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  • First, I'll say the new app looks clean. A definite improvement. But... and I may be being too critical. Google's Material Design ostensibly draws the bulk of its inspiration from the real world -- materials like cards, motions mimicking those governed by the laws of physics, etc. And ye...

    Posted to Google Maps iOS (Material)
  • Just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work. I've long been meaning to learn animation and motion design, but never had the time or energy to fully invest in developing that skill. Do I pick up After Effects? Quartz? Maybe I should just learn JS from the ground up? Being prone to analys...

    Posted to Framer Studio 1.8 with Device Control
  • Thanks for fixing some huge frustrations. I was wondering when you guys were going to release the update for non-App Store purchasers.

    Posted to Sketch 3.0.3 is out : ), in reply to Ale Muñoz
  • Good stuff, man. How'd you get to this point?

    Posted to Ask DN: Who are some really talented designers that didn't go to d-school?, in reply to Oliur Rahman
  • Ah, cool. Did many of the skills transition over, or was there a lot of self-teaching involved?

    Posted to Ask DN: Who are some really talented designers that didn't go to d-school?, in reply to Andrew Liebchen
  • Design school -- degree in graphic design, etc.

    Posted to Ask DN: Who are some really talented designers that didn't go to d-school?, in reply to Andrew Liebchen
  • Does anyone have any experience with Ballpark?

    Posted to Ask DN: What time-tracking/invoice tools are you using?
  • I learned a few weeks back that this site isn't about discussion of design philosophy, concepts, design critique, the role of design in our world, design interactions and human behavior, basically what Design really is, but more about dribbble shots, links to new apps, and photoshop scripts.

    Posted to Ask DN: Favorite design talent., in reply to Connor Tomas O'Brien
  • I played with Sketch before and found it to be a bit too dumbed down for me, but after reading this, I think I'll give it another try. I won't use it as an outright replacement for Photoshop just yet, but it'll serve as my wireframing tool now.

    Posted to Sketch VS Photoshop
  • I'll throw one into the agreement box as well. LayerVault sounded like a super useful service to me, and I'd been considering checking it out for some time. So I eventually took the leap, registered, put in my cc info and tried getting acquainted with their interface. It was way too confu...

    Posted to Labels always win
  • Fully agreed. I wrote a similar comment about this on HN yesterday in response to an article on Flat Design. I'd love to know what you guys think. The issue isn't skeuomorphic vs. flat design. Let's reframe it to be about the inclusion of affordances and constraints. What makes a t...

    Posted to Less Aesthetic, More Design
  • I'm certain it can. For a while now I've wanted to look into the effects of design on behavior. Working in a hospital on a daily basis, there's a ton of information that's thrown around - whether quickly jotted down on a napkin, beeping from a patient's vitals monitor, or cram...

    Posted to Can good design help save lives?
  • I think they're automatically added based on keywords in the submission title.

    Posted to Show DN: New Badges, in reply to Matt McInerney
  • A minor tweak I'd like to see is increasing the indent width of nested comments. Right now it's difficult to navigate comment trees.

    Posted to Feature Requests: Let's talk about Designer News.
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