're comfortabl...

    Posted to Sketch for Print Design
  • I wouldn't say it's objectively wrong. On mobile particularly, depending on the form, the space considerations and the extra complexity from having labels can sometimes make things even more confusing. And sometimes it's something simple enough (username/password) that it's unnece...

    Posted to Ask DN: Placeholders or Labels?, in reply to Ib Warnerbring
  • I didn't have the patience to make it past 31, it gets pretty tough.

    Posted to Game About Squares, in reply to Kyle Pierce
  • "The thing is, none of these files are in my dropbox and have never been."

    Posted to All my sketch files have died., in reply to Ray Brigleb
  • Not a developer, but I've been working on Android for about a year now, feel free to pick my brain about workflow or what I do when work with devs.

    Posted to Android Developers, I would love to chat.
  • Isn't drawing them from scratch part of the fun of a new project, and my job as a designer? To each their own, I suppose.

    Posted to Matter - Dark UI Kit for Sketch, in reply to Design Resources
  • Can someone who uses UI kits explain what they use them for? I see tons of these being made for Sketch and Photoshop, but I can't see a practical use for them. They're too high fidelity for wireframes, but for a final product you lose any branding and some of the widgets are so specific ...

    Posted to Matter - Dark UI Kit for Sketch
  • You can't install apps from the App Store though, which means you can't look at other apps for inspiration and to get a better feel for the OS.

    Posted to Do I need to buy an iOS device to design iOS apps? , in reply to Matt Sisto
  • Mostly sailing, drinking, and office shenanigans.

    Posted to Let's share Instagram accounts
  • Nice, a Shopify store ;)

    Posted to Dress Code at the Office?, in reply to Paul @Stammy
  • I'm curious what you would call "too casual". People wear pretty much whatever they want to work. I'm almost always in a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Comfortable workers are happy workers.

    Posted to Dress Code at the Office?
  • I think Material design has promise, but 99% of the "Material design concepts" I've seen so far have been terrible or haven't followed the guidelines at all, including these ones.

    Posted to Android L App Concepts and Icon Designs
  • Really kind of impossible to answer. Could be anywhere from a few days to a few months or even longer depending on what the app is supposed to do, how many iterations you go through, how much budget you have, how much experimentation, etc.

    Posted to How long it takes you to design an app?
  • FEZ Minecraft Portal/Portal 2

    Posted to ASK DN: Favourite computer game you've played over the past year or two?
  • If you do any design at all, 15".

    Posted to Ask DN: 13" or 15" Retina MacBook Pro?

    Posted to Dribble Connect!
  • Here's a comparison gif I made between the old and new version: A lot of the distinctive pieces of Roboto have been removed (the R, crossbars in K and k, the 7, 6, and 9, etc.), but it's definitely more refined.

    Posted to New version of Roboto
  • As an actual design system, don't use it on iOS. The grids, typography, icons, etc. are all intended for Android and the web. iOS has its own guidelines that don't always match up. As an aesthetic (flat with bright colours, shadows and other affordances), go ahead, as long as you can use...

    Posted to ASK DN: What do you think about using Material Design on iOS?
  • The guidelines aren't strictly tied to Android (it includes web apps too), but they're definitely not first-party only. Material design will be replacing Holo going forward, as evidenced by many of the Google I/O talks regarding design:

    Posted to Updating Apps to Material Design, in reply to Jim Silverman
  • The app I'm working on is currently in private beta and was designed with the 4.4 guidelines in mind. A lot of what has been designed can be updated with minimal effort, but I'm looking forward to being able to use some of the new design elements and transitions/animations. Hopefully the ...

    Posted to Updating Apps to Material Design
  • Hell no. Those tools were shit compared to the versions we have today. I'm happy Flash is basically dead, that dreamweaver isn't really used to produce websites anymore, that Photoshop has auto-save and dozens of other features that I couldn't live without now, I would hate to have to...

    Posted to Ask DN: do you miss the Macromedia era?
  • I think it works well in guiding the eye down the list and making it clear where sections begin and end while reducing clutter/weight.

    Posted to Lines in iOS table view
  • Here's an idea: Work however lets you be most creative. That is not always the same for everyone, there is no formula or everyone would do it.

    Posted to Students, stop working in sketchbooks
  • Protip: If you have the layer's dropdown expanded, right-click "Effects" for quicker access to "Clear Layer Style". Or, use the menu "Layer > Layer Style > Clear Layer Style", which always remains the same. Or, if it's something you find yourself using ...

    Posted to "I want to play a little game" – Adobe
  • I don't actually think the price of Adobe products are that high. I've made my living off of their products for years. It's the least I can do to spend a tiny fraction of my income on them. I agree there should be more alternative tools out there, but a product with significantly les...

    Posted to Would you be up for an Adobe-less work week?, in reply to T L
  • Nope. I rely on Adobe tools daily. There are dozens of PSDs that I might need to reference, and anything I create may have to be referenced by someone else on our team using Photoshop. Plus, I've been using Photoshop for about 15 years, I know all the keyboard shortcuts, I know where all of t...

    Posted to Would you be up for an Adobe-less work week?
  • Sailing. I race on a 33-foot sailboat two nights a week during the summer, and try to get out on weekends too if it's good weather. It can be exciting, it can be relaxing, it can be a good workout, and there's a lot of strategy involved. If you ever get the chance to sail, you should defi...

    Posted to What is your hobby?
  • I was going to write something similar. I don't understand the obsession with killing the hamburger menu, especially since nobody has (to me, at least) come up with a viable alternative.

    Posted to Let's Not Kill the Hamburger Icon Just Yet
  • Gotham may not be the most human typeface out there, but it's definitely more human than Helvetica.

    Posted to Twitter now using Gotham Narrow on the web, in reply to Sean Lester
  • Jony Ive would probably want control over the industrial design.

    Posted to Why Isn't the Guy Who Designed Beats Going to Work For Apple, Too?
  • Apparently it looks terrible on Windows, but I quite like it on Mac. Just a tiny bit of extra personality.

    Posted to Twitter now using Gotham Narrow on the web
  • It's pretty difficult when all of my top 5 favourite fonts are from Hoefler..

    Posted to Twitter now using Gotham Narrow on the web, in reply to Ben Munson
  • Just realized it's been over a month since my last post, will definitely post a few things I've been sitting on next week: @evandinsmore

    Posted to Ask DN: Link to your Dribbble?
  • On my 15" Retina MBP I use the setting in between Best for display and More Space. Coming from a 17" MBP there just simply was not enough screen real estate. I don't find it affects my designs at all, whether I'm working on my Cinema Display or MBP, though I do work mostly on mo...

    Posted to Ask DN: Designing on a Retina MacBook Pro
  • This kind of captcha would work well on touch screens, but it's pretty cumbersome with a mouse/trackpad compared to typing numbers/letters on a keyboard.

    Posted to A CAPTCHA using the "Android unlock screen" pattern matching system
  • @evandinsmore

    Posted to Ask DN: Link to your Twitter?
  • Better in what way? Better as in more interesting? It's definitely not better in terms of usability.

    Posted to Creating Better Grid Structures
  • Gomez from the game FEZ

    Posted to What is it you avatar? (May 2k14 edition)
  • Just like when intoxicated drivers overcompensate their driving ability because they don't want an accident or don't want to get caught Probably not the best idea to compare yourself to a drunk driver..

    Posted to Yes! You Can Be Creative on Windows!
  • Just an aside/warning for anyone who wants to use this method: I've used (and still use) Adobe Generator for asset exporting, and there are quite a lot of quirks that I've noticed over time, particularly when it comes to resizing, so be sure to check that the assets being exported look co...

    Posted to Android: icon tools, in reply to Tom Gantzer
  • I don't find sticking to a grid that difficult, I very seldom have to make changes for lower resolutions. Generally if I do have to make changes, it's to simplify an slightly more detailed icon, and in that case I'd rather make two versions than use mdpi as a limitation for what works...

    Posted to Android: icon tools, in reply to Toby Keller
  • If you want portability, get an Macbook Air. You'll be needlessly limiting yourself otherwise.

    Posted to Ask DN: Has anyone totally moved to iPad?
  • Most screens are xhdpi, however. I take a similar approach but reversed, design at 2x and 3x, then scale down 50% to get 1x and 1.5x. Depending on the complexity of the icon, and how well I was able to stick to a 4px grid, some icons can be exported automatically at half size, and only need chang...

    Posted to Android: icon tools, in reply to Joe Barber
  • This is pretty silly, he's essentially just replacing the gutter with a margin, which means it's not centered and harder to use. Completely impractical.

    Posted to Grids with no gutters
  • Nice idea, although you'd need to keep the Font name in a readable system font with the sample separate to make it more usable.

    Posted to Redesigning photoshops font panel
  • There might be some very rare occasions where this pattern actually makes sense, but the general rule is to avoid it altogether. The solution is reviewing your information architecture. Ugh. I feel like people who bash hamburger menus (on mobile, at least) haven't actually worked on a hug...

    Posted to Why and How to avoid Hamburger Menus
  • Depending on how serious you are, you can scan your writing as high-res as you can, open up the letters in Illustrator and trace outlines and clean them up (or manually go over them), then bring those paths into Glyphs to work out actual kerning pairs and font info. Realistically, you won't ...

    Posted to Ask DN: I want to make my handwriting into a font
  • @1x is pretty much dead on iOS though, so you'll probably still only be creating 2 different asset sizes, compared to the 4+ required for android dev. Consider yourself lucky. You could also go resolution independent with some of your assets.

    Posted to The @3X era , in reply to Tanner Christensen
  • This is the worst kind of parallax... fuck scroll hijacking.

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  • Link me your portfolio, I have a few invites.

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  • Nothing stolen. They paid him fair and square for the domain. If he had confidence in his idea, he would have kept that. Good names, and especially good names with a reasonable domain name are hard to come by. Plus, they didn't sign an NDA, and you can't patent an idea, so if he disclosed...

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  • I name all my devices after Clone High characters... haha. I think it started because Mr. Butlertron sounded like an awesome name for a phone, and Scudworth ended up being my laptop. Then it snowballed from there when I got a Linksys router, since Abraham Lincoln's clone is on the show, Abra...

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  • Are you designing in code? Or are you making mockups in Photoshop or Sketch first? If you have an understanding of how the layout will be developed, you can make mockups and test at different widths and get an understanding of where you'll need changes in the layout. The really tough part is...

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  • I design in xhdpi in multiples of 4px to make metrics line up nicely on mdpi (1x), hdpi (1.5x), xhdpi (2x), xxhdpi (3x). 2dp in pixels in each resolution: 2:3:4:6. Keep in mind whether or not you want to design for tablets, which might need a different layout for (or if not need, could at least ...

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  • I've been lucky enough to be a part of Dribbble from sometime near the beginning, so I've been able to follow talented designers as they're joining (discovery is more difficult otherwise). I find myself spending more time in the Following section than the Popular section, because a lo...

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  • I'm not so sure about that, Facebook and Path both started using the nav drawer at around the same time. Who knows how long each was testing the pattern?

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  • My reply is based on how much knowledge (I think) they have. The default for most people is the last response.

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  • Ah good, choosing my own colours to use with flat UI kits and flat device mockups was too much effort. /s

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  • Maybe that's what inspired the trend, but Apple sells hardware so it makes sense for them, and putting the design in context on a screen makes sense, but putting it at a ridiculous viewing angle is what makes no sense at all.

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  • Nobody is forcing you to use Photoshop, you're free to use whatever you please, but imposing your preferences on other people isn't helpful. Devs have their own preferences when it comes to editors, dev environments, frameworks, etc. As long as they're following conventions and their ...

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  • It's been said already, but this has nothing to do with Photoshop. And even if it did, you probably shouldn't care what tool(s) other designers use. Use what you're comfortable with.

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  • Unfortunately this trend started on Dribbble, and I guess because it "looks cool", it garners likes, which is what a lot of people on Dribbble care about more than anything else, so I don't see it going away anytime soon. The ones that particularly confuse me are those that don'...

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  • Toronto for me as well!

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  • I was working on a very similar concept in the form of a web app, there's definitely a need for this type of simple interaction prototyping, can't wait to try it out!

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  • I've never heard of carousels referred to as "sliders" before. Sliders, to me at least, are a UI element for picking between values.

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  • Flash and mystery meat navigation! I do not miss the internet from yesteryear.

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  • That's extremely subjective. People should use whatever tools they're comfortable with, as long as they can make the most out of them and use them efficiently.

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  • Ah yes, the bi-monthly Bridge-opening.

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  • Awesome! Glad to have won a copy, and it was a lot of fun as well. I'll see what I can do about building it into a real app. :) Congrats to all the other winners as well!

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  • Thanks Jad! The videos were done in After Effects.

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  • Just to make this thread easier to follow for anyone trying to keep track of submissions, I'll make a new comment instead of editing my existing one: Submission: Image: Interaction Videos (just for kicks): http://e.di...

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  • Competitions are not all spec work. If you're required to design screens with the promise that if your design is chosen, you'll be given the job, then it's spec work. If they're giving something away and the terms are very clear up front, and they're not taking ownership over ...

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  • I pre-ordered already, but I'll likely participate anyway. Sounds fun. Edit: As expected, a lot of fun, my submission is here:

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  • By Pixelmator UI do you mean windows free-floating? I'm not a fan, I prefer to use my full screen and block out any distractions.

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  • Don't worry about the number of likes, and don't worry about being on the popular page. A lot of shots that reach the front page aren't even the highest quality sometimes, because the number of followers means that some designers have a big advantage in that area. It does make it diff...

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  • It's definitely a bit of both. Give the exact same design problem to 10 different talented designers and you'll end up with 10 different solutions. One thing that might be similar are the architecture choices, how an app or website is structured, because that gets a bit closer to the obje...

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  • Try BetterSnapTool, that's what I use for the same effect.

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  • I tend to switch back and forth between slightly zoomed in, extremely zoomed in, and 100%. You should be able to avoid font sizes and button sizes being too small, just by being aware of the actual sizes you're using, regardless of zoom level. When designing for mobile, I'm almost always...

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  • In school I learned how to make fonts with FontLab Studio, which was pretty much the only option at the time (along with their sister software with fewer features; Fontographer). Since then, Glyphs has popped up, which has been a much needed breathe of fresh air in the area of font creation soft...

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  • In the summer I race on a sailboat on Lake Ontario 1-2 times a week, and sail recreationally most weekends with nice weather. If you ever get a chance to try sailing (on a keelboat, not a dinghy), you should definitely go. It's one of those things where you usually need to know someone with a...

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  • Another Torontonian here!

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  • I'd like the ability to remove an upvote I've given (in case it was accidental, or I realize it was a duplicate post or what have you), and also to see a list of all the posts I've upvoted (perhaps this could live in the profile that many people have requested already). Maybe comment...

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