SelfCAD Version 2.0 Press Release (2018-11)

over 1 year ago from , Designer

In SelfCAD we believe that simplicity is genius. Making the software more simple and intuitive, adding new artistic features and improving what we already have been our main goals during the development of SelfCAD 2.0.

Our all-time ultimate goal is to make CAD easy for anyone. We want everyone, no matter what experience do you have, to be able to learn and master 3D modelling. This is why we developed beginner-friendly UI. We made SelfCAD browser-based to make sure every user can easily access the editor. No matter what OS you are using, there’s no need to download anything. We support all modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), so it’s enough to be online and have a SelfCAD account activated to begin your journey with 3D modelling!

We created powerful 3D modelling tools, allowing our users to create simple designs and complex models. While starting with SelfCAD, you can easily upload a model, move, scale it while achieving the desired look. Using our Image to 3D section you can transform images into 3D printable objects!

If an object is to be created from scratch, it’d be a pleasure for you to make it with SelfCAD. Start with Basic Shapes to create something simple. Try Deformations to completely or slightly change the shape. Change the colour of your model, choose the material and let your inner artist out using our Sculpting brushes! Discover our wide range of modelling tools, Extrude your designs, change Wall Thickness, fix the geometry of the model with Magix Fix and prepare it for 3D printing with our inbuilt Slicer!

To make SelfCAD 2.0 easier for those who have very little knowledge about 3D design we changed our Selection Mode to give you more possibilities to modify the objects you work on. With the new advanced Selection Mode, you are now able to take a closer look at the selected parts in a special panel and make combine selection.

As for artists, you guys will be excited about our Sculpting brushes and our brand new 3D sketching features! Choose the mode (3D Sketch or Freehand) and draw in 3D. 3D sketching allows drawing on different planes and create custom planes, and Freehand helps to create 2D sketches and provides an ability to extrude the drawing to create volume.

By the way, we learn with you, so you can suggest the tools you’d like to use! Share your comments and impressions with us!

Enjoy creating with SelfCAD!