10,500 icons | The worlds largest icon library - Streamline Icons 3.0

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Streamline 3.0 offers over 10,500 icons in three different weights. 53 categories, 720 sub categories, and over 30,000 something in total.

The new Streamline 3.0 icon pack is the biggest icon collection with over 10,500 icons in three different weights. They come in 53 categories and 720 sub categories.

File types included:

  • .iconjar
  • .sketch
  • .fig
  • .svg
  • .ai
  • .pdf
  • .png

New Streamline Web Viewer:

For windows and linux users (people without IconJar) the guys from Streamline have added a webviewer: https://streamlineicons.com/#webviewer

New Streamline Web Viewer

New categories

New categories for things like artificial intelligence, drones, podcasts, mobile shopping, face ID have been added.

To get an overview of the icons and the features, check out their site: https://streamlineicons.com/


  • Lee Fuhr, 6 months ago

    Streamline is the best. Please don't use it. :)

    3 points
  • Cihad TurhanCihad Turhan, 6 months ago

    Although it's a good price for 31.5k (or 12k) icons, I would like to choose which icon set I want to buy. For example, I make an ecommerce product so I would like to buy "Interface Essential", "Shopping Ecommerce" and "Shipping Delivery" categories. Right now, I need to pay highest price to ensure all the icons in these categories included.

    2 points
  • Aaron Wears Many HatsAaron Wears Many Hats, 6 months ago

    I don't like the way that (in the web viewer at least) the category list on the left isn't ordered alphabetically. And I don't see a search input...

    Nice icons though!

    1 point
  • Hanu ManHanu Man, 6 months ago

    This icon set is incredible but also too expensive for me. Guys, do you know any other alternative to streamline icons?

    0 points